Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Brazilian beauty - Ava Cruz arrived today...

Here are some photos of her before (hair just loaded with glue) and after a quick, hot dip and re-body.  Ava received my BB 2.5 aka Reina Larson's body and I will eventually get Reina a Fashionistas body.  I'm not all that in love with Reina and her body was a perfect skin tone match for Ava.  Oh, I also trimmed those lashes.  I thought they were a bit much, they kind of looked like whiskers on her eyes. :/

You can check out her profile HERE



Monday, December 26, 2011

Sports bar coming to Dolls & The City...

Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart is doing well as a sports agent with AIS but is looking for a great business opportunity that will also satisfy his love for cooking.  He's currently meeting with his best friend Jody, to discuss the two possibly going into business with each other.  

Jody Owens
Jody is definitely interested and has even come up with a name...The Huddle.  Now, he just needs to fit a new business plan into his already busy NFL schedule and his wedding coming up in five months.  Wish him luck. :)  

I was up late last night, couldn't sleep and the idea of a sports bar came to me.  I love going to sports bars! My favorite one is Seau's (Junior Seau's place, former San Diego Charger and New England Patriot).  I thought, that's EXACTLY up my alley and would fit in perfect with Dolls and The City.  I'm not the best at making dioramas but I think I can pull this off.  

So, stay tuned, we may have an even at The Huddle

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sending Deja off? (Photo Story)

The photos for this story were taken last month and I'm just now getting the time (it takes) to load all the photos and complete the dialogue.  Hope you enjoy!  :)

Brook opened The Word Shop on an off night so Deja's friends and family could celebrate her opportunity to DJ at club Stratus in Amsterdam Netherlands.  Not happy with her decision to travel alone to a foreign country, her mother Joyce Banks tries to talk her out of it.

We start out with Mr. and Mrs. Banks at The Word Shop...

Brooklyn checks in with her parents...
(Brooklyn)  "How's my favorite parents?"
(James)  *LOL*  "Aren't we your only parents?"

(Brooklyn)  "You look pretty and shiny tonight mom.  How are you holding up?"
(Joyce)  "I just don't understand why Deja has to go across the world to DJ.  There, I said it..."

(Brooklyn)  "Oh, mom.  Deja, will be fine. She's got friends in Amsterdam and it's a great opportunity.  A producer is really interested in her mix CD's."

(Joyce)  "I suppose.  Still, I'm going to say my piece."


While Deja spins on the one's and two's...

Reese & Echo command attention on the dance floor...

Migel & Peyton...
(Miguel)  "Are you having fun, sweetie?"
(Peyton)  "I'm with you, of course I am."

Seven & Tia...
(Tia)  "So, are you excited about Dj'ing again babe?"
(Seven)  "It's been a while but I'm ready."

Travis & Cree hang out at the bar chatting with Kenya and Nik...

while Brooklyn checks up on her friends...

(Brooklyn)  "Hey ladies, what are you two talking about?"
(Marley)  "My crazy sister.   Watch her, she thinks she's on Soul-train..."
(the ladies laugh)

(Reese)  "Uh oh, this is my jam!  Echo, where you at girl?"
(Echo)  "I see you girl...!"

(Marley)  "Would you look at Reese!"  "Any minute now, Betty and Boop are gonna pop right out of her dress!"  
(Valerie)  *Giggle* "Oh my goodness!" *giggle-gigle* "Reesie is crazy!"

(Reese)  "Work it like a job, girl!"


(Valerie)  "Reese is walking this way, be nice Marley." 
(Marley)  "Humpf!" 

(Reese)  "Hey, sis.  Hey, Val."
(Valerie)  "Hey, Reese. Hey, Echo." 
(Marley)  "Reese, what was that?  You were this close from a wardrobe malfunction."

(Reese)  "It's called...having fun, stop hatin'.  Besides, I had it under control.  We're going to the bar now.  Can I get you a shot of, lighten up?"  "Ha ha ha, come on Echo."


Cree, notices Echo coming towards the bar. 
 Trying to avoid an awkward moment, she decides to ask Travis to dance.  
(Travis and Echo dated a few months before he started dating Cree)

(Cree)  "Travis, come on...lets dance."

 (Travis)  "Uh, ok."
Travis and Cree make their way to the dance floor


Echo and Reese approach the bar

(Echo)  "Hey Nik, can I get a Midori Sour?"
(Nik)  "Comin' right up."

(Kenya)  "Hey Reese, saw your dance floor action up there, LOL.  What can I get you?"
(Reese)  "Yeah, my sister hated it...that works for me, LOL.  Um...let me have a Cuba Libre."

(Valerie)  "So, I guess you're the designated driver for the night?  LOL."  
(Marley)  *Sigh* "I guess so."


Deja sits with her parents while Seven takes over the DJ booth...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Present from Cat...

Today, I received a wonderful surprise in my mailbox from A Doll Affinity!  It was a Liv body!  It came in super handy because I had just given my Indigo (Fallen Angel Stardoll) Sidney Dupart's body...and now, thanks to Cat, they both have bodies!  I may do a photo shoot this week so my Liv/hybrids can be featured.  Thanks again, Cat!!!

Sidney will be featured in a story in the very near future. ;)

That's all for now, Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tagged on Flickr to stop the HATE...

I was tagged on flickr about a "stop the Hate" message and decided to add the photo to Dolls and the City.  I usually don't like to take part in tags because I don't have a lot of props or a photo shop program.  However, the message in this tag was more important than a fancy shot.  So, I was glad to be included because hate of any kind is just wrong.  While trying to figure out which of my girls or guys would be selected for the photo, Trinity Aoki volunteered and advised me that I still haven't completed her profile, so the timing was right.

Here she is (again) Trinity Aoki (Indigo Aoki's sister) and the baddest B-girl in Los Angeles.  Trinity was the winner of L.A.'s 2009 tv dance show called Rock That .  She received a one year dance contract and a hundred thousand dollars.  She took her winnings and invested in a condo that she shares with Indigo.  

Trinity's street name is"Mecca"...

That's all for now.  Goodnight all and thanks for following!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Sean Renna...

Made a trip to Ross today and decided to give in to the $9 price on a Barbie Basic Jeans doll.  Still haven't purchased the male model with the dark hair (I think he's no 15) because something keeps holding me back.  Maybe its the eyebrows, hmmm...they always look faded, like it would be easy to rub them off at the slightest touch...but I could be wrong.

Anyway, my new character will be part of a revamped group of ladies making up my "Mature Crowd."  I've grouped my dolls based on vibe and attitude.  I'd like to share with you guys a couple of links to flickr accounts with amazing photos of this girl.  They definitely inspired me to go ahead and make the purchase.  This  contact CLICK HERE has amazing shots of her and this contact CLICK HERE has a photo that helped seal the deal...and so off to Ross I went, LOL.

Sean Renna
(Sean fit really nicely on a Fashionista Raquel body.)
Sean was born and raised in Parma Italy.  She's a wardrobe assistant at Runway Doll Modeling Agency.  More of her bio will be developed later. 

Next up is the Dr. No Barbie...she's been ordered and is on her way!   This was a tricky decision because I try not to have same mold faces in my collection.  Ava, has a Daria face mold which is who my Danika (aka Nik) is.  But...this doll I've wanted for almost a year and just never got around to purchasing her. I'm determined to make it work, LOL.

Ava Cruz (not my photo)

I'm still developing Ava's bio but a little background on her is, she is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I think she'll be Nik's sister since they look alike.  Hmm...maybe she'll be Nik's mother who had her at a  young age.  Dolls and the City could use a cougar on the prowl.  ;)  I will take better photos of her when she arrives.

Stay tuned...there are two more ladies who will be added to this group.  In the meantime, here are a few photos of my sexy sirens who will make up the "mature" crowd. 

and finally...

Taja, Brooklyn, Sean and Nik

That's all for now guys.  Thanks for following!  :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another trip to Big Lots...

Caution: Name change!  

Ok, so I made another trip to Big Lots...but I was pretty good this time!  I went in and got exactly what I said I was getting and nothing more.  I've been trying to use the whole "if it's meant to be" method in order to control my spending.  If it's meant to be, surely it will be there my next trip...and if not...I don't need it. :)

So, all I needed was another Liv body for Trinity (aka Deena Aoki) Indigo's sister.  I was looking for a Liv Hayden thinking it was the only match but I'm very happy that Liv Katie works out just as well.  Trinity isn't quite as pale as Indigo who can only match Hayden perfectly.  While I was there, I noticed the BB accessory packs this time...nice.  They were only $8 but they will have to wait until next week.

Anyway, here are the Aoki sisters together.  I really want to get these girls a couple of action figures as boyfriends.  I don't think the typical Ken type guys will work for them.  Hmmm...we'll see.

Trinity & Indigo
If I haven't mentioned it, I am a HUGE Matrix fan!  So, obviously Trinity is named after one of the main characters.  If I had the patience and/or props...I'd do stories with my own spin of life on Zion and the Neberkenezer.  Alright, gotta agent is coming.  Just kidding. 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The possibilities...

And random boredness....

I found this little cutie at a thrift store for a buck.  The outfit she came with was ripped and very dirty and beyond fixing but after a hot bath and a good shampooing, Aaliyah was as good as new.  Oh, by the way...her name is Aaliyah.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a family for her.  I like the idea of having a few younger families while my stories focus on the mature group and their travels, relationships and businesses.  Here's what I got so far...


This is my pick for Aaliyah's family.  Seven and Piper would be living together and not yet married.  I'm thinking Aaliyah is 3 1/2 yrs old.  

Here's another possible family with Peyton and Miguel.  This little guy wasn't being used and needs a family too.  His name is Brandon.

Dodge This....
(my favorite scene from The Matrix in the background)
Brooklyn Banks

  After reading Ms Leo's post about "reboding" dolls...I decided to load random picks of Brook and her best friend, Nik.  Brooklyn's head cost me a pretty penny (she was rebodied using a Fashionista Artsy) so I'm gettin' my monies worth, LOL. (please excuse the bad quality)

Nik & Brooklyn
I love the chemistry between these girls as best friends.

Nik is so blonde that it makes it hard to get the lighting right without washing her out.  I had to play with my settings on this one.  She's a gorgeous girl and one of my favs.   

My Indigo...

Indigo Aoki

You would think because she's so would be difficult but she comes out looking amazing.  

And last...

Brook showing off her "tattoo" 

This is just a test tattoo.  I'm thinking when Brook has her bachelorette party in Vegas, she may have a few too many (drinks) and get a tattoo.  I'd like her to have a dragon, it's a toss up between two stencils. 

Brook & Jody
(Christmas shot of Dolls & the Cities hottest couple)

I may take a small break from the stories because I need a few more props.  I hope to get back to them within the next couple of weeks.  That's all for now, thanks for following!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

StarDolls spotted at Walmart...

Just got back from Walmart (purchasing household items) and I saw StarDolls on the shelves.  Of course, I looked but did not buy.  With the exception of one more, I think I'm set.  *Sigh* That feels good to say and actually mean. ;)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updating Character Profiles...

I am in the process of updating character profiles to reflect my new additions and people added who I couldn't find a place for.  I apologize for some of the confusion as you read their profiles.  It's become very difficult to manage my hobby and all the things going on with my daughter, etc.  I have photos taken for another story but haven't had the time to load all the photos plus writing the scripts.  I am determined to get it together though because I think it's very important to have a creative outlet in life.  It's therapeutic!

Anyway, one of the things I changed was a character name.  The name I chose, just wasn't clicking.  It's been easy to name most of my characters and I think they all suit their names perfectly but for some reason, I've had some trouble with this gal.  I just love exotic, quirky and unique names.

So, after looking this gal over a few more times, I think this name will stick.

Peyton Connors

That's all for now.  I hope to have more time today/tomorrow to finish loading my photo story.  Until then, have a great day and thanks for following! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jody has parents...

Do you remember the Beverly Johnson doll?  Well, she's been cast as Jody Owen's mother.  I never personally owned her but I do remember promos for her back in the day.  It wasn't until I received her in the mail Saturday, that I realized how LARGE her head is... LOL!  Not a big deal though...especially since I got her for .99cents and a couple dollars for shipping & handling.

Anyway, I made a head wrap to bring her bangs down and lessen the "bigness" of her head.  I'm also casting my G.I. Joe as Jody's father since he's currently not being used.  Originally, he was going to be Marley and Reese's father but they are not my main characters so, I made a change.

The wedding of Brook and Jody is only six months away so he needed parents.  I think it worked out well and she kind of favors Jody, which is kind of ironic because I purchased her to replace Lea as Piper Phillips's mother.  However, Beverly does not work as Joyce Bank's sister (Piper and Brook are cousins) so...Lea Phillips will remain Piper's mother and Miles her father.

Photos below: 

Beverly Owens

Beverly & Joseph Owens

Jody with parents 

Sisters: Lea & Joyce
I thought Lea's head would be too big and these two wouldn't work as sisters but I think it works.  As I mentioned in a previous post...Lea and Joyce are part Tongan and Black from Hawaii.

Piper & family
Just a recap photo of Piper's family. 

Well, that's all for now folks but more to come.  Thanks for following!  :)