Friday, March 4, 2011

A new crew...

Meet:     Brooklyn Banks... older sister of Aja and co-owner of The Word Shop:

Brooklyn Banks
Brooklyn is the free spirited bohemian type.  She’s easy going and doesn’t like drama.  Although, Brooklyn is the nicest girl you’ll ever meet, guys find her intimidating because of her stunning beauty.  Brooklyn is also a poet who's currently working to publish her first book.  (Brooklyn was re-bodied IMMEDIATELY to an Artsy body.  The Model Muse bodies drive me nuts)

Unfortunately, I spent more than I wanted to and wasn't able to purchase lights and other things I need for my diorama "A night at The Word Shop" and since a few weeks may pass before I'm able to afford my diorama, I decided to post a few random shots introducing two new characters.

As far as my doll list goes, Brook was at the top of my list.  She's my all time favorite of all the dolls I've seen since I started collecting.  Jody, my Power Team action my favorite of all the action figures I've seen.  So, he's been placed with Brook.  As I mentioned before, you may see a few more changes with the guys because they're out numbered by my girls.  :(

Brooklyn & Aja Banks

Jody & Brooklyn

Reese, Brooklyn, Tatum, Danita, Aja

Morgan, Tatum, Brooklyn, Aja, Colette

In this photo from left to right: Lyric, Danita, Morgan, Tatum, Reese, Brooklyn, Marley, Aja, Colette, Echo, Chandra and newcomer Ryhen Lee (Barbie Jeans Basic #4). 

Not pictured and still on their way:  Cameron North (Barbie Basics Red Dress #1) and Yvette Wilson (S.I.S. Grace with bangs).  More story to come...