Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie...

Image belongs to BarbieCollector.Com

I saw this girl and had to post her photo.  I think she's gorgeous!  I can tell by her hands that she's got elbow/wrist articulation but that's all I can see based on this photo.  It would be a real disappointment if she's got those Muse legs. :/  I'm also guessing, she's going to be priced in the $100's.  I think I just might have to set aside some cash or pre-order this girl, I really like her mold.

Anyone know her story?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Character - Ricky Foster

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are all having a great weekend!  I wanted to make a quick post to introduce you to the latest character to Dolls and The City - The Village Edition.  I will keep this page up but rename it "archive edition."  The reason I created another page is because I had way to much trouble while changing fonts, etc. and it became a big pain in the neck.

So, when you all get the chance, please follow "The Village Edition."  Characters are updated on the regular there and I'm hoping it will be easier to follow along (kept you in mind Ms. Leo).   A heads up though, "The Village Edition" will feature the same characters but there are some MAJOR changes (and name changes) in their lives, so check out their bios!

I'm just about coming to the end of gathering the folks that were on my list, and will be receiving several shipments over the next couple of weeks, one of which will include Alex Estes.  I will wait until all shipments have arrived, and do a big haul post. :)

Until then...meet Ricky Foster

Ricky Foster, a Montreal Canadian born sculptor desperately seeking a gallery to feature his work.  He's a little eccentric, a big smart alec but a cool guy who's a lot of fun.  The ladies love him because he's also baddass.  His best friend is Dylan Reid who is also his boss.  Dylan owns Icon-Bar and hired Ricky on as a bartender so he could pay his bills until that gallery dream happens.   

Ricky, has definitely had his share of run-ins with the law but this is not a mug shot.  He just wanted to show off his freshly cut mo-hawk.  

Ricky is a DiD Dragon Dreams character, so he has the bendable fingers.  I wouldn't cut him off him in traffic or you just might get the finger. 

I don't do a lot of size comparison shots but I was able to get the guys to stop working for a second for this photo.  Ricky, agreed to help Dylan move some things around to get the bar ready.  Icon-Bar is set in an old abandoned warehouse, which includes living space for Dylan.   

Dylan:  "Thanks for following!  Oh, don't forget to click on Dolls and The City - The Village Edition and subscribe for upcoming photo stories.  Peace!"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Stardoll 2013?

Hey guys!  I wanted to make a quick post in response to some of the comments from my last post, when I spoke about new Stardolls.  I'm not exactly sure of the release date, although I'd heard talk about it being this fall but can't be sure.

So, in this post will be images of the new Stardoll line-up AND the link where you're supposedly able to pre-order.  I've not ordered from this site before but I've seen the promo picks on flickr.  One quick thing, I noticed there wasn't an AA version in this line-up.  I kind of scratched my head a little on that but thought I'd wait until they're officially out before I start pouting.  Because, I remember not seeing the AA Stardoll in the first line-up this year until they were officially out.  But...that could have just been me being late to the party as usual.

Oh, to answer Vanessa's question about new fashion packs, I've included photos of those too.

So, here you go.......

Pre-Order Stardolls here 

Rio Blonde or Redhead

Viole Blonde or Brunette 

Fashion Packs

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Characters on a flight to Play-Line City...

Hey guys! Ok, so some of you  may know that I decided to keep one blog for posting updates, purchase and doll gossip and the other will focus on characters and photo stories.  Well, I am calling the page Play-Line City, sort of a series spin-off of Dolls and The City.

My main focus will be on guys & girls I consider to be more play-line.  I just really got bummed out after purchasing MOTM Nichelle, and I still don't have an articulate body for her.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have her but I after realizing Christmas is around the corner, I her body can wait.  In the meantime, she will make small appearances here and there but my focus will stay with my BB's, Stardolls, and SIS group.  Also, my Ken types and action figures of course.

Now,  I'm dying to get my hands on Van's Doll Treasure's sofa/chair creations and yummy food selections.  That's what I consider to be a worthwhile purchase...furniture and diorama stuff.  If you haven't seen her furniture, be sure to check out her Etsy store!

I'm also saving up for doll clothes.  I've got my eye out A Doll Affinity's designs.  She's in the process of setting up her Etsy page too, but in the mean time you can check out her blog page.

Any-who, there are two characters flying in to Play-Line City and since most of you already have these folks, I won't post about them when they arrive.  Instead, you can keep watch of the character's profile pages, for updates and new characters.


Casey Waters

Casey, was purchased for a great price, NUDE.  I tried searching for a boxed version but the price online was not kosher, and I no longer see him around town.  I'll just purchase some cool outfits from one of the overseas eBay stores with free shipping. ;)

Erin Fuentes

ARRIVED YESTERDAY -  I almost purchased Erin at Target because Stardolls are still $14.95.  However, the face was all wrong.  So, I found her online at $8.95 with free shipping, only she's nude.  I can easily pick up this outfit online and it will most likely 'round off my purchase to the same deal as  Target.  I'm toying with the idea of adding the redhead NRFB because I think she'd make a good "stuck up" character, LOL.  But...I may just wait for the new Stardolls group.  There are at least three of those I'm interested in.

Stay tuned for more!  Thanks for following!

Monday, August 6, 2012

When collecting isn't fun anymore...

Ok, somber title.  I mean...it's not all that bad.  Maybe I should have named this post..."Flickr go away, you have no more power here!"

Sorry, I'm just a little salty because after purchasing my last (known) must have I'm sweating the fact I'm going to have to spend some bank on an articulate body for her.  Model of the moment Nichelle/Urban Hipster is just DOPE!  I absolutely love her and had to have her!  I tried to resist but she's one of the few things Mattel got right.  However, I'm bummed this girl can only hang on an FR body.  She can't even hang on an S.I.S. body. UGH!  Thanks, @#&* Mattel!

Now, I knew this going in but there's a part of me, the cheap part, that was kinda hoping she wouldn't look too bad on S.I.S. Chandra's body.  It was bad ya'll!  So, for the next month or two I will be in search of an FR Nadja or Annik/Quiet Storm.  Those two are the only matches for this girl. I do have a price limit but I'm not going to say right now because I'm too wishy washy, LOL.

Anyway, since this girl will put a hole in my wallet after her body is purchased, I had to scratch off some of my list guys.  In fact, I'm down to four list guys and only two list girls.  The good news is, my last two ladies are more character/celep dolls rather than model type dolls.  I've seen them at regular playline prices and they're not HTF.  Well, enough banter...let me go ahead and show you the goods....

Her fro is everything!  I so have a hair crush on this girl...

My hairspiration... :)

I tried her out anyway on an S.I.S. Chandra body even though I was already aware of the color difference, just wanted to see if it would bug me enough.  It definitely bugged me.

So, there you have it folks...the new girl has arrived and will be bunking with her BFF Brooklyn, until she finds her own place.

Bonus shots...
S.I.S. Trichelle (aka Deja Banks) was my first doll. Then who I thought was my Holy Grail came along - FR Colette (aka Taja Reyes-Hill) but she was actually a settle because I really wanted Checking out Colette
(see photo below). Just when I thought I was done, a must have was TJ Heartbreaker (aka Marley Satta). Then, I had to have Jazz Barbie (aka Lyric Scott). And when I thought I could catch my breath, I saw HR Cafe' Barbie (aka Brooklyn Banks). Now, Nichelle Petion is shutting down the shop.  I just won't go there anymore but I'm pretty happy with my collection.

Fashion Royalty Checking out Colette.  She's funkier to me and more my style but I'm o.k. with my purchase of NuFace Colette.
Not my photo click here to see flickr pic

My two favorite girls and one more pic for the road.  This chick just doesn't take a bad photo.  I see now the fun in photographing these girls.

Nichelle Petion

Brooklyn Banks
Club Owner

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flame (A ladies fantasy club)

Have any of you seen the movie Magic Mike yet?  All I have to say is [wiping my brow] GOOD

Let me tell you, this movie brought back so many fun memories.  My girls and I use to be faithful "spectators" at a spot where these guys (sorry, can't mention the group name) use to dance.  Actually, they're still dancing there but I haven't been since I became a mom.

So, I'm bringing my own "ladies spot" to Dolls and The City called, Flame!  I'm excited already. ;)
After seeing the movie, I immediately got online and ordered my Holy Grail of action figures.  I'm going to keep him a surprise, until I get the other two in the line up.  There is a guy already living in my town, who I rarely feature but think he'd be perfect as a dancer.

As I mentioned before, my blog is getting a complete overhaul.  I'm a huge fan of drama, not in my life but I love writing about it.  So, Dolls and The City will be drama filled, like a nighttime soap opera.  I hope it will be entertaining to all but at the end of the day, it's just me exercising all of these ideas running a muck in my mind.

Speaking of Holy Grail, I have a new girl coming that I will blog about late next week.  Until then, I'm gonna leave us with a lil' eye candy. :)


Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two minute doll talk...

I just took a look at the new Barbies available on BC.com and after careful consideration, the echo and cob webs in my wallet, I've decided that this girl will be my only purchase of the State Cheerleader lineup.  Have you guys seen that price?  Not a hint of articulation and they're $25!  Uh, yeah...not cool!

I'll take this girl ONLY because I have an extra articulate body in her complexion already lying around.  Anyway, which one if any will you guys be purchasing?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! (Lots of pics & new characters)

I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day!  I thought I'd take this moment to introduce a new couple and a change in family.  I've decided that over the next few months, it's all about collecting more men, clothing, and play-sets.  Thanks to MyFroggyStuff I don't need as many play-set items because I was able to make things.  :)  But, I'm sure it's become quite obvious how my men desperately need clothing.

Anyway, I will also include the names of businesses that will be the focal point of Dolls & The City.   From now on, my stories will be pure fantasy loosely based on life with a serious Soap Opera spin! :) This was decided because...I'm too lazy to check facts on names, places and what not for realistic story telling. ;)

I'll be posting new items and characters as I get them and today will start with some of my doll trades/purchases.  First up is Robert Phillips, a trade from I-Luv-Dolls.  Ms. Leo was such a sweetie for the trade that I'm naming Robert's wife, Cleo after Ms. Leo.  :)


Cleo & Robert Phillips
Cleo (maiden name Satta) is from Addis Abeba - Ethiopia. Robert is the older brother of Miles Phillips. They a daughter named Calista.  Cleo has two sisters; Marley and Reese Satta. 

Yes, unfortunately I couldn't resist moving Calista to a new family.  I mean, look at them...she fits in so perfectly. :) 

Marley, Cleo, Robert, Calista and Reese
(Marley & Reese are Cleo's sisters)

Robert & Miles Phillips

Robert is the Chief of Police in Habor City New York (don't know if this city exists but this is where Dolls & The City takes place)

Stacia Kealoha

Yoga instructor originally from Honolulu, HI has been living in Harbor City, NY for 2yrs ago.

Kayla & Stacia Kealoha

Kayla Kealoha is Stacia's mother from Honolulu.  She visits Stacia often because she's also friends with Lena Phillips.  Kayla and Lena went to school together when the Howards lived in Hawaii.

Stacia & Damon
Stacia is dating Damon Phillips.  Damon & Stacia grew up together and have always been friends.

The Phillips Family (revised)
Since Calista was moved to a new family, Damon has been added to the Phillips as Tia's brother.  Lena and Miles have done a great job raising their two kids, and putting them through college but now look forward to spending time with friends and each other.

Red & Arlene Howard
It looks like Lena & Joyce have  a father after all.  I bought this guy to work with another family but I didn't like the chemistry, not that this one is much better but it works for me.  So, please meet grandma & grandpa Howard.

Noelle Vega
Meet the little sister of Leilah & Brandon Vega.  She's a model and moved from San Juan to Harbor City for her big break.  She's currently staying with Leilah until she finds a side job and apartment of her own.

The Vega family: Leilah, Noelle and Brandon
Noelle is a BFC Ink on a Fashionistas body.  Her head was a doll trade with Ms. Leo. :)  I'm thinking of putting Katelyn Connors head on a Fashionistas body but we'll see.  Calista needs a friends so I'll probably keep her on current body as a 10yr old.

Estefan Mendez & Noelle Vega
Estefan and Noelle have been together since high school.  He's a percussionist who will also be moving to Harbor City to pursue his love of music.

Devon Dupart
 Devon is Byron Duparts older brother.  He just moved to Harbor City from New Orleans and became business partners with Byron's Lexus Auto Detail & Repair business.

Trent Green
Trent is from Denver Colorado and is the owner of The Icon Bar.
Devon and Trent I got from Cat of A Doll Affinity. :)

Yvonne & Luna Lucci
Yvonne's head was sent to me from Cat of A Doll Affinity.  Her sister Luna, is a Star Doll head I received from The Doll Pages.  Luna is a bassist currently looking for a new band.  Yvonne and her sister Luna,  are floating waitress and go-go dancers @ Icon bar.  Bottom line, these two are the boyfriend stealing, trouble making, gossiping b-i's of The Village.  They've been placed temporarily on muse bodies just for this photo, so they look a lil' crazy.  They will  receive Fashionistas bodies.

And last but not least....

April Fields
Still working on this girls family & story...

The Fields Family:  Mom, Joseph, April and Avante'
So, here's the deal.  Joseph was cast as temporarily as Jody Owen's father but he's already been replaced.  He will for sure be April's date and Avante' will now be April's brother (no longer with Banks family) but I'm on the fence about who the mom Fields will actually be.  This is considered a test shot.

Businesses coming soon to Dolls and The City

1)  The Word Shop & Lyrical Cafe'- being reconstructed (Brooklyn Banks, Lyric Scott & Marley Satta - Owners)

2) Harbor City Market (under construction - Samuel Owens) 

3) Diva's Day Spa & Salon - under construction (Sabrina Evans - Owner)

4) Fame (night club & bar) - Moving to The Word Shop (Trent Green - Owner)

5)  Blue Galleria Art Museum behind The Blue Bar (both sketched waiting for construction) 

6) Baller Cutz Barbershop- under construction and awaiting chairs (Jody Owens & Kevin Stewart - Owners)

7) Madame Aubrey Dance Academy - plans sketched (Aubrey Bouchet - Owner)

8)  Sassy Pants Boutique - under construction (Owner not yet decided)

9) Ladies Night (features male dancers) plans being drawn out no owner chosen yet. 

Well, that's all for now.   Have a good one guys!   :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

(Updates) Icon Bar - Coming Soon

New club coming to Dolls and the City...

Icon Bar is a club where live bands play in hopes of being discovered by the low-key record scouts that frequent the place.  The music will range from Alternative, Pop, Hip Hop...(revived) Glam Rock, Punk and everything in between. It's a grimy hole in the wall but there's never a dull moment!  B'sides...anybody who wants to be somebody is will be there.

Character profiles....

There will also be some updates going on with my character profiles.  I started looking over my blog this week and nearly fell asleep.  BORING!  I realized I'm not really utilizing my favorite girls & guys and I've been conservative with my fantasies.  Not that its a bad thing but now where I'd like to take this blog.  So, I'm in the mist of moving things around.

First things first....

I'll start out by connecting characters more as some new ones move into the city over the next few weeks.  My collection is growing a whole lot more than I ever wanted it to, so I'm trying to get it under control. ;)

I've set a goal to begin the whole photo story thing again, by the end of June.  I believe this will give me time to collect enough play-sets and what not, that I'll need for my dios.  However, you're welcomed to peek in on profiles section between now and June just in case you're anxious. :)  TTFN

Stay tuned guys...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alright...I'm convinced...

Hello all!  I am really trying to make a come back so please be patient with me.  I have a lot of stories going on in my head and on paper...I've accomplished that much, at least. ;)  Of course, there will be changes but nothing crazy and no confusion to previous photo stories.  In fact, the new story line and characters will tie into the old.

Moving on...

I was skeptical for a while about my recent purchase but I'm hopeful that I will be pleased.  It was this photo on flickr that sold me.

So, without further ado...


April Fields
NOT MY PHOTO: Borrowed from Andrew on flickr

April and her father Mack Fields' plane has not yet arrived. April's mother is Anita Fields, the niece of Arlene Howard.  Anita, you've seen before as a filler mom for another gal in my stories. But, I'm hopeful she will be a better fit as April's mother. 

As the month goes on, I hope to have all new/existing character's profiles updating so that I can start "filming" next month.   Hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for following!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A morning with Tia & Zach...

Quick note:  Characters are still the same but I changed Piper's name to Tia and Seven's name is now Zach.  Piper just didn't stick for me, she needs something a little more feminine.  I'll re-use the name Piper for another character, I'm sure.  

Tia: Honey, would you like me to make you a cup of coffee to go?

Zach: No thanks, sweetie. I think I've had my quota for the day. 

Zach: Ok, princess it's time for daddy to go to work. Can I get a  big hug?
Aaliyah: Daddy! Can we do airplane? Please?

Zach: Alright, one quick trip to Liyah-ville...coming up! Here we go, start you engine...(vrooom)

Zach: Up, up...o.k. Captain, release your wings!
Aaliyah: *Giggle*

Aaliyah: Higher daddy! Higher!

Zach: Alright, here we go...(errrr-nnng)

Aaliyah: *Giggle* Wee! This is fun, daddy!!
Zach: Hahaha...look at my baby fly!

Zach: Ok princess...daddy's gotta put you down for a landing so he can go to work.
Aaliyah: Ok daddy but go fast!
Zach: Hahaha...sure Captain!

Zach: Here we are sweetie but before we land, promise you'll be a good girl for mommy.

Aaliyah: Ok, daddy, love you.
Zach: I love you too princess.

Zach places Aaliyah on the couch and heads over to kiss Tia goodbye....

Zach: Hello Beautiful! So, would you like a plane ride too?
Tia: *Giggle* No...but I will take a kiss and noodle.

Tia: We still need to discuss the Australia trip.
Zach: I know.
Tia: I think it'd be a great opportunity for you. Liyah and I will be fine.

Zach: I know but I don't know if I would be fine.
Six months is a long time to be away from my girls.
Tia: Aww...

Zachhas been offered the opportunity to compete in a professional surfing event in Australia.  He once won an ASP award but after an incident in Hawaii involving a shark, he took some time off and started his own surfing gear company called...Bonus Board.  Tia wants him to tackle his fear and get back to his passion.

Tia: Well, think about it, seriously.  We've got my grandma here now  and...
she wants to care for Aaliyah during the day while I'm at work, so no more daycare fees.  Besides, six months will fly by and you'll be home before you know it with more accolades.
Zach: LOL, I love your confidence in me. 

The couple "kiss & noodle" and Zach takes off for work.
(noodling is the name these two use for rubbing noses together)

Tia: Bye Honey, see you later.
Zach: Bye sweetie.

Aaliyah:  Mommy, are Nanna and Grand Grand still coming over?

Tia:  Yes, sweetie.  They should be here any minute. 

Just then, Lena and Arlene walk through the door...

Lena:  Good morning, girls!

Tia: Oh mom, you startled me!  Aaliyah was just asking about you two.  Hi grandma.

Arlene:  Good morning dear.
Lena: We've actually been outside for a while.  I know how you and Zach are...
I didn't want to walk in on a "kiss & noodle."
They all laugh...

Arlene:  Ahh, Tia...you are such a beautiful young woman! I have a picture of your mom when she was about your age, you're the spitting image of her. 
Tia: Thank you grandma.  We definitely take after you.

Tia:  Grandma, can I get you anything?
Arlene:  Just my lil' great grand baby, now where is she?

Aaliyah:  Here I am, grand grand!

Arlene:  Oh my goodness, look how you've grown!  

Arlene:  Come over here and give your grand grand a hug!

Arlene: My goodness, you're just as cute as you wanna be!  How old are you now, Aaliyah?
Aaliyah:  3 years old.

Tia:  Aaliyah, you're 4yrs old now...remember your birthday was last month.

The ladies continue their conversation in the living room...

Lena: So, mom...when will the moving company have you all set up in the new condo?

Arlene:  Well, they're bringing everything this weekend including my car.  So, I should be all moved in by next week.

The ladies continue catching up for another 30minutes before heading to the mall where they met Brooklyn and Joyce.

Stay tuned...