Thursday, December 8, 2011

The possibilities...

And random boredness....

I found this little cutie at a thrift store for a buck.  The outfit she came with was ripped and very dirty and beyond fixing but after a hot bath and a good shampooing, Aaliyah was as good as new.  Oh, by the way...her name is Aaliyah.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a family for her.  I like the idea of having a few younger families while my stories focus on the mature group and their travels, relationships and businesses.  Here's what I got so far...


This is my pick for Aaliyah's family.  Seven and Piper would be living together and not yet married.  I'm thinking Aaliyah is 3 1/2 yrs old.  

Here's another possible family with Peyton and Miguel.  This little guy wasn't being used and needs a family too.  His name is Brandon.

Dodge This....
(my favorite scene from The Matrix in the background)
Brooklyn Banks

  After reading Ms Leo's post about "reboding" dolls...I decided to load random picks of Brook and her best friend, Nik.  Brooklyn's head cost me a pretty penny (she was rebodied using a Fashionista Artsy) so I'm gettin' my monies worth, LOL. (please excuse the bad quality)

Nik & Brooklyn
I love the chemistry between these girls as best friends.

Nik is so blonde that it makes it hard to get the lighting right without washing her out.  I had to play with my settings on this one.  She's a gorgeous girl and one of my favs.   

My Indigo...

Indigo Aoki

You would think because she's so would be difficult but she comes out looking amazing.  

And last...

Brook showing off her "tattoo" 

This is just a test tattoo.  I'm thinking when Brook has her bachelorette party in Vegas, she may have a few too many (drinks) and get a tattoo.  I'd like her to have a dragon, it's a toss up between two stencils. 

Brook & Jody
(Christmas shot of Dolls & the Cities hottest couple)

I may take a small break from the stories because I need a few more props.  I hope to get back to them within the next couple of weeks.  That's all for now, thanks for following!


  1. Cute pics. How did you do the tattoo? I heard nail decals work well. My folks are in serious need!

  2. Love that little cutie in the first IOC! The tattoos are cool!

  3. Typo, it should say first pic lol, darn iPad

  4. Love all the pics. Hmmm. I wonder what Jody will think of Brook's tattoo. How old is Piper?

  5. @ Dani - Thanks! The tattoo Brook is sporting now is just a sticker. I've been thinking about nail decals but ever since the nail stickers came out, it's been harder to find decals. :( I'll keep trying though.

    @ Chynadoll- Isn't she a cutie?! She's my first S.I.S. kid. I can't believe I let Julian go when he was only $7 at TRU. That's one I'll regret.

    @ Vanessa - Thank you! I'm going to make Piper (and Peyton) 22yrs old and Seven is 28yrs old. A lot of people fashioned these girls as teens but they don't look all that young to me. I think I can pull a story out of this because Lea (Piper's mom) was only 17yrs old when she had Piper. So, she was hoping Piper wouldn't follow in her foot steps. She loves her granddaughter but was hoping Piper would live life more before settling down with a family.

    As for Brook...hmmm. I'm not sure yet how Jody will feel about the tattoo. I will say, he knows Brook is full of unpredictability, being a Gemini and all (I can relate) LOL. She's sweet and wild rolled up in one. We'll see though. :)

  6. Aaliyah definitely favors Seven and Piper. Cute photos!

  7. Hey, I'm glad Brooklyn got some love! :) I have the Model of the Moment Nichelle and I can't get the lighting right to bring out her beauty! :(

    I love Aaliyah. You can still find the SIS kids in some dicount stores. I am looking for another Julian too!

    I agree the Star Dolls don't look like high school student...maybe college!

    If you post one more picture of Indigo it will sent me into a fit! I want her so badly but I have to waite until after Xmas.

  8. @ Ms Leo - You're so lucky, Nichelle is a hard one to find at a decent price. She's GORGEOUS!!!! I know what you mean about the lighting. I've gotta figure it out though. It's hard to when one doll looks great in the lighting but not so much for the doll standing next to her in the same's tricky.

    LOL - I will try to keep the photos of Indigo down to a minimum. The camera just loves here though. Once I get another Liv body for her sister, Deena...we will be seeing a LOT of them. :)

  9. Aaliyah is a cutie. I saw a few of them in a small town Walmart that I visited recently. They are no where to be found where I live.

  10. @ Georgia Girl-Thanks! Sigh, I wish I were seeing them still in stores. I keep going back to Big Lots with high hopes but nothing yet. Maybe one day. I refuse to pay more than $10 for Julien.

  11. Hello from Spain: your small Aaliyah enchants to me. She is very cute. It surprises the cheap thing to me that you can buy very cheap the dolls. In Spain there are not stores of second hand. I have to Brandon. Nik is precious. We follow in contact of blog blog

  12. @ Marta - Thank you! I love seeing your little ones in your stories. You've got some real cuties. :)