Monday, November 21, 2011

Where were you last night...

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It's Sunday morning at 6:30 am...Darren finally makes it over to Deja's house.  He had a game that Saturday afternoon but stayed out until now.  He never called and left her sleeping on the sofa while he made his way back to the bedroom to undress for bed.

While undressing, Darren realized his shirt smelled he decided to hide it. 

Darren:  I'll just stuff it under the bed for now. 

Darren climbs into bed and immediately falls asleep. 



Lyric walks downtown to meet her best friend Leilani for lunch.  They've been dying to try out this new cafe'.

The girls meet around the corner from the cafe' and give each other a hug.

They find a great table by the window.

Lyric:  Hey, do you want to check out Club Madrid tonight?  I hear it's jumpin'!

Leilani:  Oh gosh, um...I'd love to but I um...have something I have to do tonight.  Maybe next weekend, I'll let you know.  



It was already starting to get dark as Lyric walked home...


The Duparts are having their usual evening stroll through the neighborhood with their son, Tyson. 


After the game, getting showered up and giving a few t.v. interviews in the locker room, Darren met his date out in the parking lot of the Staple Center. The two embrace in a passionate kiss.

Then head over to Club Madrid for a night out...


Leilani put her most sensual dance moves on Darren...

And after more than a few drinks, it was evident they were both tipsy...

The two embrace in another kiss while on the dance floor...

Now, almost too tipsy to stand, Darren helps Leilani off the dance floor and into his limo for the ride home.


Deja wakes Darren up to discuss where he was and why he didn't call...

Deja:  Ok, Darren!  Let's have it...what happened that kept you from even calling as a courtesy?

Darren:  What?!  I mean, me and the fellas went out after our game, what's the problem?

Deja:  The problem is the way you handle things, Darren!  Anything could have happened to you.  I left you several messages and they all went straight to voice mail.  Why was your phone off the whole night?  I'm not stupid, Darren!  I called BOTH of your cellphones and they were both off.  How about the truth?

Darren:  My bad, I didn't want to run my battery out.  I can't find my charger anywhere.  I must have left the other phone in the locker room.  I mean, this is why I don't tell you I'm going out, because of this type of reaction.  It's not that serious....

Deja:  It's not...what?  Are you serious right now, Darren?  Someone is worried about you, and that's what you come up with?  Well, you don't have to worry about my reaction anymore...

Deja:  It's clear you're not ready for a commitment and I'm not into wasting my time!  I'm out of here!  And when I return, I want you and whatever stuff you have at my house...GONE!

(Holding his head feeling the hangover pains from last night...)
 Darren:  Deja, let me just...
Deja:  Don't  waste the language...I don't speak buster!

Darren:  So, you're just gonna walk out...?
Deja:  Yep!  And you've got exactly one hour to do the same! 

 Darren:  I'm sorry things had to go down like this.  I mean...for what it's worth, I do love you...

Deja:  Love and disrespect shouldn't go hand in hand.  

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  1. Darren probably feels stupid right now which he should! Great story!

  2. So I read all that you posted today and got caught up. I wanted to crack knuckles on Darren's face for a bit. What a JERK!! "I mean...for what it's worth, I do love you...", how pathetic Darren!! Can I be President of his Hate Club? Darren beat downs every Friday. No cover! :D LOL

    As for the girls.... VEGAS BABY!!! Oh I cannot wait to see these girls do their thing in Vegas! This is gonna be good! :) Shooting in Vegas is such a blast. My group may go again one day. Loving your stories Tracy! So happy to see you posting regularly again!!

  3. Well she knew the deal and good thing she's a lady cause I would've beat the brakes off that a$$. And ya still would've got the door ;O) He better be thankful he didn't get the AL Green special..LOL

    He will be cheating on the new chick too. He has no loyalty..smdh

  4. I am surprized that Deja didn't slap that silly grin off his face. Got me thinking too bad they don't make a male doll with multiple heads with different facial expressions. LOL
    Can't wait to see what happens with the ladies in Vegas! Great stories!

  5. Thanks guys, for the comments! :)

    @ William - Yeah, his ego is something else.

    @ Cat a.k.a. President of club Darren beat 'em down, LOL. I don't know what it is but S.I.S. Darren has always seemed a lil' smug to me, he's a great character doll. I'm definitely giving the girls time to plan the Vegas trip, so you girls are more than welcome. This way I get to work on the dio. :) I am really going to try to post a story up on the regular.

    @ Dollz4Moi - LOL, I love it! "The Al Green special." He is lucky she's on that LIV body and not an FR body because she'd be tall enough to smack his smile upside down. LOL.

    @ Frannie - I know, right? Darren has the kind of smile that makes you wanna say, "what the heck is so damn funny?"

    @ EbonyNicole30 - I was so tempted but then I thought, players get played. Darren will have his day. ;)

  6. Great story! I agree with Frannie, they should make a male version where you could swap heads off to change the expression! Darren knows he wrong! I would have forgot I was saved for just a fraction of a second and went upside his head lol! The Al Green special ! LOL too funny!

  7. Bravo for Deja! Love the line, "I don't speak buster."

    Now I'm wondering if she'll give the jerk... I mean Darren another chance.


  8. He is definitely a member of the players club. They all have the same tired lines. Excuses, excuses. "The boys... dead phone battery... you overreacting, that's why I don't tell you anything... but I love you." Tracy you have it down pat. He is an A1 jerk. Frannie and Chyna, With a great photo editing program like Photoshop, you can change facial expressions digitally. Great story. I hope Deja doesn't leave town on the count of him. Glad she kicked him to the curb.

  9. Oops, I forgot to say. What idiot hides the shirt in the bed. Darren is too stupid to really be in the player club. Even I would do a better job than he did. (No, I am not a player, but I'm smart enough to be good at it if I were.)

  10. Hello from Spain: Darren Leave it deserves to take home. That is unforgivable mess with another. It's a lack of respect. Do not forgive and I hope Deja realize that leaves waste time with the boyfriend. I love the pink chair at the diorama have bachelorette party. How good club name Madrid. It is the capital of my country and is one of the largest cities in Spain. and is a very famous football team where he played David Beckham. Very good. Did you come to Spain ever?? We remain in contact blog blog

  11. @ Vanessa - You've got me crackin' up over here. Yes, Darren is a pinhead for sure. I guess he can "blame it on the alcohol" hahaha. Believe me, I've got more classic lines from self proclaimed players, than the law allows. I'm going for it in my story telling. Now, that I'm in my 40's, I can laugh at things that were accepted in the past so this is going to be therapeutic for me. I also have several friends who have done and gone through some crazy things...I just may have a novel going here.

    Deja is leaving because of Darren and she's running away. At 21yrs old, she hasn't figured it out yet but Amsterdam could be a very positive move for her. :)

  12. @ Marta - Thank you so much! I am definitely following you, love your dioramas. :)

    I've only been to the actual Madrid in my dreams, LOL. I would LOVE to go there some day. We have a club here called Ole' place to be every weekend. I sort of altered the name because I use to be a dancer there, loved it! Thanks again.

  13. DBG beat me to quoting the line: "Don't waste the language...I don't speak buster!"

    Still laughing.

  14. Excellent episode!! Darren is a REAL jerk! Good for Deja. Let his sorry behind go. I also vote for the Al Green piping hot special! Lol!

  15. @ Georgia Girl - Yes, Darren makes you wanna smack him, LOL. I was tempted to do an Al Green scene but I think I'll save it for a real dramatic story. Deja has finally washed her hands with him. ;)