Monday, October 10, 2011

Dolls & The City Episode...When you know

Brook invited Kenya over for a little wine and girl talk.  They discuss business at The Word Shop and the latest gossip of who's dating whom.

Kenya:  So...where's your future hubby tonight?
Brook:  He went to shoot pool with the guys.

Kenya:  You know my sister's going out with Seven Connors now?
Brook:  Seven? Isn't that Cree's boyfriend?
Kenya:  Well...he was but I guess they weren't "clicking" as he puts it.

Brook:  Huh.  How does Cree feel about this?

Kenya:  Well...she seems to be doing fine! She's moved on and last I heard she's  been on a few dates with Travis.

Brook:  Ok...I'm confused.  Isn't Travis dating Mia? I mean...that's what my sister told me.

Kenya:  I know right?  Well...apparently Mia couldn't deal with Travis's mother anymore.  She has a problem with the whole...interracial dating thing.  I guess she's still a little bitter about Mr. Baldwin re-marrying Taja.

Brook:  Oh, yeah. can't get mad at the world behind relationships! None of us can control who we love.

The girls keep chatting while the wine chills on ice.

Brook:  Listen, Kenya...Jody's bringing Kevin home with him.  He really wants to see you!  Are you going to be o.k. with that?

Kenya:  Oh wow.  I - I'm not sure Brook.  There's still a lot of hurt there.
Brook:  Sweetie...I understand.  I'm not going to tell you that I know how you feel because I don't.

Brook:  But I've known Kevin for a long time and he's a really great guy.  He only married Lauren because she said she was pregnant and the whole time he thought she was, she was trying to get pregnant.  Now...he just wants to take care of his responsibility but you've  got to believe he filed for divorce when he said he did. He didn't know Lauren didn't sign the papers so the courts dropped the filing.

Brook:  That man loves you and he just wants another chance to prove it.

Kenya:  I know he does and I love him too.  That's why it's so hard!  I've never felt like this about anyone before.  I just don't want to get hurt.

Jody walks in...

Jody:  Hey Babe...I'm back!  Hey Kenya...what's goin' on girl?

Brook:  Hi, Baby...

Kenya:  Hey, Jo Jo!  Nothing much...

Jody:  So...did my baby miss me?
Brooklyn:  I always do...

Jody: about a kiss to show me...
Brook:  Come here handsome...


Still kissing...

Kenya:  *Clearing her throat*

Kenya:  Oh for Pete's sake...get a room! *Giggling*

Brook:  Sorry girl...
Kenya & Brook:  *Giggling*

Brook:  So, babe...where's Kevin?

Jody:  Oh, he's parking his car...

Kevin enters the room...

Kevin:  Did I hear my name?
Jody:  Hey man...I was about to come looking for you...

Kevin:  Sorry man, had a little trouble finding a parking spot...

Jody:  Well, come on in man...

Jody:  Babe, me and Kev cleaned up in should have seen us.

Brook:  Where there's pool, there's always a wager with you two.  Hey,'s good to see you.  How's it going?

Kevin:  Hey,'s going, no complaints here.  Hello, Kenya.  You're looking always.

Kenya looked up at Kevin and immediately felt the butterflies.  She realized just how much she misses him. 

Kenya:  Hello, Kevin.  Thank too.  I - I're looking well.

Jody:  go ahead and make yourself at home man...have a seat. 

Kevin:  These are for you, Kenya.  I remember how much you love roses.

Kenya:  Thank you!  They're beautiful!

Kevin:  You're very welcome beautiful.  And this little guy is for you too.  I'm hoping he will fit in with your teddy bear collection.

Kenya:  Aw...he's so cute.  Thank you Kevin.

Kevin takes a seat...

Kevin:  So, how have you been?
Kenya:  I've been ok.  Working, school and I finally moved into my new condo.

Kevin:  Wow, that's great!  I wish I would have known  you were moving in, I would have gladly helped out. 

Jody:  Brook, babe...

Brook:  Yes, sweetie...

Jody:  Why don't you come sit with me so that Kevin can sit on the couch...
Brook:  Sure...

Jody:  Hello, beautiful...

Brook sits next to Jody and Kevin moves to the couch to be closer to Kenya...

Stay tuned to see how the visit ends...


  1. Good luck Kenya! I can tell you from experience that recycling old boyfriends works sometimes!

  2. That photo before the last one looks so damn sexy!

  3. You know I was cracking up on this one. When Brook said "I'm confused", I said, "girl, join the party". Wonderful story. Jody and Brook definitely need to get a room...and some manners. Poor Kenya. Hope it works out for her and Kevin. They look like a great couple. Let's see if you can get and keep this couple together. I got my fingers and toes crossed.

  4. @ Dani - I'm hoping this time will work out for Kenya and Kevin. We'll see.

  5. @ EbonyNicole30 - Thank you! My camera was gettin' pretty steamy from Brook & Jody's shenanigans.

  6. @ Vanessa - LOL! I thought you'd pick up on that. I'm even confusing my dolls.

    When Brook & Jody get together, it's like no one else exists. They're workin' on it. ;)

    Kenya & Kevin make a gorgeous couple! I wasn't even trying to go there but I couldn't tear them apart afterwards. I'm hoping they'll make it too. One hint will be that I'm not buying anymore ladies for a while (unless they're just extras to fill a crowd).

  7. Wow! This blog is better than a visit to Barnes and Noble. The story telling is great, as is the photography. Can't wait for part 3. ~ Ken

  8. @ Barbies4Sale - Thanks so much for the compliment! Photo taking is definitely a work in progress, LOL. You can see part 3 today...just tried my hand at video making. Hope you like it. :)

  9. Awww, Kevin seems to be a sweetheart. I have a bear collection as well and this little miniature one is so precious. I love Brooklyn and Jody's relationship.: )