Friday, March 4, 2011

A new crew...

Meet:     Brooklyn Banks... older sister of Aja and co-owner of The Word Shop:

Brooklyn Banks
Brooklyn is the free spirited bohemian type.  She’s easy going and doesn’t like drama.  Although, Brooklyn is the nicest girl you’ll ever meet, guys find her intimidating because of her stunning beauty.  Brooklyn is also a poet who's currently working to publish her first book.  (Brooklyn was re-bodied IMMEDIATELY to an Artsy body.  The Model Muse bodies drive me nuts)

Unfortunately, I spent more than I wanted to and wasn't able to purchase lights and other things I need for my diorama "A night at The Word Shop" and since a few weeks may pass before I'm able to afford my diorama, I decided to post a few random shots introducing two new characters.

As far as my doll list goes, Brook was at the top of my list.  She's my all time favorite of all the dolls I've seen since I started collecting.  Jody, my Power Team action my favorite of all the action figures I've seen.  So, he's been placed with Brook.  As I mentioned before, you may see a few more changes with the guys because they're out numbered by my girls.  :(

Brooklyn & Aja Banks

Jody & Brooklyn

Reese, Brooklyn, Tatum, Danita, Aja

Morgan, Tatum, Brooklyn, Aja, Colette

In this photo from left to right: Lyric, Danita, Morgan, Tatum, Reese, Brooklyn, Marley, Aja, Colette, Echo, Chandra and newcomer Ryhen Lee (Barbie Jeans Basic #4). 

Not pictured and still on their way:  Cameron North (Barbie Basics Red Dress #1) and Yvette Wilson (S.I.S. Grace with bangs).  More story to come...


  1. Love the newest ladies in your tribe. I can't wait to see how the story develops.

  2. Looking forward to your new dolls.

    I love the variety of hair textures among your dolls. Interesting poses, too ;-D

  3. @ Doolz4Moi - Thank you! :) I'm hoping I can really start on my diorama in the next couple of weeks. Still need a few props.

    @ D7ana - Thank you! :) The wild and curly hair texture is my favorite. Very easy to maintain. :)

  4. Your pictures turned out really nice, even without your new lights!

    Brooklyn is gorgeous and that dress is smokin'. Which doll is she, I don't recognize her? I really like her with Jody. I have him, and he has a family, but I've been so busy introducing all these new dolls I have bought, he just hasn't made it to the party yet. LOL! You have one of my wishlist dolls there. Ms. Colette! I like how you styled BB Denim #4. She looks a little exotic in that picture. I still have her boxed....somewhere.

    Can't wait to see more!

  5. I fell asleep with your blog up and when I woke up, everything had changed! Even the name of the blog. LOL! I love the background and the new name. But, the orange lettering is a little blinding. It could just be my old eyes.

  6. Hi Tracy India,

    I really like the re-design of your blog. I like the font and I especially love the new background -- it's the water color from your earlier diorama, right?

    Looking forward to more Dolls in the City stories!

  7. @ Vanessa - LOLOLOL! I think I was still changing things when you last commented, I ended up with yellow font because the orange was too blending, like you said. Let me know what you think.

    When I started this blog, I didn't put too much thinking into the name or where I wanted to go with my dioramas and stories. I was just so excited to find a free blog spot and other adult collector, I just slapped something up. Now I'm really starting to get into creating a theme and a way to connect all the characters. It's also a tribute to my favorite retired show, Sex and the City. :)

    Oh yeah, Brooklyn is a Hard Rock Cafe Barbie. She was #1 on my list but I was not willing to pay what she was going for. I got lucky, found her used and she the leopard dress came with her.

    I really like her with Jody too, thanks. Isn't he a gorgeous action figure? I can't wait to see your family with him. Hopefully, you'll get to work him into your new crowd. :)

  8. @ Paulette - Thank you! :) It's actually a template. Since I changed the name of the blog, I thought graffiti art as the background would be cool to go along with the title. :)

  9. Nice new background ... very cool.

    Love your doll photography and background stories, too.

  10. @ D7ana - Thank you! I was like a kid in a candy store with all the font options. LOL

    I ended up purchasing one clamp light and hope to purchase two more in the next few weeks so I can start creating more. ;)

  11. Now I take a week off and everything changes! Well...I love the look of your blog! Very Chic! Sex and the City was one of my favorite shows...jury is still out on the movies. I am glad to see anyone give a nodd to it. Your ladies are great. I understand your need to move couples around. I have had to do some of that too from time to time. I really want to see the club! Can't wait.