Monday, December 26, 2011

Sports bar coming to Dolls & The City...

Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart is doing well as a sports agent with AIS but is looking for a great business opportunity that will also satisfy his love for cooking.  He's currently meeting with his best friend Jody, to discuss the two possibly going into business with each other.  

Jody Owens
Jody is definitely interested and has even come up with a name...The Huddle.  Now, he just needs to fit a new business plan into his already busy NFL schedule and his wedding coming up in five months.  Wish him luck. :)  

I was up late last night, couldn't sleep and the idea of a sports bar came to me.  I love going to sports bars! My favorite one is Seau's (Junior Seau's place, former San Diego Charger and New England Patriot).  I thought, that's EXACTLY up my alley and would fit in perfect with Dolls and The City.  I'm not the best at making dioramas but I think I can pull this off.  

So, stay tuned, we may have an even at The Huddle

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  1. Great idea! I am a sports bar person too. I could always surprise the guys with my pool skills. Can't wait!

  2. Wonderful idea and I love the name of the bar. Sport bars are a cool place to hang out especially for the singles. I'm sure it will be on point.

  3. @ Vanessa - OMG, you can play pool? I am terrible at it. I'm really good at ping pong but I can't stop scratchin' the table in pool, to save my lfe. LOL. Ok, so this gives me an idea for "Vanessa Lane." I love interesting "career" ideas for my girls. Hmm...maybe she'll be a pool-hall hussler. ;)

  4. @ Georigia Girl- Thanks so much! I may do a post looking for followers input on the bar. It will be another bar in a box, love that idea. :)

  5. I started playing pool when I was 12. I used to be really good. I'm only so-so now. It's all about angles, transference of energy through the balls. Knowing where to hit the cue ball to get recoil or not. Knowing when to hit it hard vs softly. Just simple physics! I will even go to the local place by myself, during an off day, and shoot alone for hours. Darn! Now I want to go play.

  6. Hello from Spain: Wonderful devises and I love the yam of the bar. We follow in contact of blog blog

  7. I'm not into sports bars as a human, but for dolls I know it will be really fun. The guys need a "dude" place to bond too. Great name too! Can't wait to see it.