Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Ms. Lyric Scott...

So, I snapped a few quick shots using some natural daylight and a hallway light. LOL...I got some great tips from a fellow Vans Doll Treasures that I hope to use in my next diorama "Welcome to Portland" when Lyric comes to town.  The shots include wig on and off.  She does come with two other wigs but I wanted to leave
a little mystery.   ;)  

Have a great afternoon guys!

Lyric Scott


  1. You got some great shots. I love that first pose. I'm with you, I like her better without her wig, but I am anxious to see the others. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. That Lyric is such a beauty. For the rock hard Integrity heads, use a hair dryer, protecting the hair and your fingers with a towel, warming all around the base of the head. I also found that hot (almost boiling) water softened the vinyl enough. There is a link out there somewhere but I can't find it now. Grr.

  3. @ Dani - Thank you, I love her! :) From now on, I will use heat before I attempt removing the heads. Those darn Integrity dolls cost too much to break. LOL...

    I'll Google and see if I can find the link. :)

  4. @ Vanessa - Thank you. Yeah, she's got such a sassy sweet face without the wigs.