Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couldn't let her get away...

Well, she's on her way!  I decided to bite the bullet and buy one more DG and Jasper made the cut.  I really need to stop the doll buying and focus on creating more stories but I wanted more diversity in my doll community...and there she was.  

It was hard to decide between Jasper and Basic Jeans Model #4 but I thought about the fact that I would have to spend more money buying an articulate body for Basic Jeans Barbie.  Also, I love Jasper's edge.  I know I'll end up getting Basic #4 but I can hold out now for a real deal.  

So, Jasper's new name will be Echo Parks.  Echo is a talented artist who also has a talent for singing.  In college she was a member of an all girl band called Jezebels.  After college, the group decided to tour Europe and ended up in Paris France.  Now after five years in Paris, having ditched the music scene, Echo decides to move back to the states and her hometown Portland, ME.  Echo grew up with Marley & Morgan but hasn't seen the girls since she left for Europe.  Let's see if Echo will vibe with Marley & Morgan's Portland friends and spark some chemistry with Tyre's single friend Byron.  Hmmm....

Echo Parks


  1. You are the best at coming up with exotic names! What's the harm with buying one more doll. Will she be speaking French upon her return?

  2. @ Vanessa - Why thank you. :) I love coming up with names for my girls. I had to put my foot down when I named my daughter (Story) because my ex was scared to think outside the box. LOL

    I know, no harm at all. LOL...there's still a couple of guys on my immediate list too.

    Yes, I think speaking French will make her that much more alluring. :)

  3. Jasper is a great choice! She's very pretty!

  4. We really have the same taste in dolls. My Jasper is a painter from Sweden. I didn't like the promo pictures of her but she photographs so beautifully. Like a long of DG's she has some real depth. Enjoy!

  5. @ TM - Thank you, I thought so too. I went through a lot of flickr photos of her before I decided to buy. I'm glad I did, I think she's gorgeous. :)

  6. @ Dani - OMG, that's cool...a painter from Sweden. That's a great choice of story for Jasper! I agree, the promo pics don't do her justice, I had to search flickr photos to get a better idea of her look. Love your dolls, they have such an edge to them. I'm trying to get there, slowly but surely. :)