Monday, December 5, 2011

Jody has parents...

Do you remember the Beverly Johnson doll?  Well, she's been cast as Jody Owen's mother.  I never personally owned her but I do remember promos for her back in the day.  It wasn't until I received her in the mail Saturday, that I realized how LARGE her head is... LOL!  Not a big deal though...especially since I got her for .99cents and a couple dollars for shipping & handling.

Anyway, I made a head wrap to bring her bangs down and lessen the "bigness" of her head.  I'm also casting my G.I. Joe as Jody's father since he's currently not being used.  Originally, he was going to be Marley and Reese's father but they are not my main characters so, I made a change.

The wedding of Brook and Jody is only six months away so he needed parents.  I think it worked out well and she kind of favors Jody, which is kind of ironic because I purchased her to replace Lea as Piper Phillips's mother.  However, Beverly does not work as Joyce Bank's sister (Piper and Brook are cousins) so...Lea Phillips will remain Piper's mother and Miles her father.

Photos below: 

Beverly Owens

Beverly & Joseph Owens

Jody with parents 

Sisters: Lea & Joyce
I thought Lea's head would be too big and these two wouldn't work as sisters but I think it works.  As I mentioned in a previous post...Lea and Joyce are part Tongan and Black from Hawaii.

Piper & family
Just a recap photo of Piper's family. 

Well, that's all for now folks but more to come.  Thanks for following!  :)


  1. I like this family! They look good together. How ironic that we both have couples getting married soon. Are you as stressed out about their wedding as I am about Rod and Danielle's?

  2. Yes, I do remember her. I seen her and her ...and her head at the Black doll Expo. Excellent job on getting the head tamed. Jody looks like his mama! For .99 cent you can't beat it. We all need more doll sales like this!

  3. @ Vanessa - Yes in deedy! I am going to use a true 6 mos to prepare for the wedding, LOL. That way I don't feel the pressure. Since Brook is very "bohemian" I'm not too nervous. She's going to want something very simple and quaint. Maybe a park wedding but we'll see. :)

  4. @ Ms. Leo - LOL, she does have a big one. Thanks! I was really happy to pay so little. And she was a display doll so she's in great shape. :)

  5. @ Vanessa - Oh yeah, I don't think anyone remembers because I'd changed my blog but Jody had proposed to Brook a long time ago. It was my first photo story when Lyric was trying to break them up. Well, Lyric has since moved on and she is cool with Brook. But...I figured they should go ahead and tie the knot already. :)

  6. You never know what the dolls have in mind until you get them together. You have a doll picked out for a boyfriend or parent and the doll say No! I was planning on selling my old Beyonce doll by . When I put her together with my AA Star doll the Beyonce doll now looked like her mother Miss Tina. So now I might keep her as her mother

    1. This is how I feel with their clothes! I just let them tell me as I try things on them. I'm so glad I'm not a freak!!

  7. @ Ms Leo - That is so true! It also happens to me because as I fulfill my "wanted list" of dolls, the new characters sometimes better suit the role. That's why I'm going to operate my stories like soap operas. Characters may be replaced by different "actors." LOL

    Beyonce would make the perfect Tina Knowles for your Stardoll. :)

  8. Great price on Beverly. It is ironic that she and Jody favor.


  9. Congratulations on getting your Beverly Johnson doll. (BTW is it just me or does the BJ doll resemble Marla Gibbs who played Florence on The Jeffersons?)

    I think Jody and his Mom have the same mouth type. I like the bangs and scarf on her (Mom).

  10. They make a nice family. Piper seems happier too. Ooh another wedding. This is going to be so cool. If I can figure out how to share the wedding I did I will. I had sooo much fun. It took a while to et it all together, but so worth it in the end.

  11. Hello from Spain: you have created a fabulous family and They look good together. The haircut of Joyce enchants to me. She is seen her very elegant. We keep in touch

  12. Wow, they REALLY work as his parents! I just discovered your site today, so I'm reading it back a while and I had to comment on this, older, post. See ya later!