Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Evening at The Word Shop...

Got another story finished and ready to read.  First I need to list a few disclaimers.  Since this is a night of poetry, wanted to include a few pieces for a little...authenticity. :)  So, one of my characters...Maliki Soyinka, is reciting a poem from my late mother's book, Three Slices of Black.  It's just a snidbit of How do you Kill a Ghetto Flower, which was also a play she wrote...but it is one of my favorites and since my family owns the copyrights I feel ok using it. I also write poetry but unlike my mother, I am not published and do not have copyrights so I won't be using anything I really care about.  Instead, I came up with a really silly poem that Aja will recite as one of her own.  It's really, really bad but I'm hoping you'll get a kick out of it anyway.

Click here for story: The Word Shop By the way, some of the photos taken for The Word Shop are sort of purposely blurred, thought it looked kind of cool.