Friday, December 2, 2011

Indigo Aoki

It's a wrap!  Other than purchasing another LIV body  for Trinity, Indigo's sister...I'm done buying (female) dolls for a while. Pht...yeah, right!


While waiting for the manager to go in the back of TRU and retrieve the new shipment of Stardolls, I looked over the other Stardolls and decided that Indigo will end my list.  I did get her under the sales price of $16.99 so I'm satisfied.

Now, on to action figures!

I have the perfect guy for Indigo but won't be getting him until later this month.  I really wanted a BB 2.5 body for her but BC has sold out of the one matching her skin tone and I'm not going to pay $34.95 for a body on the Elvis or Frank Sinatra Barbie.  So, for right now...Indigo is happy to be on a LIV body. ;)

Here she is...

Indigo Aoki
Profile updated:  Indigo and Trinity are of Japanese and Caucasian decent.  She is an Anime artist by trade and music is her hobby.  She sings and plays the acoustic guitar.  Her sister is Trinity Aoki.  The girls were born in Tokyo Japan but when she was 5yrs old and Trinity was 8yrs the family moved to the United States.  The Aoki family currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.   

That's all for now folks!  Thanks for following. :)


  1. Everyone has this gal but me. Ugh. LOL Maybe one day. She looks gorgeous Tracy!

  2. Why does Indigo look like Naomi Campbell to me?

    I'm glad you have completed your search for these dolls.


  3. Hello from Spain: your purchases enchant to me. Cheap what teneis by your stores the wrists. That collection of Barbie jeans in Spain is of the faces. We follow in contact of blog blog

  4. @ Cat - Thank you! Just keep stalking your local TRU, LOL.

    @ DBG - I can totally see a Naomi resemblance. I'm not exactly sure who this girl is fashioned after. Hmmmm...

    @ Marta - Thank you! I've got a lot of catching up to do.

  5. Indigo is pretty. She is one of two that I purchased. Thanks for info on bodies. I was looking earlier in my stash of fashionistas for a body match.

  6. @ Georgia Girl - I agree, she's become my favorite now. If you don't end up getting the Elvis Barbie she's a perfect match for LIV Hayden and you can get her on clearance at Target online for $7.50 OR you may find them in the store. She's definitely too pale for even the new Fashionistas Raquel who's a perfect match for the blonde Stardoll.

  7. What shoes is she wearing? And does she have on Basics clothes? Maybe I should get a Liv to be MY doll's body (I'm wicked petite). :-) Thanks for answering!