Friday, October 7, 2011

My last female introduction for a while...

I've been coveting this doll for about a year now but couldn't seem to find her at a reasonable price.  Found her nude for a steal and she will be my last female character for a long while (unless one of my list dolls for $10 or under...I'm done).  This is Kenya Thibodeaux, Chandra's older sister and best friends with Brooklyn Banks.  As for her dating status, she's looking really good with one of my men who I had married off but I moved around some existing couples to make him single again and open to possibilities.  I didn't expect to find her for such a great price so don't fault me for making revisions again, lol...I had to support my habit.  ;)

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Kenya Thibodeaux
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Current City:  Los Angeles, CA
Bookkeeper: The Word Shop
Relationship Status: Single/Dating
Family Members: Chandra Thibodeaux - Younger Sister
Student: FIDM
About me:  Kenya grew up with Brook & Asia and they are extremely close. Kenya is studying to be an interior designer.  She's very sweet, easy going and hilarious.  She also loves football and after church you'll find her at Brooks house watching the game.

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  1. She is very nice looking. Great job on getting her.

  2. Gorgeous! What doll was she? She looks more black and Asian than that Kimora doll!

  3. @ Dani - Thanks! She does look black and Asian...I love the combination. Kenya is the 2002 Grand Entrance Barbie. You can definitely still find her on Amazon, eBay or the other doll sites but I couldn't afford her NIB. I want that Kimora doll but it will be a long while before I get her.

  4. I'm not going to say anything, except very nice doll. Ok, yes I am. Maybe you should be buying more men too, so they aren't hoeing around. LOLOL!

  5. @ Vanessa - LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Oh my goodness, tell me about it! The only one of my girls who's been able to bring her man back to reality and keep him in check is Brook. LOL. My men have had their cake, ice-cream and then some...what a bunch of dogs they are, LOL. I know for sure that as for the ladies, I'm done. I counted and I'm upside down by about four more women to men but then again...I'm looking to add a lil' drama. I actually have two guys pictured that are my next purchases but it will be a little bit before I get them. Somehow, I've got to manage to purchase food, a few play-sets and some furniture. Jeez!