Sunday, January 23, 2011

She's here!!!

Lyric Scott arrived today a.k.a. Jazz Diva Barbie!  I've been busy today so I didn't get to check my mail until late tonight and there she was!  I immediately took off her wig to remove that "spirit gum" substance so that I could check her out.  In my opinion, she has such a gorgeous face and I prefer her without the wigs.  The short molded hair makes her really sassy!  There are two things I don't like about her however...the price (and I actually got her at a steal on ebay) and her hands...they're weird & stiff looking to me.  She has GREAT articulation though!  I like that she is close enough in color so if I ever get tired of TJ's (Morgan Moxley) Dynamite Girls' body...I can swap.

Well, now that my little one is sleeping...I've got a movie I rented that I'm gonna watch before I hit the sack.  I may load photos of Lyric tomorrow afternoon some time.  There will also be another try at making a "Welcome to Portland" diorama...where Lyric's sister Lauren and the gang meet up at Blue Bar Cafe to hear Lyric perform her first gig in town. :)

Good night all!


  1. You are such a tease. I was all ready to see her picts. Congrats!

  2. Oooh, I want her so badly. She photographs beautifully. You are right, she is much prettier without the wigs. Can't wait to see Lyric!

  3. @ Vanessa - LOL...Aren't I a stinker?

  4. @ Dani - Oh my goodness, I have wanted her too for so long and I thought it would stop there but NO...there's a doll I want but I'm not paying $100+ for her. I want the Hard Rock Cafe' AA Barbie. I'm thinking of having my Trichelle repainted by an artist I know to mimic her and pierce Trichelle's nose. :) Workin' on a budget. LOL