Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Sean Renna...

Made a trip to Ross today and decided to give in to the $9 price on a Barbie Basic Jeans doll.  Still haven't purchased the male model with the dark hair (I think he's no 15) because something keeps holding me back.  Maybe its the eyebrows, hmmm...they always look faded, like it would be easy to rub them off at the slightest touch...but I could be wrong.

Anyway, my new character will be part of a revamped group of ladies making up my "Mature Crowd."  I've grouped my dolls based on vibe and attitude.  I'd like to share with you guys a couple of links to flickr accounts with amazing photos of this girl.  They definitely inspired me to go ahead and make the purchase.  This  contact CLICK HERE has amazing shots of her and this contact CLICK HERE has a photo that helped seal the deal...and so off to Ross I went, LOL.

Sean Renna
(Sean fit really nicely on a Fashionista Raquel body.)
Sean was born and raised in Parma Italy.  She's a wardrobe assistant at Runway Doll Modeling Agency.  More of her bio will be developed later. 

Next up is the Dr. No Barbie...she's been ordered and is on her way!   This was a tricky decision because I try not to have same mold faces in my collection.  Ava, has a Daria face mold which is who my Danika (aka Nik) is.  But...this doll I've wanted for almost a year and just never got around to purchasing her. I'm determined to make it work, LOL.

Ava Cruz (not my photo)

I'm still developing Ava's bio but a little background on her is, she is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I think she'll be Nik's sister since they look alike.  Hmm...maybe she'll be Nik's mother who had her at a  young age.  Dolls and the City could use a cougar on the prowl.  ;)  I will take better photos of her when she arrives.

Stay tuned...there are two more ladies who will be added to this group.  In the meantime, here are a few photos of my sexy sirens who will make up the "mature" crowd. 

and finally...

Taja, Brooklyn, Sean and Nik

That's all for now guys.  Thanks for following!  :)


  1. She looks gorgeous!! I have got to confess that you and I share so much in common with dolls it scares me a little!! LOL I got me a model #14 (Sean Renna) at Big Lots a few days ago. I had seen her many times in the store but never saw a good production of her. Then, when she was at her cheapest I saw one who looked gorgeous. :) And I will finally be getting my Asian Stardoll! :) Super excited for that too! Actually I have tons of new dolls to show everyone, but haven't had the time to take pictures and piece together another monster blog. lol Maybe I'll do that today or tomorrow. You just inspired me all over again!

  2. @ Cat - Thank you! I'll bet we have a lot in common in collecting. I think we share an attraction to dolls with an edge, LOL. I also love quirky dolls which is why our collection is so eclectic.

    I really, really admire your collection of male dolls. I hope that after fulfilling a couple more dolls on my list, I can concentrate on collecting more male figures. :)

    I sure hope you get to take photos of your goodies soon. I always enjoy seeing others get new stuff. Its always nice to share a hobby with like minded people. I don't know any adult collectors personally, so you guys are family. :)

  3. Tracy, you are right! His eyebrows do come off. Sure I was scrubbing but still it was just soap and water.

    I love your Sean Renna. I was hoping to love the blonde version of that mold but she's just okay.

  4. @ Dani - Wow, soap and water? What kinda nonsense is that, LOL. That would be really disappointing if I'd paid full price for him. Thinking back, I liked the Edward Scissorhands look you gave him at first. Should I decide to get him, I may have to bite a little from that idea...if you don't mind. I want an edgier guy separate looking from all my action figures.

  5. @ Dani - I thought about the blonde BB #14 too, was going to use her as a boyfriend stealing hussy but the hair doesn't quite suit her. She sort of looks like one of Tyra's bad ANTM make overs. She's always trying to dye someone platinum blonde. :/

  6. Hello from Spain: I already see that you have a collection of very ample and pretty Barbies. Of that you teach to us today my favorite is Ava Cross. She is precious. We follow in contact of blog blog

  7. These girls are cute but not as cute as Brooklyn. She steals the show.

  8. Sean Renna and Ava are both lovely dolls. Really great price on Sean. I believe that she is referred to as the Louboutin doll.

    Blogging is such an enabler. I had decided no more dolls until next year and after seeing everyone's post I am really sucking at it right now. Lol!

  9. @ Marta - Thank you! I agree, Ava is beautiful! I can't wait to get her and load my own photos of her. :)

  10. @ Ms Leo - I so agree with you. Brooklyn is a HARD act to follow, lol. That's why I decided to add some almost equally fabulous girls because she was stealing every scene. :)

  11. @ Georgia Girl - LOL, I know exactly what you mean. I told myself to stay off flickr because it's the biggest enabler of them all. But no...I had to take just one little peek, which let to several hours and days and more money spent that I don't have. I can't shake this monkey on my back, LOL.

    At least I know I'm not alone in this addiction. :)

  12. "Made a trip to Ross today and decided to give in to the $9 price on a Barbie Basic Jeans doll."
    I love the way you lead us to believe that you just happened to be stopping by Ross and you happened to see Sean and gave in. Then we find out it was a "photo that helped seal the deal...and so off to Ross I went, LOL." You are too funny. I can't wait to see what you do to Sean's hair. I really like all the 007 dolls. Flickr will be the death of us all. Or at least our wallets.

    I am an awards member at Big Lots and I got an email yesterday stating that reward members get an additional 25% off of toys through Saturday. You now I am dying. I have to go take a look. Don't I?

  13. @ Vanessa - That dog on flickr is definitely going to be the death of my wallet, LOL. You know, at that price I may have to choose another too. I mean, they're the last of the BB Jeans line, right? So, it would be a crime for me to let that deal go by. :)

    I like the blonde with the Theresa face mold but I'm torn between here and the other blonde (don't know what number she is but I think she's Halle in the Dollies series).

    Wow, 25% off?! You definitely have cause to check that out. I saw your Power Team guy, Chris at Big Lots my last trip. He is really nice looking. Love his olive complexion. There was an older soldier there who would make a great dad for someone but I'll have to mull that one over.