Saturday, October 15, 2011

When you know part II

If you missed part I please CLICK HERE

Kevin pours the wine for a toast...

The couples enjoy a little conversation....

 Brook and Jody decide to give the couple some privacy by venturing out on the patio.
(Kevin and Kenya were deep in conversation and didn't appear to be listening.) 

Brook:  We're going out on the patio.  If you need know where to find us.

Jody:  Wait, one second...
Brook:  What's wrong?

Jody:  This is the perfect opportunity for me to practice...
Brook:  Practice?  Practice what...?

Jody slightly tips Brook over to gently kiss her...

And in one swoop...he lifts her in his arms...

Jody:  To practice carrying the future Mrs. Owens over our threshold.

Brook:  (Laughing) You are crazy Jo Jo
Jody:  Yes, so you know we're gonna have crazy kids right?  I hope you're ready for that...

Brook:  I'm ready for anything with you. 

Stay tuned for final part III


  1. Awww!I love Brook and Jody! They are adorable. :) Nice shots and I am excited to see the third installment.

  2. @ Cat - Thank you! I love Brook and Jody...they're definitely "it" couple. :) Just did the III installment as a video. Yikes, I hope it came out alright. :)

  3. Great kissing shots. I love the way you mix Ken and action figure clothes for the guys. I need to catch up on the Brook and Jody story.

  4. Nice episode. I love Brook's dress.

    And to think that I have missed out on all of these post.