Monday, November 21, 2011

Brooklyn and the girls plan her bachelorette party...



 While Jody is at his team's training facility, Brook has some of her girls over for a little gossip, wine and bachelorette party planning.

Danika:  So, Brook...what's going on with Deja?  Is she really leaving for Amsterdam?  Did something happen  with Darren?

 Reina:  Uh oh, what happened?  Did he mess up, again?

Brooklyn:  Yeah, that's what she says.  She was offered a DJ position in Amsterdam months ago but when Darren proposed she turned it down.  If you ask me, that's the only reason her asked her in the first place, control freak.  I just don't get that guy!

Reina:  Well, I didn't want to say anything because I didn't know if it was true but...a co-worker of mine said she saw Darren out two weeks ago at Covina's Steakhouse.  And... he was with some really tall girl.  She said they were, um... kissing in their no one else was around.   

( Danika reaches for her glass of wine...)
Brook:  I don't doubt it.  I think we all sort of saw this coming.  After all, history repeats itself.  Let's talk about something else, please. 

Kenya:  So, what do you think about the group G-men for the party?  They have the hottest dancers around, and since this will be your last night as a single girl, you might as well whoop it up! *Laughing*

Brook:  Oh, I know!  What do you ladies think about having the bachelorette party in Vegas?  

Brook:  We can get a VIP room at Thunder Down Under.  Those guys are HOT!  

 Danika & Reina:  Oh wow, that would be so much fun!!

 Colette:  Hey, whatever happens in know the rest (giggling)

 Kenya:  That's the best idea of all, I'm in!  

Kenya:  Now, all we have to do is find a way to let the guys know.  I have a feeling, they may try and follow us there, just to keep an eye out.

Brooklyn:  Alright ladies, put on your thinking caps...this is going down in under five months.

 Dankia:  Ladies, I think we need to play some music on that one!

Danika puts on the tunes and the ladies continue to enjoy their wine and conversation.

And the ladies continue chatting through the afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving and please stay tuned for next episode.  Thanks for following!


  1. VEGAS baybee..ah yeah. It's going down. They have to do it up big time. Can't wait for the next installment :O)

  2. You know I am down for Vegas. Don't be surprised if you see Rod and Danielle there at some Elvis chapel tying the knot. Thunder Down it.

  3. Great episode! I love your rooms (dios).

    P.S. I was unsubbed again...not sure how this keeps happening. : (

  4. @ Georgia Girl - I heard someone else say the same thing on another bloggers page. I think it was VitaPlastica's last post where Vansdolltreasures said she thought she was subbed and someone left instructions on how to fix that. I don't think I've had the same issue but I think you can check the help section and it may have a solution. Sorry you've been having trouble. :(