Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That was like pulling teeth!

I finally got my other must have Stardoll today!  Well, sort of...I placed her on layaway.  My local TRU are sticklers about not placing a doll at the counter while you drive down to pick it up (as this doll hasn't been available my last two trips).  They also won't tell you when shipments are due, for "security reasons."  So, this morning I called them only to find out they had ONE on the shelf.  I asked the girl if she wouldn't mind placing her towards the back until I get there and she said she couldn't.  Ok, no big deal...I made it there in like 20 min.  When I made it down the aisle, the doll was placed right in front!  Whew!  I was relieved to get there when I did, she was truly the only one left.  They did however have several of the AA ones...gosh she's pretty.  I would be lying if I said I won't purchase another Stardoll but I can wait until December or January to purchase Fallen Angel #1 and any others can certainly wait much longer. :)

As for the new girl, I've already chosen a name for her, Candice Connors.  She will be the sister of SEVEN CONNORS and their parents I will introduce next week as well.  They're already available but due to a change, don't want to reveal too much for now.

Anyway, I know it sounds crazy to place one doll on layaway but I picked up a few more Christmas presents for the lil' one so my doll isn't a "need" right now.  But you know how it is... I also have other things that need immediate attention like; an oil change and tuneup on my car.  I also need some household items and I'm dying to try some new natural hair care products (and they're pretty pricey) and oh yeah, buy food. ;)

This is not my photo

I have a couple of new things in the works but I won't be sharing them until next Wednesday...aren't I a stinker? LOL.  Alright, I'll tell you this much...Lea is a "fill-in" mom for Piper but Miles will remain her father.  There's another lady coming that I think is a better fit.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've decided the main character's parents will be featured in future stories.  So let's recap...so far, we know who Brooklyn's PARENT'S are.  However, this weekend I created a couple of other parents for the main characters (which I will load this evening) and next Friday a new character will be introduced as a parent as well.  I have a father in mind but I'll have to see how my finances go...it's a toss up between two male characters.

Oh, I wanted to comment on the new 2012 Ken and Ryan Fashionistas dolls.  When I saw them on other blogs, I thought Ryan (dark hair) was more appealing to me but after seeing them in person, I actually think the blonde is cuter.  Maybe it's the geeky suit with the bow tie that gives him a certain charm.  I will most likely add one to my collection and the other I will use to re-body my Twilight Jacob.  There's a little complexion difference but nothing the right shirt can't fix. :)

Well, that's all for now guys.  Hope everyone enjoys cooking Wednesday or Thursday OR enjoy being cooked for. ;)  Thanks for following!


  1. I went to TRU by me this morning and there were no Stardolls to be found. Last week you could buy any of them, and now there are none. Go figure.

  2. @ Frannie - I know what you mean. At my local TRU they did have quite a few available, well...all but Fallen Angel. But last week all the AA ones were gone and this week they had around 5 on the shelves. I think with Christmas around the corner, they will be out of stock often. :(

  3. She is really pretty. She was the first one that I saw rebodied at a doll show a couple of weeks ago. My TRU didn't have any, but I found the AA and #4 (red streak) at another TRU across town. They had all of them. I could only get two. : (

  4. I can't wait to see how you style her hair. The new family situation is clear as mud. I'll have to wait for all the pictures. LOL!

  5. @ Georgia - I know, that $20 can add up! I am glad I was able to get the two I wanted most. I hope you can get the others next visit. Can't wait to see photos of your new girls. :)

  6. @ Vanessa - Thanks! I'm really excited about these two girls. I'm glad to have this giddy feeling again about dolls. :)

    LOL, the family situation is crazy. But next week, I promise...I'll have it all pulled together. :)

  7. Hello from Spain: I understand you perfectly with fear to go to the store and the last box of the doll does not have it. This time you got lucky. Candice The name fits. I look forward to the entrance with his family. The jacket looks of Chanel. It's beautiful. We remain in contact blog blog

  8. @ Marta - Thank you so much! Yes, I did get lucky, LOL. I look forward to bringing this family to the "show" also. :)