Friday, February 10, 2012

A morning with Tia & Zach...

Quick note:  Characters are still the same but I changed Piper's name to Tia and Seven's name is now Zach.  Piper just didn't stick for me, she needs something a little more feminine.  I'll re-use the name Piper for another character, I'm sure.  

Tia: Honey, would you like me to make you a cup of coffee to go?

Zach: No thanks, sweetie. I think I've had my quota for the day. 

Zach: Ok, princess it's time for daddy to go to work. Can I get a  big hug?
Aaliyah: Daddy! Can we do airplane? Please?

Zach: Alright, one quick trip to Liyah-ville...coming up! Here we go, start you engine...(vrooom)

Zach: Up, up...o.k. Captain, release your wings!
Aaliyah: *Giggle*

Aaliyah: Higher daddy! Higher!

Zach: Alright, here we go...(errrr-nnng)

Aaliyah: *Giggle* Wee! This is fun, daddy!!
Zach: Hahaha...look at my baby fly!

Zach: Ok princess...daddy's gotta put you down for a landing so he can go to work.
Aaliyah: Ok daddy but go fast!
Zach: Hahaha...sure Captain!

Zach: Here we are sweetie but before we land, promise you'll be a good girl for mommy.

Aaliyah: Ok, daddy, love you.
Zach: I love you too princess.

Zach places Aaliyah on the couch and heads over to kiss Tia goodbye....

Zach: Hello Beautiful! So, would you like a plane ride too?
Tia: *Giggle* No...but I will take a kiss and noodle.

Tia: We still need to discuss the Australia trip.
Zach: I know.
Tia: I think it'd be a great opportunity for you. Liyah and I will be fine.

Zach: I know but I don't know if I would be fine.
Six months is a long time to be away from my girls.
Tia: Aww...

Zachhas been offered the opportunity to compete in a professional surfing event in Australia.  He once won an ASP award but after an incident in Hawaii involving a shark, he took some time off and started his own surfing gear company called...Bonus Board.  Tia wants him to tackle his fear and get back to his passion.

Tia: Well, think about it, seriously.  We've got my grandma here now  and...
she wants to care for Aaliyah during the day while I'm at work, so no more daycare fees.  Besides, six months will fly by and you'll be home before you know it with more accolades.
Zach: LOL, I love your confidence in me. 

The couple "kiss & noodle" and Zach takes off for work.
(noodling is the name these two use for rubbing noses together)

Tia: Bye Honey, see you later.
Zach: Bye sweetie.

Aaliyah:  Mommy, are Nanna and Grand Grand still coming over?

Tia:  Yes, sweetie.  They should be here any minute. 

Just then, Lena and Arlene walk through the door...

Lena:  Good morning, girls!

Tia: Oh mom, you startled me!  Aaliyah was just asking about you two.  Hi grandma.

Arlene:  Good morning dear.
Lena: We've actually been outside for a while.  I know how you and Zach are...
I didn't want to walk in on a "kiss & noodle."
They all laugh...

Arlene:  Ahh, are such a beautiful young woman! I have a picture of your mom when she was about your age, you're the spitting image of her. 
Tia: Thank you grandma.  We definitely take after you.

Tia:  Grandma, can I get you anything?
Arlene:  Just my lil' great grand baby, now where is she?

Aaliyah:  Here I am, grand grand!

Arlene:  Oh my goodness, look how you've grown!  

Arlene:  Come over here and give your grand grand a hug!

Arlene: My goodness, you're just as cute as you wanna be!  How old are you now, Aaliyah?
Aaliyah:  3 years old.

Tia:  Aaliyah, you're 4yrs old now...remember your birthday was last month.

The ladies continue their conversation in the living room...

Lena: So, mom...when will the moving company have you all set up in the new condo?

Arlene:  Well, they're bringing everything this weekend including my car.  So, I should be all moved in by next week.

The ladies continue catching up for another 30minutes before heading to the mall where they met Brooklyn and Joyce.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally...some GOODIES!

So, I've said a hundred times that I was going to order Halle Berry Jinx Barbie but every time I got ready to push the "send" button...a financial responsibility came up and I had to wait.  This time, it actually worked out to my advantage!  Right before I was going to push the "send" button on BC, something told me to search eBay just one more time.  Bada-BING!  There she was...had been "displayed only" was in great condition and was only $10!  "Send, gosh darn it...SEND!"  I couldn't push that button fast enough!

Ok, next score...

I decided to take a quick trip to my local Thrift Store, just to see if I would be lucky enough to find Barbie furniture or a much needed play-set.  Well, no luck there but I did score a Star Trek Ken...AND...a Tamika doll?!  What?  What in the world was she doing there, already?  Oh well, shoes were missing but she's mine.

Oh wait, before I go on...let me tell you about the other eBay score.  It's the AA Happy Family Grandma!  YAY!!  I don't know if I will ever get lucky enough to score the grandpa but she was the most wanted on my list and I can always find granny a man.  ;)

So, let's get to the characters:

Lena Howard-Phillips
Yes, her last name is "Phillips" as in Piper Phillip's mother.  I never really felt my Fashion Fever Lea was going to be permanent but Lena is perfect!  Originally, Lena was going to be part of my Femme Fatale's group but in person (to me) she looks a bit more mature than Brooklyn and her gang.  In this story, Miles and Lena were young when they had Piper and eventually married and later went on to have Calista.  Although, they are older now and raising Calista, Lena still likes to have fun!  She's really close with Piper and her nieces; Brook and Deja that she still goes clubbing with them from time to time!  I thought this scenario would be easier than spending more money to find the right mate for Halle/Lena.  After all, Vanessa was right...this lady is fierce!  And it's hard to find a guy to match her fierceness. ;)

Lena & Miles
I like these two together.  After I paint a mustache with goatee on Miles...he'll have a lil' more swag.

The Phillips Family
(L) Calista, Piper, Lena and Miles (R)

Arlene Howard
This is Lena and Joyce's mother, Arlene Howard (named after my late cousin).  After their father, John Howard, passed away almost two years ago, Arlene sold their home and decided to move to Los Angeles where she could be close to her daughters, grandchildren and great grandchild.  

Here's a shot of Arlene Howard and her daughters Lena Phillips (L) and Joyce Banks (R).  Please note that Joyce Banks is still the older sister.   

Tamika Sinclair 
5yrs old
 Here's lil' Tamika Sinclair, found at a goodwill today.  I first laid eyes on her when Vanessa posted some of her latest buys.  I still have not seen this cutie in my local stores yet.  

The Sinclair family
Tamika with her mother and father; Valerie & Tyre Sinclair.

Austin Baldwin
So, this is Travis Baldwin's older brother, Austin!  He worked as a fisherman for seven years in Anchorage Alaska until he was recently laid off due to the economy.  Travis talked him into moving to LA for a new start where the two will share a loft/apartment.  I've decided this guy doesn't have a "story" yet as far as his dating career is concerned.  I'm going to let nature take it's course. ;)


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