Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks a lot Big Lots...

Today, I was on a mission to get my next to last Stardoll on my list...Fallen Angel.  Well, no luck but a sales clerk told me on the D.L. that TRU would be getting a shipment of items tonight and that I should check back in the morning.  So, tomorrow it is.

Anyway, I went to Big Lots, just to kill time and found the whole line of BB Jeans for $12!  Actually, the blonde male model was missing but that's ok because he wasn't really on my list anyway.  Wait, on second thought...I didn't plan on adding these new characters either but the price and seeing them in person, changed my mind.  And just like that, I decided on Model 05 and Model 17.

Without further ado, I introduce:

(sorry for the bad photos, couldn't get the lighting right)

Deena Aoki

Profile updated:  Deena and Indigo are of Japanese and Caucasian decent..  Her occupation is under development.  This is her sister Indigo Aoki.  The girls were born in Tokyo Japan but when Deena was 8yrs old and Indigo 5yrs the family moved to the United States.  The Aoki family currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.   

Damon Carter
This guy reminds me so much of Boris Kodjoe that I stole his name right out of Soulfood Series. ;)
Damon was discovered on the streets of Montreal Canada as a model.  He recently signed with LA Model Muse agency and is now a resident of Los Angeles, CA. 

Deena & Damon
This is a chemistry test shot. I do really like them together but I'm learning to keep my mouth shut until I've given it a little time. 

Piper & Damon
Since Piper and Seven have a crush on each other but nothing's been decided yet, this is just another chemistry test photo. Piper looks like she just rolled out of bed, lol

Well, that's it for now guys.  I actually already have a photo story loaded but I need time to finish the script.  I'm hoping to have it up and running tomorrow.  I've also made myself a promise to create another video this month.  Not gonna say when but it will be in December. :)

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  1. BL's is a place where the doll goodies lurk..LOL. I saw a few thing there that I left the building without. I'm trying to behave and they don't help. Great finds and hope you find your Fallen Angel :O)

  2. $12 is a wonderful price, especially at Big Lots. They usually try to sell stuff at retail. Every now and then you can find a really good dolly deal when they are at their senses and realize their prices are supposed to be lower than retail. What a find. Congrats!

    Model 17 does have the Boris Kodjoe appeal.

    LOL @ the "Piper looks like she just rolled out of bed," comment. She does. But she looks happy.


  3. Oh man I wish I that big lots by me had such finds! Great job on finding your cool items!

  4. Oooh I love it! Piper looks happy with Damon. I dunno if he looks happy...He looks happiest alone.

    Why is Model 17 giving me a Justin Bieber vibe? I think it's something about his dreamy eyes.

  5. Deena is lovely! I just love her face. That is a great price too. I should have waited. I am suprised they marked down so quickly. The first BB line held their price for a long time. I want the Fallen Angel too! She is my next purchace! Her eyes are blue? It looks like that in pictures. I thought they would be brown.

    On the AA Stardoll, were they going for the could be black or hispanic look? That would explain the dress and the flower in her hair. I love the other Stardoll outfits.

  6. @ Dollz4Moi - Thanks! :) The BL in my area never has anything decent in the Barbie section. So, I was surprised to see the BB collection there and then the $12 just put a smile on my face. ;)

    @ DBG - I will definitely search BL more often now and hopefully, I will find more deals. Thanks! :)

    @ Chynadoll - I hope yours gets some goodies in soon. Keep checking back because it's the holidays and you never know. :)

    @ Dani - You may be right. I think Damon will be the new guy in town with a lot of "options." I think his nose and pouty mouth is what gives him a lil' Beiber fever. :)

    @ Ms Leo - I didn't know how pretty Deena was until I saw her on your blog. I tried to resist her and did for a while. I even passed on the BC sale when she was $10 but seeing her in person, I couldn't let that deal go. Especially since TRU marked them down to $14.98...I thought the $12 was something I was willing to pay. I did get Fallen Angel today and her eyes are a grayish blue...very pretty! She makes a perfect sister for Deena. :)

    I think you're right on the AA Stardoll. It's like they blended Beyonce' and Kim Kardashian together. I'm LOVING Fallen Angel's gothie red dress, it's a keeper.

    Thanks guys.

  7. Alright you really sold me now!

  8. Good deal on your BBs! Actually I'm not surprised they were $12. That is usually the standard single doll Big Lots price in my area. The problem is, when the doll retails for $12 or less, that "slap $12 on it" method doesn't work so well. Glad you got your Fallen Angel. They had 4 of her at my TRU. Can't wait to see who starts dating who.

  9. @ Vanessa - Thanks! I hope the dark haired guy is still there next week, I may have to add him to the collection. I started to months ago but for some reason changed my mind.

    I hope this means that my BL will continue to stock Barbie's that are available at other stores.