Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Ms. Lyric Scott...

So, I snapped a few quick shots using some natural daylight and a hallway light. LOL...I got some great tips from a fellow Vans Doll Treasures that I hope to use in my next diorama "Welcome to Portland" when Lyric comes to town.  The shots include wig on and off.  She does come with two other wigs but I wanted to leave
a little mystery.   ;)  

Have a great afternoon guys!

Lyric Scott

She's here!!!

Lyric Scott arrived today a.k.a. Jazz Diva Barbie!  I've been busy today so I didn't get to check my mail until late tonight and there she was!  I immediately took off her wig to remove that "spirit gum" substance so that I could check her out.  In my opinion, she has such a gorgeous face and I prefer her without the wigs.  The short molded hair makes her really sassy!  There are two things I don't like about her however...the price (and I actually got her at a steal on ebay) and her hands...they're weird & stiff looking to me.  She has GREAT articulation though!  I like that she is close enough in color so if I ever get tired of TJ's (Morgan Moxley) Dynamite Girls' body...I can swap.

Well, now that my little one is sleeping...I've got a movie I rented that I'm gonna watch before I hit the sack.  I may load photos of Lyric tomorrow afternoon some time.  There will also be another try at making a "Welcome to Portland" diorama...where Lyric's sister Lauren and the gang meet up at Blue Bar Cafe to hear Lyric perform her first gig in town. :)

Good night all!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My very 1st Doll Diorama...

Hey everyone, I hope all is well with all of you!  Ok, so this is my very first doll diorama and it's rough! LOL...I moved around some things in my room so that I could create a diorama work space and decided my computer desk was the best place to set up.  I will try foam core board for walls & room dividers in my next diorama to give more color and hopefully take away some of the glare from my camera's flash and hide the scuff marks on my walls from my old bookcase.  Oh yeah, please excuse the Barbie brush shown in one of the wasn't intentional. :)

Ok, so first I want to introduce two new characters, a name change in an existing character and make notes about future characters (not pictured).

Morgan Moxley
Toni Moxley - Is Marley Owens' identical twin sister.  While the men play in their basketball league...the girls decide to meet up at Morgan's new apartment to have lunch, girl time and fill Morgan in on who her secret admire is. Morgan is currently single, has no children and is an assistant manager at Sache' women's clothing apparel.

The Moxley twins

Sherrelle Carter 
Sherrelle Carter - I'm still developing a story line for her...I'm also not sure if I want to have her committed to Travis Baldwinor newly dating.  Let me know what you think of them as a couple or should I just put her in my "single crowd" group?  I added her because I like Artsy's face...but she was body snatched  last summer by S.I.S. Trichelle (aka Aja Butler).

The following photos are the girls hanging out at Morgan's apartment, having lunch and wine spritzers, while their guys compete in their basketball league at Shots their local gym.

Danita Green & Colette Martinez

Tatum Taylor; Marley Owens; Sherrell Carter
 I know the painting in the back is a bit large for the girls...but it's just something I did on watercolor paper in 10 min. so the girls could have some artwork up.

Yvette Wilson
Yvette Wilson - part of the "single crowd."  Her story line is open since she's single.

Marley says: Good bye all!