Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let me give you the skinny...(Long Post)

This post is to fill you in on some of the characters personalities and why some of the upcoming things will happen in Dolls and the City.  I will be making other posts soon to sort of bring you up to speed to new characters and minor changes here and there. 

First up:  Vanessa Bell, named after our friend Vanessa of Vans doll treasures.  My first plan was to bring her into the Femme Fatales group but this girl gives much "diva-tude" so, I've decided to go another route.  I realized that my doll's city, doesn't have a real diva!  C'mon...you've gotta have at least one real diva to shake things up a bit.  Originally, she was going to replace my MM #08 with the curly fro because I just wasn't bonding with her...BUT...I took some acetone and rubbed off that really red lipstick and wallah...I like her again.  Plus, I needed to rescue her from my daughter who literally dogged one of my other girls, which I will talk about here in a minute.  

So, here's the skinny...Vanessa has an identical twin sister named Valerie but personality wise, they are like night and day.  Valerie is very Earthy and not really into glam, where as Vanessa is all about glam, bling and status.  Vanessa, graduated top of her class at UCLA, has a law degree and is a professional model.  However, she can be very controlling and that's exactly what she planned to do once she became Mrs. Jody Owens...run it!  Yes, I said Mrs. Jody Owens!  Keep reading, it'll all make sense real soon. ;)  

Valerie, graduated from art school but has always wanted to be married, have children, run a small daycare out of her home and teach arts & crafts to pre-school age children.  Currently, Valerie and husband Tyre have a 2yr old daughter named, Tatiana Sinclair.  Valerie handles her husbands client book for Champions Gym, which he owns while he travels as the personal trainer of the NBA team, the Los Angleles Clippers. 

Now, here's the kicker...Vanessa use to be engaged to Jody Owens but they broke up when it became clear to Jody, she was only with him for the fame of being an NFL player's wife.  Six months after they parted, he met and fell in love with Brooklyn and the rest you already know.  However, there's more drama...Vanessa and Jody's mother, Beverly, are really close and continued to stay in touch.  

Moving forward...
Beverly doesn't care for Brooklyn because she doesn't think she's "polished" enough for her son and has been looking for ways to cause a break up between the two.  Brook, doesn't fit into the high society social setting that the Owen's family has been surrounded by for years.  Beverly does not care for Brook's "wild untamed hair" as she puts it...the tattoos, The Word Shop, which she considers a "seedy bar for low lives to hang out" and the fact that Brook drives a motorcycle.  She does not consider Brook to be a lady.  It's a good thing she doesn't know about the Femme Fatale's Agency, she'd really take issue with Brook as a lady investigator.  Beverly, would do anything to keep her son from marrying Brook, so as soon as she heard Vanessa had plans to move to the city, she contacted her and offered to let her stay rent free in one of many Condo's owned by Mr. and Mrs. Owens.  Vanessa, jumped at the chance and since she still has designs on Jody, she is now in cahoots with Beverly to break up the happy couple. 

So, Jody has no idea Vanessa moved back to the city and Brooklyn has no idea that Jody was once...engaged!  Let the games begin....

Vanessa Bell

Valerie Bell

Jody's mother

Beverly Owens

More news...

So, on to the news about my character Kenya Brown who was dating Kevin Stewart until I broke them up.  A couple of weeks ago, I started doing some spring cleaning and while trying to re-organize my closet (which is where I film my stories and keep my dolls) somehow my daughter got a hold of Kenya and decided to do a make over using a marker!  The damage is far too much for acetone to fix, so...D&C pictures decided not to renew her contract, LOL.

Anyway, in my story, Kenya decided she wanted to go back to Baltimore to be closer to her family and head up her own CPA firm.  Unfortunately, the distance would not work for Kevin since he's opening up The Huddle (sports bar) and is the sports agent of two of the most sought-after newly drafted NFL Players in the league!  He didn't stay single for long though, you know how things go here at Dolls and the City, right?  Well, he's been spotted around town canoodling with Marley Jones.

Other changes include:  A last name change to better fit the character's ethnicity (you can check the profiles for updates) NEW characters arriving to be introduced and some characters are now family members of others, to cut down on the amount of random stories and characters.

More info coming up...
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Writing this down before I forget...

As I mentioned in my last post, I hope to be back next month with updates and stories.  I have been writing stories like crazy while away but this is one thing I wanted to blog before I forget.  

Ok, so I've decided my Femme Fatales' group will be Private I's!  I thought of a way to expand on a story I already posted a while back but that's all I'm saying, don't want to spoil the rest.  So, if you click on my Femme Fatales tab the Private I group will consist of Brook, Ava, Danika and Sean.  I'm still waiting on Lena Howard (aka Jinx Barbie) which I had to purchase later than I promised but once she arrives, she will conclude the characters who own Femme Fatales Agency.  

I have a new character to introduce called,  Vanessa Bell.  I named her after Vanessa of Vans Doll Treasures but I have a certain personality picked out for her.  She's the gorgeous Barbie Basic Model 08 black dress edition.  I have the BB Red edition (with the fro) but I just wasn't bonding with her, not sure why. 

That's all for now but I will be back soon with photos of:  The Huddle (new sports bar) - Pastel Palace Art Museum and Blue Bar...all new spots to hit Dolls and the City.  TTFN!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I confess...I've been cheating on you...(Non-Doll Related)

Hi guys!

I apologize...I haven't been blogging about my collection or putting up photo stories and have missed a lot of your updates. :(   I have actually been really busy with my daughter's new ABA schedule and her school goals.  So, what little free time I muster up has been spent on youtube.  Yes, I've become a youtube junkie and it's not been doll related.  I am still planning to continue with my stories and I do have a couple new purchases to share but for just a little while longer... I'm going to continue to scratch this new itch.

I've been on a transitioning (to natural hair) journey for just about one year and have been using youtube as a tool to learn about natural hair.  I'm so excited because this is my 3rd attempt at going natural but by far the most amount of transitioning time completed.  In fact, I finally cut the last 2 inches of my relaxed ends off and I'm looking forward to my new journey of being completely natural!  My ultimate goal is healthy hair, of course but I also have a length goal...so we'll see what happens. :)  I'm so amazed at how BIG the "natural hair movement" is...and so full of supportive women, it's great!  I've come in contact with some really awesome people including, comedian/actress Kim Coles...who also vlogs about her natural hair journey.  

Another journey I'm on has to do with getting to a better me.  I've changed a lot of my eating habits and started working out (slowly) again.  I am a single mother but I'm not ready to start wearing the "soccer mom jeans" LOL.  So, I'm working on the outside as well as my inside.  I figure, I've still got a good number of years to get out and enjoy myself a little more and that's one of the things I'm working toward.  Last month marked the one year anniversary of my divorce and I have to say, I feel really good!  I am really looking forward to possibilities. ;)

Anyway, I do still peak in from time to time but hopefully before the months end, I will have sat down, caught up and commented on what I've missed from you guys. :)   Well, turning in for now...it's really late.

Good night all and Thanks for following!