Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kenya & Kevin hangin' out on a Sunday afternoon...

Update: Kenya and Kevin got back together and on Sunday, she called him over to help finish unpacking in her new condo. As you can see, they got a little side tracked. LOL...So, I thought I'd share a few random shots of them cuddling and playing around at Kenya's place. :)

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  1. Very nice! They make such a wonderful couple. You are really good at capturing at the good stuff. LOL! I did have trouble getting the video to play. I had to keep playing around with it.

  2. @ Vanessa - Thank you, I do love their chemistry. :) I wasn't even planning on these two as a couple but I like 'em.

    You know, I tried to export the video to youtube and it doesn't work. :( I'm glad you were able to view it...don't think I'll use that method of photos again. :)

  3. Very nice Tracy. I viewed it with no problem. I love the special effects and nice pics of a couple in love.