Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America's Next Top Model....

One more thing guys.  If you haven't seen this flickr blogger's videos...check them out here:

It's ANTM done with fashion dolls...very cool.  :)


Darn that Johnny Depp...

Ok, so something that would usually have been a bummer, turned into a good thing!  As you know, from a previous blog, I was all set to purchase Flavas Liam and thought he would make a great mate for my S.I.S. Chandra.

Well, I was purchasing him used/nude and after chatting with the owner, they mentioned his hair isn't perfect (failed to mention this in the ad).  Normally, that's not a big deal but this is a flock haired doll and I didn't know if I wanted to deal with fixing the hair and the possible trouble to find flock spray the color of his hair.

So, I decided against the doll and was nosing around the web and came across some flickr shots of customized Captain Jack Sparrow dolls and was hooked!  Not only is he spot on Johnny Depp...he's got the Harley Davidson Ken articulated body (minus the tattoo) I had to have him!!

The Jack Sparrow doll is awesome has a totally different look compared to all of my guy dolls so it was a no brainer.  ;)  As I've said before, I'm pretty happy with my selection of ladies but I've still been looking for a few good men, now I have one!  I still have about six other male dolls on my list, I'd like to give my ladies more options. ;)  Anyway, Johnny is set to arrive in eight - eleven business days.