Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sending Deja off? (Photo Story)

The photos for this story were taken last month and I'm just now getting the time (it takes) to load all the photos and complete the dialogue.  Hope you enjoy!  :)

Brook opened The Word Shop on an off night so Deja's friends and family could celebrate her opportunity to DJ at club Stratus in Amsterdam Netherlands.  Not happy with her decision to travel alone to a foreign country, her mother Joyce Banks tries to talk her out of it.

We start out with Mr. and Mrs. Banks at The Word Shop...

Brooklyn checks in with her parents...
(Brooklyn)  "How's my favorite parents?"
(James)  *LOL*  "Aren't we your only parents?"

(Brooklyn)  "You look pretty and shiny tonight mom.  How are you holding up?"
(Joyce)  "I just don't understand why Deja has to go across the world to DJ.  There, I said it..."

(Brooklyn)  "Oh, mom.  Deja, will be fine. She's got friends in Amsterdam and it's a great opportunity.  A producer is really interested in her mix CD's."

(Joyce)  "I suppose.  Still, I'm going to say my piece."


While Deja spins on the one's and two's...

Reese & Echo command attention on the dance floor...

Migel & Peyton...
(Miguel)  "Are you having fun, sweetie?"
(Peyton)  "I'm with you, of course I am."

Seven & Tia...
(Tia)  "So, are you excited about Dj'ing again babe?"
(Seven)  "It's been a while but I'm ready."

Travis & Cree hang out at the bar chatting with Kenya and Nik...

while Brooklyn checks up on her friends...

(Brooklyn)  "Hey ladies, what are you two talking about?"
(Marley)  "My crazy sister.   Watch her, she thinks she's on Soul-train..."
(the ladies laugh)

(Reese)  "Uh oh, this is my jam!  Echo, where you at girl?"
(Echo)  "I see you girl...!"

(Marley)  "Would you look at Reese!"  "Any minute now, Betty and Boop are gonna pop right out of her dress!"  
(Valerie)  *Giggle* "Oh my goodness!" *giggle-gigle* "Reesie is crazy!"

(Reese)  "Work it like a job, girl!"


(Valerie)  "Reese is walking this way, be nice Marley." 
(Marley)  "Humpf!" 

(Reese)  "Hey, sis.  Hey, Val."
(Valerie)  "Hey, Reese. Hey, Echo." 
(Marley)  "Reese, what was that?  You were this close from a wardrobe malfunction."

(Reese)  "It's called...having fun, stop hatin'.  Besides, I had it under control.  We're going to the bar now.  Can I get you a shot of, lighten up?"  "Ha ha ha, come on Echo."


Cree, notices Echo coming towards the bar. 
 Trying to avoid an awkward moment, she decides to ask Travis to dance.  
(Travis and Echo dated a few months before he started dating Cree)

(Cree)  "Travis, come on...lets dance."

 (Travis)  "Uh, ok."
Travis and Cree make their way to the dance floor


Echo and Reese approach the bar

(Echo)  "Hey Nik, can I get a Midori Sour?"
(Nik)  "Comin' right up."

(Kenya)  "Hey Reese, saw your dance floor action up there, LOL.  What can I get you?"
(Reese)  "Yeah, my sister hated it...that works for me, LOL.  Um...let me have a Cuba Libre."

(Valerie)  "So, I guess you're the designated driver for the night?  LOL."  
(Marley)  *Sigh* "I guess so."


Deja sits with her parents while Seven takes over the DJ booth...

Cousins catching up...
(Tia)  "Hey, cousin!  Thanks for giving Seven,  Deja's nights to DJ while she's gone.  We could really use the extra money for Aaliyah's daycare." 
(Brooklyn)  "No problem..."

(Brook)  "How is my lil' Aaliyah, anyway?"
(Tia)  "She's good. She's getting so tall and is smart as a whip."
(Brook)  "Aw...I'm coming to see her this weekend."
(Tia)  "She'd like that." 

Seven spins a nice mix of Acid Jazz...


Deja prepares herself for her mother's lecture...

(Joyce)  "Deja, honey...are you sure this is what you want to do or is this just about that boy, Darren?!"

(Deja)  "Oh brother" (to herself).   

(James)  "Joyce, didn't we discuss this at home?  We're here to support Deja's journey."

(Joyce)  "I know, I know...I just want to make sure she's thinking things through."

Miguel and Peyton take a dance break...
(Miguel)  "Hey babe...I'm going to the bar, would you like something to drink?"
(Peyton)  "Sure, I'll have a bottled water."
(Miguel)  "Ok, I'll be right back."


Reese and Echo continue hanging at the bar...

(Echo)  *Sigh*  "There are no single guys here."
" comes Miguel and he's looking good!  Why didn't I get with him again?"

(Reese)  "Um...I think it had something to do with the fact that, Peyton would scratch your eyes out."
(Reese)  *Giggle*
(Echo)  *Giggle*

Miguel approaches the bar... 
 (Kenya)  "What can I get you, Miguel?"

(Miguel)  "Hey, Kenya.  I'll have a sprite and a bottled water."


Feeling a little bothered with her ex having a new squeeze so soon after their breakup, Echo glances over at Travis and Cree...

While Deja tries to tune out her mother's concerns about the Amsterdam trip...

Brooklyn sees Deja could use a rescue...
(Brooklyn)  "Excuse me Val, I've go to remind Deja of her next set." 
(Valerie)  "Sure..."

Brook walks over to her parents table...
 (Brook)  "Hey, guys...sorry to interrupt but it's time for Deja's second set.

(Deja)  *Relieved*  "Oh, yeah...that's right.  Let me go tell Seven...thanks Brook!"


Deja motions to Seven ...

that it's time to switch places...


Nik takes a break and gets a pleasant surprise visit from Dylan...

(Nik)  "Hi, honey!  I'm so glad you could stop by tonight."
(Dylan)  "Me too.  I missed you."

Deja searching for Najee record, hoping to put her mother's worries at ease...

(Tia)  "How did you feel up there?"

 (Seven)  "It felt good, like riding a bike."

(Tia)  "I'm glad.  You were awesome."
(Seven)  "Thank you, sweetie."


Deja dedicates the next record to her parents...

Joyce & James dance...

(Joyce)  "This is nice.  We definitely need to dance more often."
(James)  "I agree."

(James)  "Joyce, you are a wonderful mother.  Just know that you've done a great job raising our children and Deja, will be just fine."
(Joyce)  "Aw...thank you honey, but WE did a great job.  And, I know she will be just fine."

All in all it was a good night at The Word Shop.

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  1. Did I miss something, isn't Dylan dating Maya Brooke's Cousin.................. Someone help!

  2. The club looks fab! What is a night at a club without catty comments too! Someone needs a drink in the face to top off the night! I didn't see a bouncer?

  3. Love it. The setup is great. Loving the vibe.

    @Ebony you gotta keep up. They were switched some time ago. The feel changes and he got someone new..LOL ;O)

  4. It's hard to shoot stories with lots of different characters. It takes forever to dress them all, it's hard to keep track of who gets what line of dialogue, then you always have some stinker who keeps falling over and knocking everyone else down just when you have them all posed to perfection. Congratulations on pulling off such an intricate scene! You really convey the ambiance of a busy club.

  5. I was so in need of this post with EVERYONE in it. This was the perfect way for me to get everyone's name and current hook up straight. LOVE Billy Dee and Joyce together. Reese was hilarious and Echo was jammin'!

    Nik, Kenya, Piper (and everyone else) looked gorgeous. You definitely have a knack for hair styling. [YEAH, I just decided to name my new hairdresser in your honor. I knew it would come to me.]

    Love seeing Nik and Dylan together. I think you finally got it right. LOL! When Echo said "Why didn't I get with Miguel?" I immediately thought, "you mean you weren't with Miguel at some point."

    Great job!

    @EbonyNicole - Where the heck have you been? That break up happened quite some time ago.

  6. Love it! The pics are excellent! It all looks so real lol. I love the pic with the one looking thru the record crate lol! The hair looks great.

    ˛°_██_*˚°。°/ ♥ \*˚°。°*。°*★*˚°。°*。°*★*˚°。°*。°*★
    ˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.*˛_Π_____*˚°。*。°**˚°。°*。°*★
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    *(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田|門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚°。°*。°*♥♥

  7. Sometimes I take a break because too much drama is not good, this is why it takes me forever to finish my Korea dramas! BIG SIGH, I will be going through this blog to find out what happen!

  8. Hello from Spain: Very good photos and history. I like, much people dancing with very pretty clothes. The music table is very real as well as the dialogues. Love seeing Nik and Dylan together. Great job and we followed in contact of blog blog.

  9. Great photo story! Reese and Echo had themselves a great time. Reese's outfit is too cute. With Deja leaving the country, does this mean that we will not get ti see her as much? I love Piper and Seven as a couple....real cute. Love your pictures.

  10. Thanks everyone! I'm glad I finally sat myself down to finish the dialogue, LOL.

    Reese is a total party girl and has fun no matter where she is. Echo, is her partner in crime. :)

    I love Piper and Seven together, I think they have a sweet lasting chemistry.

    Travis, Cree and Echo are in a bit of a love triangle because Travis can't make up his mind on who he wants to be with. He likes them both for different reasons.

    @ Ms. Leo - I'm definitely working on bouncers, hopefully this week. I kept spending money on other things but I hope I get the opportunity to get the guys I have in mind, this week. :)

    @ Vanessa - Thank you so much! I think I'll do my stories this way more often so it doesn't confuse anyone. I'm also working on separating my group profiles, which I think will help too. :)

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

  11. How did I miss that dance seen with Reese and Echo. Fun post - I love your club scenes.