Monday, December 19, 2011

Tagged on Flickr to stop the HATE...

I was tagged on flickr about a "stop the Hate" message and decided to add the photo to Dolls and the City.  I usually don't like to take part in tags because I don't have a lot of props or a photo shop program.  However, the message in this tag was more important than a fancy shot.  So, I was glad to be included because hate of any kind is just wrong.  While trying to figure out which of my girls or guys would be selected for the photo, Trinity Aoki volunteered and advised me that I still haven't completed her profile, so the timing was right.

Here she is (again) Trinity Aoki (Indigo Aoki's sister) and the baddest B-girl in Los Angeles.  Trinity was the winner of L.A.'s 2009 tv dance show called Rock That .  She received a one year dance contract and a hundred thousand dollars.  She took her winnings and invested in a condo that she shares with Indigo.  

Trinity's street name is"Mecca"...

That's all for now.  Goodnight all and thanks for following!


  1. I love the photo and her profile! I think she is doing the windmill?

  2. Great shot! I too was tagged and I have yet to decide on a doll to use. Hate is just plain evil!!! It was nice to see everyone participating to spread the message :)

  3. She looks awesome! Glad to see a B-girl in the mix. Can't wait to see more from her.

  4. Hello from Spain: Trinity dances very modern. The photo in movement and her long and black hair enchants to me. Very handsome. We follow in contact of blog blog

  5. Love it! She's awesome. I love her style! It's funny to see what dolls would hang out with your dolls. Trinity would certainly be welcome!

  6. Love the pic and the message behind it. Aoki looks fab :O)

  7. Very cool pic, I love it! Especially love Aoki's style.

  8. @ Ms Leo - Thank you! Yep, she's to take it to a head spin, LOL.

    @ Chynadoll - Thanks! I can't wait to see your photo. I totally agree, hate is evil and truly sad.

    @ Vanessa - Me too! I'm taking it back to when I was in a group called The Fellas. Those were the days. If I tried to get down like that now, I'd have to stay there because getting up would be another story, LOL.

    @ Marta - Thank you so much! I love your blog and I'm glad we follow each other.

    @ Dani - Trinity would LOVE it in Grandville!! I think her lil' sis Indigo could hang too. ;)

    @ Dollz4Moi Thanks so much! Trinity is a lil' hottie.

    @ Georgia Girl - Thank you! She's a cool chick.