Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Word Shop remodel....

Well, sort of!  There are a few more touches I'd like to add but other than the flooring...the remodel is pretty much completed.  I think what I'm going to do for flooring is use a large piece of foam core board and cover it with "hardwood" contact paper OR purchase a few squares of hardwood/tile from Home Depot or Lowe's.  Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.  It's a small bar so there are going to be a lot of repeat regulars and locals.  I don't think I can fit more than ten customers in at once but we'll see.  I was able to capture a few moments at The Word Shop but those photos will be loaded tomorrow.  Until then, I hope you enjoy what's been done so far.

Oh, and I'd like to thank MY FROGGY STUFF "How to make a dollhouse out of a cardboard box" for the idea of using a cardboard box rather than foam core for walls.  Unfortunately, I don't have any extra space to keep setting up a diorama using foam core walls, so this idea was great because the bar is basically already assembled  and can be folded and put away.   I like the texture of the "walls" that the card board gives because it makes the bar look more "underground" and sort of like a where house.  You can't see from this photo but I left two flaps at the top of the box because I plan to add bamboo lighting hanging from the "ceiling."  Since the holidays are among us, I'm sure I can find some at a great price!  I usually get things like that from Cost Plus World I'll have to make a trip this week. 

Anyway, let me know what you think:

 I'm madly in love with Lenny Kravitz...I think he's the sexiest man in show biz.  So, it was a no brainer placing this photo from Upscale magazine, on the walls.

 I'm not at all a fan of Kelis's music but I like her style...very edgy and sexy.  Both photos were cut out and the image glued to blank colored paper as a background.

 This is the stage!  A small wood box with scrap booking paper glued to the top.

The wall of fame:  These are photos of "celebrities" who have come to The Word Shop over the years.

Once of Kelis (this image was also cut out of Upscale mag. I think it was a Kia ad).

 These photos were used in the previous Word Shop diorama.

 This is the DJ booth!  Here's where you'll find Asia spinnin' records four nights per week.

The Lounge area. I used (2) light bulb boxes, fabric, pillow stuffing and zebra pattern duct tape to create benches in the lounge area. Again, another great crafting method learned from Myfroggystuff's video/blog.

The Bar: This is a book case on the other side (perfect for storing the alcohol bottles and extra glasses).  I covered the back with duct tape for now but I think I will eventually purchase the Gloria bar play-set.

Alright folks, I can barely keep my eyes opened so I'm calling it a night.  I hope to have a couple of photo stories loaded tomorrow (Tuesday at the latest) until then, I hope you enjoy these photos.  Have a good one and thanks for following!


  1. Wow! such a good job! My dolls want to come too!

  2. Looking great! I want to come hang out! Can you tell me where you got your turntables? Mine are Bratz and they really stink.

  3. It's awesome! You did a wonderful job. Love the color combo. If you need a guest singer, Kara is available. Now that we have a plane, I can whisk people all over the country.

  4. Ahhh! I am with Ms. Leo...can we come? How much do you charge for plane tickets Vanessa? This place is just awesome!! How long did it take you? I absolutely love Myfroggystuff. That's how I made the office for the Doll Drama. Well, she inspired me to get cardboard creative. :) Vitaplastica- I actually think those are the same turntables I have and I know Tracy has the same Generation Girl Blaine. I think it was the first one they issued. He came with turntables. Tracy, was it the first Generation girl Blaine doll? Bleh, I just read my comment back to I sound a bit scattered. lol :D

  5. It looks great, very colorful. Love the posters and wall of fame.


  6. I can almost hear the music. Very nice!

  7. @ EbonyNicole - LOL...thanks! :)

    @ Frannie - Thanks!

    @ Ms. Leo - Thanks much! Your dolls are more than welcome, I'll even put them on the VIP list. :)

    @ Vita Plastic - Thanks Dani! The turntable set comes with Generation Girl Blaine doll. Although, I found this set on eBay with Blaine (because I got him used a year ago)but I think you can still find him around on eBay.

    @ Vanessa - Absolutely! I hear Kara can blow so my guys and gals would love to see her perform at The Word Shop's live music night.

    @ Cat - Thanks! I love your club and mall set up so we definitely have to get our dolls to visit each other's spots. :) It actually didn't take long to make. I sponge painted the "walls" in minutes and the "posters" I just cut out of some ol' magazines. What took the longest was Kelis & Lenny Kravitz. Just carefully cutting around their bodies so their image would pop on the colored paper. The contact paper and cushions on the light bulb boxes took less than 15 min. All in all, pretty easy. :)

    @ DBG - Thanks so much! I love Earth tones.

    @ Limbe Dolls - LOL...that Aja can spin somethin' serious on her ones and twos.

  8. Love it! Animal prints are my favorite.

  9. The cardboard does add a great texture to the walls. macro and micro texture. The whole club is so nice. the colors, textures, textiles and images. Nicely done.

  10. @ Georgia Girl- Thank you! Animal prints are definitely a fav of mine too. :)

  11. @ Playbarbies - Thanks so much! Sorry for the late reply, I'm just getting around to some of my missed comments. :(