Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My very 1st Doll Diorama...

Hey everyone, I hope all is well with all of you!  Ok, so this is my very first doll diorama and it's rough! LOL...I moved around some things in my room so that I could create a diorama work space and decided my computer desk was the best place to set up.  I will try foam core board for walls & room dividers in my next diorama to give more color and hopefully take away some of the glare from my camera's flash and hide the scuff marks on my walls from my old bookcase.  Oh yeah, please excuse the Barbie brush shown in one of the photos...it wasn't intentional. :)

Ok, so first I want to introduce two new characters, a name change in an existing character and make notes about future characters (not pictured).

Morgan Moxley
Toni Moxley - Is Marley Owens' identical twin sister.  While the men play in their basketball league...the girls decide to meet up at Morgan's new apartment to have lunch, girl time and fill Morgan in on who her secret admire is. Morgan is currently single, has no children and is an assistant manager at Sache' women's clothing apparel.

The Moxley twins

Sherrelle Carter 
Sherrelle Carter - I'm still developing a story line for her...I'm also not sure if I want to have her committed to Travis Baldwinor newly dating.  Let me know what you think of them as a couple or should I just put her in my "single crowd" group?  I added her because I like Artsy's face...but she was body snatched  last summer by S.I.S. Trichelle (aka Aja Butler).

The following photos are the girls hanging out at Morgan's apartment, having lunch and wine spritzers, while their guys compete in their basketball league at Shots their local gym.

Danita Green & Colette Martinez

Tatum Taylor; Marley Owens; Sherrell Carter
 I know the painting in the back is a bit large for the girls...but it's just something I did on watercolor paper in 10 min. so the girls could have some artwork up.

Yvette Wilson
Yvette Wilson - part of the "single crowd."  Her story line is open since she's single.

Marley says: Good bye all!


  1. I liked it a lot. Love the furniture and the use of it. The Asian chest is cute. Where did you get the couch? Great use of props. I liked the art work too. You make it in ten minutes? I’ll take one! I have the Happy Family grandparents’ house and had planned to sell it for years. Now I have to think if that is a good idea. Painting the table black really did something to it! I loved the chair covers too. Did you make them?

    Sherrelle Carter-Maybe an on-again off-again relationship for drama. Sorta like Rachel and Ross and from Friends. Fights, misunderstandings, breakup and makeups...it give you room for fun. Her eye photographed really well! You captured something in them.

    I like taking photo on sunny day. I get the best light. I’v had seen some other who do dioramas have a lighting setup to get the best light. http://www.stinkersstuff.com/27.html. Check out this site! Way cool. I am not there yet. I guess that is why I have glare and my shots are all not evenly light. Sun goes in and comes out. I have been working on the fly away thing. So I keep a glass of water to stick my fingers in and smoother their hair. I do think I need a tripod. I would love to ask someone how many shots they have that are not useable? I have a lot! About half of my shots aren’t in focus or something is there I don’t want to be seen that I cant crop.

    So anyway you did good! Keep up the good work!
    I'll limit my comments next time!

  2. @ Miss Leo...Thank you so much! The couch (and coffee table)is a Gloria furniture set that I repainted. I didn't use the chairs that come with them because they were too big for this space but you get the sofa, coffee table, two chairs & end tables with matching lamps with this set. The chairs in this scene are from my daughters KidKraft doll house. LOL...

    I like your idea for Sherrelle & Travis!! I have to start living up to the name of my blog and create some drama and I think you're right, they are the couple to give it. Sherrelle has a sweet face but she also looks like she don't take no mess and Travis has a cool guy look to him but also like he can be a bit mischievous.

    I really wish I had better natural lighting in my room and I'm sure it doesn't help that my new work station is off in the corner so I don't get the sun's rays by the table. I plan to go to Ikea next week and look at some lighting...they are reasonable & have some great lighting. :)

    OMG...I just discovered that site (http://www.stinkersstuff.com/27.html) last week...it's FABULOUS! I'm hooked! LOL I think it's going to take me a lot of practice and for sure a new camera to get on that level too...but it's a great tutorial and gives us something to shoot for as one of our diorama goals. :)

    Thank you for the hair tip, I will start doing that too. I was using this stuff called "Loc setting lotion" its a spray I use on my daughter, she has locs...and it works AWESOME! But of course, I ran out. LOL...so until I get more, I will do the water trick.

    Keep your grandma kitchen set...I think you can come up with some cool ways to use it in your dioramas. I bought this one from ebay...I was really wasn't interested in it but I bid on it because it came with the Grandpa, Midge, the kids and a few kitchen props and food. It was played with though so I have a missing cabinet door, the oven door is missing and it had stickers on the table which is why I decided to paint it so you couldn't see the sticker residue. LOL...

    Well, you've given me some homework, and as you can see my comments are long to so I don't mind long comments at all.

    Have a great week.

  3. Hi, my name is Morgan B. Moxley. I have a Google alert set up for my name and up this came! I find it quite amusing that a doll has my name. I like the room and I think the painting is cool; it's not uncommon to have a painting that large. It looks good. :)

  4. Oh wow! I have a cousin named Morgan and the name Moxley is in my family too so that's pretty funny. Yeah, I thought the painting was a kind of large but then I remembered seeing paintings this large in some New York lofts in Apartment Therapy and thought...why not. LOL...
    Thank you for the comment.

  5. Wow, looks great! I love that furniture! I love the TJs. They have such attitude. I can't wait to see more!

  6. Hi Afroindia, I really like the decor, especially the watercolor. I wish I could toss something like that off in ten minutes! Is one of your characters an artist maybe?

    The Grandma's Kitchen set has myriad possibilities. Like you I bought it to get Grandma and Grandpa because I didn't have any elders in my collection. Then the devil started talking to me and I ended up making a video in which Grandma and Grandpa get buck wild on the kitchen table.

    If you have Dollar Tree in your area, you can get a deal on foam core board. In Atlanta they are currently selling 20" X 30" sheets for $1. You can also order from Dollar Tree on-line in bulk.

    Looking forward to more of your doll dramas!

  7. @ Dani - Thank you! Something about TJ, she has that old Hollywood glam with an edge. I hope you and your newest addition to your beautiful family are doing well. :)

  8. @ Paulette - Thank you! You always have great ideas!! I just found a dollar tree in my neighborhood, so tomorrow...I'm there. Keep your fingers crossed...I hope they're selling it in my area too.

    Hey, Granny & Grandpa can get busy too...like D.L. says..."Cecil...did your Niagra take hold yet? Imma put these beans on 'til your Niagra take hold..." LOL

  9. Great job! Love the room and the painting is fabulous. I like Sherelle and Carter together. I do like Ms. Leos idea to get them in flux. Here are my tips:
    1)Turn your flash off. I never use the flash on my camera to take doll picts. I just use a cheap point and shoot camera, but it does have a P(program) button that I have been experimenting with. Make sure you are on the Macro setting, if your camera has one.
    2)You can get the metal clip on lights for about $6 at Home Depot/Lowes. I still have to add at least 4 more lights to my setup.
    3)Hobby Lobby will often have foamcore 20x30 for 50% off. $1 for the white and $2.50 for different patterns/colors. Much better quality and sturdier than Dollar tree.
    4)I still get out of focus picts because I am too lazy to use my tripod. It does make a big difference. I saw mini tripods at the Dollar Tree for $1 yesterday. I almost bought one, but I already have 2 that I don't use.

    Great start. Can't wait to see more.

  10. @ Vanessa - Thank you SO MUCH for the lighting tips. My flash was driving me nuts! You can tell here in the pics where I turned the flash off but then the pic looks too dark & kind of red and then I turned it on and it's just too bright. You can't even tell how pretty the dolls are in some of them because of the flash washing them out.

    I was all set to go to Ikea next weekend for lighting, Home Depot never even crossed my mind. So, now I know where to get lighting that will work. I'd never heard of Hobby Lobby so I Googled it...turns out there is one near me. :) Also, a tripod is definitely what I need. Next week it's project, project, project. LOL

  11. Hobby Lobby is my favorite place. If you go to their website, www.hobbylobby.com, there is usually a 40% off coupon. It used to be ever other week. I think they may have changed it to every week (don't hold me to it). You can print off as many as you want and use them throughout the week. You can only use one per visit, though. Always check the sales. Everything rotates in the sales for 50% off. They are not open on Sundays.

  12. Oh, one more thing...if you don't have an image program like Photoshop, etc, you can go to www.picnik.com and use this program to help with exposure/color issues, etc. I don't use it because I have another imaging program that I bought, but I have tried it, and it is a really good freebie.