Friday, January 8, 2016

Bare with me guys...

Ok, so Mattel keeps throwin' wrenches in my program sorta speak but in a good way.  The MTM bodies literally changed the game in my dolly world and because of that....I've scaled way back on featured dolls.  The following pics were posted from my IG and Flickr account but I know there are followers out there who may not subscribe to either so I am posting them here now.  I've put together parents and family members, couples and a list of who's next in line for a MTM body.  I think once everyone has the body...I will begin the stories.  My OCD doesn't like loose ends and I'd rather have all things purchased before I start posting stories.  Seriously, I'm really that anal. 🤒

So here we go...

Brooklyn and Chris, Tobias and Star, Kimora Lee and Jaylen [Main Characters]

Cousins:  Star and Kimora Lee (fathers are brothers)  Star and Brooklyn (mothers are sisters) 

Trey and Taylor (main character/couple)

Top left: Taylor with parents -  Right: Trey with parents (names will come later)

Top Left: Jaylen with parents - Right: Kimora Lee with parents (still working out her mother)

Top Left: Star with parents - Right: Tobias with parents 

Kimora Lee has MTM Body

Taylor has MTM Body

Next in line for MTM Body:

1) Cree (Barbie Basics Blonde Swimsuit Goddess mold)
2) Katrina Kaif (Dhoom 3 Barbie)
3) Ava (Honey Rider Barbie) 

Next in line for MTM Bodies Wave II:

1) Brooklyn (HRC Barbie)
2) Star (AA Barbie Stardoll)
3) Brandy (2015 AA Holiday Barbie MBILI mold)

2016 Wishlist:  Aside from the MTM bodies...I have an actual Wishlist for 2016

1) Superman Ken (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice)

2) Batman Ken (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice) if we get him...still haven't seen preorders for 
    him yet.

3) Brasil Barbie (depends on price and facial screening)

Thanks for reading...

Friday, December 18, 2015

I'm still here...

Hello everyone,  just wanted to take a quick minute to post some recent pics of new and old couples ncluding a few kinda recent doll purchases.  Once again...plan to start back with photo stories in January ...until then, have been enjoying the dolly world thru Instagram and of course...Flickr. goes nothin'... 😉

Brooklyn Banks and Chris Waters...

New couple:  Tobias "Toby" Wright and Star...

That's all for now...thanks for following. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Long time no post...

Hello everyone!  It's been maybe a year since my last how time flies.  I've been on Flickr religiously, though.  Mostly because I needed some dolly time while I collect diorama items (and more dolls) so that I can start my true stories.  

I've decided to focus on one couple/family and others will be introduced as they relate or are related to the main characters.  I started giving myself anxiety just thinking about how I would manage telling all my doll's stories...almost to the point of giving up completely.  But I know that I would regret it because I really do enjoy this thing. 

Anyway,  here's my main couple...Rachel and Jaylen Wright!  I love her name but I'm still contemplating his first name.  They have one daughter for sure but I'm still working on their family (keeping some secrets)....

Posting several since I'm using pics from my Flickr account...

So guys, thanks for your patience.  I am pushing for stories to start up in January 2016!  I've got one big did item that'll be a huge asset to the plot n' characters, still purchasing a few clothing items for my dudes, decided on a different doll for Jaylen's mother, lighting and of course...Christmas items for the little one in between all that. ;-)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

From Flickr to Blogger...

oops...I keep forgetting to upload new characters on my blogger that I've been sharing on flickr.  Anywho, here are my recent purchases and possible couples alert...

Kimora Lee-Johnson

Jordan Spencer (not completely sure of her name:-/)

Misty Grant

Sisters: Brittany and Misty Grant 

April Fields and Korey Williams...maybe

The boys..(so far)

Sheena Aoki and Casey Reed

Sailor Johnson and Shawn Haynes

And that's it for now, folks.  TTFN.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two new girls coming and business names...

Hey everyone! Quick update:  I've got two new girls coming but I'm going to keep them on the hush until they arrive.  However, if you look at the picture might be able to guess who they are.  ;-)

Two of my existing girls along with the two new girls will be used to re-create this photo. ^^^^^
(Not my photo found here

In other news...

As I mentioned before, I will be adding a tattoo parlor to my five businesses that all Dolls in the City residents will frequent.  The owner will be purchased in September.  I ceased the opportunity to purchase my last grail, so he was put on the back burner.  My list is near complete which is exciting because this doll buying thing is starting to give me anxiety.  Mattel's constant changes from articulate to partial or non articulate is annoying! In my opinion, it puts you in a buying frenzy...but that's probably what they want.  

Anywho, the businesses and owners are as follows:

Fair well Diva (Salon) owner: Brooklyn Banks
the name of her salon came to me one night while watching Cheers. Remember, everyone would shout "Norm" whenever he walked in the bar?  Well, I was thinking...wouldn't it be cool if after your transformation at the salon, everyone shouted "Fair well Diva" on your way out the door?  Probably a lil' cheesy but I'm going with it. :-)

Bar-Fly (bar/nightclub) owner: Dylan Reed
I was going to name the bar Icon but I couldn't shake this name.

Hey Sailor (boutique) - Owner:  Sailor Johnson
Please note: Name change for this girl from Marley Howard to Sailor Johnson
Sailor has just graduated from NYFDIM (New York Fashion/Design Institute) and wants to start her own boutique business.  She's starting out slow to build up her clientele.  So, it'll be opened Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. Her parents own a small building next door to Fair well Diva and decide to let Sailor use it for the boutique.

As for the tattoo parlor, I think I'm going to go with Tatt That!  It's sort of a play on words from a rap song. :-). I will have more details about the owner in September.  In the meantime, I'm very excited that a Dollar Tree is opening up behind our condos next month!  With all of my daughter's therapies and school meetings, I haven't had the time to run around town to get building materials.  So, now that it's literally behind me...I'll be able to get back to building my businesses.  :-). 

Oh, and I plan on having a coffee shop too.  I have an owner in mind but I'm working on the name.  Well, that's it for now but I will post my reenactment photo (above) on flickr.  :-).  TTFN!