Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peyton Connors...

Hey everyone,

I took a couple of photos of Peyton Connors and wanted to share.  Nothing big, still working on...but almost complete with the family dynamics of my characters.  I still plan on posting something new next week.  Alrighty, enjoy your holiday!

This isn't the best picture of her since she was freshly dipped (in hot water) and rebodied.  I didn't style her, she's dressed in the Fashionistas clothes the body came with.

Brother and sister:  Peyton pictured with her brother, Seven

 The Connors Family:  Seven, Heath (father) Madeline (mother) Peyton and Katelyn 
Note:  I wasn't feeling the story between Heath and Taja (aka Colette)

Peyton and her boyfriend Migel Vega.  

Brother and sister:  Leilani and Miguel Vega (I decided they look pretty good as brother and sister.)

 Brother and sister:  Jamaal & Tiffany Thibodeaux (I couldn't feel a connection with him and my MZ doll)

Best friends:  Reese Miller, Piper Phillips, Peyton Connors, Brandy Jackson (Darren Jackson's sister) Echo Parks. (Brandy is now on a fashionista body.  I love her friendly face so I made her an important character)

Seven, Piper, Jamaal and Brandy (these two are a couple)  and Miguel & Peyton. 
Note:  Seven has a major crush on Piper but has kept it a secret because he's older.  However, Piper will be turning 21yrs in the next couple of weeks, so let's see what happens.

Couple:  Cree Larson & Travis Gibson
Note:  Cree has been upgraded to a 2.5 body and Reina, her sister will get a replacement body compliments of a Fashionistas Barbie. 

That's all for now. Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to update the character's profiles.  TTFN!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks...

This post isn't doll related but I wanted to post anyway.  I just want to say that I'm thankful for life, my daughter, my family and friends.  I'm thankful to have a roof over my head and wheels under my feet. Although this year continues to present new challenges, The Lord continues to bless Story and I...protecting us and making it possible to face these challenges head on!  I also want to give a special thanks to all who follow me and especially those I follow.  You guys are GREAT!  It's so nice to share a passion/hobby with such good people whom I've never met.  It just proves you don't have to meet someone to be touched by them.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That was like pulling teeth!

I finally got my other must have Stardoll today!  Well, sort of...I placed her on layaway.  My local TRU are sticklers about not placing a doll at the counter while you drive down to pick it up (as this doll hasn't been available my last two trips).  They also won't tell you when shipments are due, for "security reasons."  So, this morning I called them only to find out they had ONE on the shelf.  I asked the girl if she wouldn't mind placing her towards the back until I get there and she said she couldn't.  Ok, no big deal...I made it there in like 20 min.  When I made it down the aisle, the doll was placed right in front!  Whew!  I was relieved to get there when I did, she was truly the only one left.  They did however have several of the AA ones...gosh she's pretty.  I would be lying if I said I won't purchase another Stardoll but I can wait until December or January to purchase Fallen Angel #1 and any others can certainly wait much longer. :)

As for the new girl, I've already chosen a name for her, Candice Connors.  She will be the sister of SEVEN CONNORS and their parents I will introduce next week as well.  They're already available but due to a change, don't want to reveal too much for now.

Anyway, I know it sounds crazy to place one doll on layaway but I picked up a few more Christmas presents for the lil' one so my doll isn't a "need" right now.  But you know how it is... I also have other things that need immediate attention like; an oil change and tuneup on my car.  I also need some household items and I'm dying to try some new natural hair care products (and they're pretty pricey) and oh yeah, buy food. ;)

This is not my photo

I have a couple of new things in the works but I won't be sharing them until next Wednesday...aren't I a stinker? LOL.  Alright, I'll tell you this much...Lea is a "fill-in" mom for Piper but Miles will remain her father.  There's another lady coming that I think is a better fit.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've decided the main character's parents will be featured in future stories.  So let's far, we know who Brooklyn's PARENT'S are.  However, this weekend I created a couple of other parents for the main characters (which I will load this evening) and next Friday a new character will be introduced as a parent as well.  I have a father in mind but I'll have to see how my finances's a toss up between two male characters.

Oh, I wanted to comment on the new 2012 Ken and Ryan Fashionistas dolls.  When I saw them on other blogs, I thought Ryan (dark hair) was more appealing to me but after seeing them in person, I actually think the blonde is cuter.  Maybe it's the geeky suit with the bow tie that gives him a certain charm.  I will most likely add one to my collection and the other I will use to re-body my Twilight Jacob.  There's a little complexion difference but nothing the right shirt can't fix. :)

Well, that's all for now guys.  Hope everyone enjoys cooking Wednesday or Thursday OR enjoy being cooked for. ;)  Thanks for following!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where were you last night...

To bring yourself up to speed on last episode please CLICK HERE


It's Sunday morning at 6:30 am...Darren finally makes it over to Deja's house.  He had a game that Saturday afternoon but stayed out until now.  He never called and left her sleeping on the sofa while he made his way back to the bedroom to undress for bed.

While undressing, Darren realized his shirt smelled he decided to hide it. 

Darren:  I'll just stuff it under the bed for now. 

Darren climbs into bed and immediately falls asleep. 



Lyric walks downtown to meet her best friend Leilani for lunch.  They've been dying to try out this new cafe'.

The girls meet around the corner from the cafe' and give each other a hug.

They find a great table by the window.

Lyric:  Hey, do you want to check out Club Madrid tonight?  I hear it's jumpin'!

Leilani:  Oh gosh, um...I'd love to but I um...have something I have to do tonight.  Maybe next weekend, I'll let you know.  



It was already starting to get dark as Lyric walked home...


The Duparts are having their usual evening stroll through the neighborhood with their son, Tyson. 


After the game, getting showered up and giving a few t.v. interviews in the locker room, Darren met his date out in the parking lot of the Staple Center. The two embrace in a passionate kiss.

Then head over to Club Madrid for a night out...


Leilani put her most sensual dance moves on Darren...

And after more than a few drinks, it was evident they were both tipsy...

The two embrace in another kiss while on the dance floor...

Now, almost too tipsy to stand, Darren helps Leilani off the dance floor and into his limo for the ride home.


Deja wakes Darren up to discuss where he was and why he didn't call...

Deja:  Ok, Darren!  Let's have it...what happened that kept you from even calling as a courtesy?

Darren:  What?!  I mean, me and the fellas went out after our game, what's the problem?

Deja:  The problem is the way you handle things, Darren!  Anything could have happened to you.  I left you several messages and they all went straight to voice mail.  Why was your phone off the whole night?  I'm not stupid, Darren!  I called BOTH of your cellphones and they were both off.  How about the truth?

Darren:  My bad, I didn't want to run my battery out.  I can't find my charger anywhere.  I must have left the other phone in the locker room.  I mean, this is why I don't tell you I'm going out, because of this type of reaction.  It's not that serious....

Deja:  It's not...what?  Are you serious right now, Darren?  Someone is worried about you, and that's what you come up with?  Well, you don't have to worry about my reaction anymore...

Deja:  It's clear you're not ready for a commitment and I'm not into wasting my time!  I'm out of here!  And when I return, I want you and whatever stuff you have at my house...GONE!

(Holding his head feeling the hangover pains from last night...)
 Darren:  Deja, let me just...
Deja:  Don't  waste the language...I don't speak buster!

Darren:  So, you're just gonna walk out...?
Deja:  Yep!  And you've got exactly one hour to do the same! 

 Darren:  I'm sorry things had to go down like this.  I mean...for what it's worth, I do love you...

Deja:  Love and disrespect shouldn't go hand in hand.  

Stay tuned...more stories to come.  Thanks for following!  

Brooklyn and the girls plan her bachelorette party...



 While Jody is at his team's training facility, Brook has some of her girls over for a little gossip, wine and bachelorette party planning.

Danika:  So, Brook...what's going on with Deja?  Is she really leaving for Amsterdam?  Did something happen  with Darren?

 Reina:  Uh oh, what happened?  Did he mess up, again?

Brooklyn:  Yeah, that's what she says.  She was offered a DJ position in Amsterdam months ago but when Darren proposed she turned it down.  If you ask me, that's the only reason her asked her in the first place, control freak.  I just don't get that guy!

Reina:  Well, I didn't want to say anything because I didn't know if it was true but...a co-worker of mine said she saw Darren out two weeks ago at Covina's Steakhouse.  And... he was with some really tall girl.  She said they were, um... kissing in their no one else was around.   

( Danika reaches for her glass of wine...)
Brook:  I don't doubt it.  I think we all sort of saw this coming.  After all, history repeats itself.  Let's talk about something else, please. 

Kenya:  So, what do you think about the group G-men for the party?  They have the hottest dancers around, and since this will be your last night as a single girl, you might as well whoop it up! *Laughing*

Brook:  Oh, I know!  What do you ladies think about having the bachelorette party in Vegas?  

Brook:  We can get a VIP room at Thunder Down Under.  Those guys are HOT!  

 Danika & Reina:  Oh wow, that would be so much fun!!

 Colette:  Hey, whatever happens in know the rest (giggling)

 Kenya:  That's the best idea of all, I'm in!  

Kenya:  Now, all we have to do is find a way to let the guys know.  I have a feeling, they may try and follow us there, just to keep an eye out.

Brooklyn:  Alright ladies, put on your thinking caps...this is going down in under five months.

 Dankia:  Ladies, I think we need to play some music on that one!

Danika puts on the tunes and the ladies continue to enjoy their wine and conversation.

And the ladies continue chatting through the afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving and please stay tuned for next episode.  Thanks for following!