Saturday, November 12, 2011

What did your dolls do on a Friday night?

Friday night at Deja's house...

Deja decides to spend her Friday evening creating beats for her house music set she'll be spinning on Saturday night at The Word Shop.

Realizing it's midnight, she wonders why Darren hasn't come home after his Clippers game tonight.  She thought maybe she should have gone to the game at least she'd know where he was. But she had so much to do before the opening tomorrow night.

(to herself) Ok, Deja...don't let your thoughts get you carried away.  Remember you said you were going to trust.  You're engaged now and everything has been going so well.  He wouldn't hurt you again...get a grip girl.

Not able to sleep...she decides to pour a glass of wine and watch a little tv.

Deja walks to her kitchen...

Deja:  Hmmm...I know I have a bottle of Chardonnay here.

Deja: we are.

Deja:  Now, I just need a glass...

Deja pours herself a small glass of Chardonnay...

And makes her way to the living room to watch a little tv.

Deja:  Ugh...Bill Cosby variety show, again?!  This is  going to be a long night.

Meanwhile...across town...

Jody and Brook spend a quiet evening at bed.

Jody:  So, babe...what do you have planned for tomorrow?

Brook:  We've got the benches I designed for The Word Shop coming and your brother is stopping by to install them. 

Jody:  Oh, yeah...he mentioned that to me.  Well, I grilled him about showing up on time.  Let me know if he gives you any trouble.

Brook:  Jo Jo...Colby's been doing really well.  He's working steady at Byron's auto shop, has a nice place with a roommate.  Do you think you're being a little hard on him, honey?

Jody:  Maybe.  I guess I'm so use to Colby's past ways...maybe that's not fair to him.  I'm proud of him and I know my folks are.

Brook:  I'm so glad. I really want everyone getting along especially for the wedding.  We're all going to be family and I'm happy to be gaining a brother.  Now, where's that book you promised to read to me?

Jody: (Laughing) Alright babe...but you've gotta come a lil' closer.

Brook slides over close to Jody and snuggles under his arm...and Jody begins to read.

Brook:  This is nice.

Jody:  I love you, beautiful.

Brook:  Aw...I love you too.

Back at Deja's condo...

Deja picks up her phone and contemplates calling Darren...

Deja hated to call but its now 3:00 am and still no sign of him.  She worried something may have happened. Even if he stayed after the game to sign autographs he should have been back hours ago.

(to herself) Ugh! Straight to voicemail...

Deja:  Darren, it's me...I'm worried because I haven't heard from you all day.  Sorry I couldn't make it to the game tonight but I thought you were coming here after.  Please call me as soon as you get this message.  I love you. 

Deja:  Sigh, I hate this needy chick feeling.  He'd better have a good reason for this or he's going to wish something happened!

Deja lays down on the couch, continues watching tv and drinks her glass of wine.

It's 6:00 am in the morning and Deja has fallen asleep on the couch...

At 6:30 am....Darren walks quietly through the door...

He sees Deja sleeping on the couch and feels relieved he didn't have to explain himself at that moment.

Darren decides not to wake Deja...

And walks quietly to the bedroom...

Darren:  I'll figure out what I'm going to say in the morning.  I've gotta get some sleep...

                                               Whew...I'm hammered!

Man...tonight was off the hook!

To be continued....


  1. I hope for both their sakes he was just out partying with the fellas. It also makes me suspicious because he could've called and told her that too..hmmm

  2. Great story. Great enough to make me want to slap that silly grin off Darren's face. LOL! But maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.


  3. I too would like to slap the grin off of Darren's face. He should have called if he wasn't up to no good.

    I love this line: "Sigh, I hate this needy chick feeling. He'd better have a good reason for this or he's going to wish something happened!"

    I have been there before! :D

    So excited to see the next installment. Keep em coming! :)

  4. Great story! Can't wait to hear Darren's excuse.

  5. Great story! yeah i hope for Darrens sake that he was with his buddies! Deja looks cute in her outfit!

  6. Darren Darren Darren, I can't wait to hear excuse!

  7. Thanks guys! I love the comments about "smacking the smile off Darren's face" LOL. There's always been something about Darren's face that his smile seemed smug and that makes a great character.

    We'll find out tonight what his excuse was. I hope Deja's not planning on cooking any grits. :/

  8. "I hope Deja's not planning on cooking any grits. :/ "

    LMAO, GIRLLLLLLLLLLL that would be the best story ever!

  9. Poor Deja! Even if he had called, he probably would have been lying. But let me not jump to conclusions either. I will just patiently wait to see what the deal is. I'm really good at being patient. Love the picture of Jody reading to Brook.

  10. Now I'm going to think "slime" when I look at Darren. Ick, ick, ick. Actually tip-toeing in.

    Brook and Jody are charming as ever. Look forward to seeing their wedding.

  11. Darren is so wrong! My thought is that he is up to no good because otherwise he might have awaken her. I love Deja's place. Btw, Brook and Jody are such a hot couple.