Friday, February 10, 2012

A morning with Tia & Zach...

Quick note:  Characters are still the same but I changed Piper's name to Tia and Seven's name is now Zach.  Piper just didn't stick for me, she needs something a little more feminine.  I'll re-use the name Piper for another character, I'm sure.  

Tia: Honey, would you like me to make you a cup of coffee to go?

Zach: No thanks, sweetie. I think I've had my quota for the day. 

Zach: Ok, princess it's time for daddy to go to work. Can I get a  big hug?
Aaliyah: Daddy! Can we do airplane? Please?

Zach: Alright, one quick trip to Liyah-ville...coming up! Here we go, start you engine...(vrooom)

Zach: Up, up...o.k. Captain, release your wings!
Aaliyah: *Giggle*

Aaliyah: Higher daddy! Higher!

Zach: Alright, here we go...(errrr-nnng)

Aaliyah: *Giggle* Wee! This is fun, daddy!!
Zach: Hahaha...look at my baby fly!

Zach: Ok princess...daddy's gotta put you down for a landing so he can go to work.
Aaliyah: Ok daddy but go fast!
Zach: Hahaha...sure Captain!

Zach: Here we are sweetie but before we land, promise you'll be a good girl for mommy.

Aaliyah: Ok, daddy, love you.
Zach: I love you too princess.

Zach places Aaliyah on the couch and heads over to kiss Tia goodbye....

Zach: Hello Beautiful! So, would you like a plane ride too?
Tia: *Giggle* No...but I will take a kiss and noodle.

Tia: We still need to discuss the Australia trip.
Zach: I know.
Tia: I think it'd be a great opportunity for you. Liyah and I will be fine.

Zach: I know but I don't know if I would be fine.
Six months is a long time to be away from my girls.
Tia: Aww...

Zachhas been offered the opportunity to compete in a professional surfing event in Australia.  He once won an ASP award but after an incident in Hawaii involving a shark, he took some time off and started his own surfing gear company called...Bonus Board.  Tia wants him to tackle his fear and get back to his passion.

Tia: Well, think about it, seriously.  We've got my grandma here now  and...
she wants to care for Aaliyah during the day while I'm at work, so no more daycare fees.  Besides, six months will fly by and you'll be home before you know it with more accolades.
Zach: LOL, I love your confidence in me. 

The couple "kiss & noodle" and Zach takes off for work.
(noodling is the name these two use for rubbing noses together)

Tia: Bye Honey, see you later.
Zach: Bye sweetie.

Aaliyah:  Mommy, are Nanna and Grand Grand still coming over?

Tia:  Yes, sweetie.  They should be here any minute. 

Just then, Lena and Arlene walk through the door...

Lena:  Good morning, girls!

Tia: Oh mom, you startled me!  Aaliyah was just asking about you two.  Hi grandma.

Arlene:  Good morning dear.
Lena: We've actually been outside for a while.  I know how you and Zach are...
I didn't want to walk in on a "kiss & noodle."
They all laugh...

Arlene:  Ahh, are such a beautiful young woman! I have a picture of your mom when she was about your age, you're the spitting image of her. 
Tia: Thank you grandma.  We definitely take after you.

Tia:  Grandma, can I get you anything?
Arlene:  Just my lil' great grand baby, now where is she?

Aaliyah:  Here I am, grand grand!

Arlene:  Oh my goodness, look how you've grown!  

Arlene:  Come over here and give your grand grand a hug!

Arlene: My goodness, you're just as cute as you wanna be!  How old are you now, Aaliyah?
Aaliyah:  3 years old.

Tia:  Aaliyah, you're 4yrs old now...remember your birthday was last month.

The ladies continue their conversation in the living room...

Lena: So, mom...when will the moving company have you all set up in the new condo?

Arlene:  Well, they're bringing everything this weekend including my car.  So, I should be all moved in by next week.

The ladies continue catching up for another 30minutes before heading to the mall where they met Brooklyn and Joyce.

Stay tuned...


  1. Oo Seven is kind of a hottie! What kind of doll is he?

    Also Aaliyah is adorable!!

    1. It's funny that you say that because his actual name is Fashionistas Hottie. LOL. I believe he's the first wave of Fashionistas Ken dolls. I have them both, much better looking than the current ones and they look different from one another. :)

      Thanks so much, Aaliyah is a sweetie. :)

  2. Great photostory, the dios, the story and the pics are amazing!

  3. Wonderful story, love your diorama! Aaliyah is a cutie!

  4. Love the name change and I may have to take a better look at my older Fashionista guy :O). Love the family dynamic they have going on. Four generations loving and working together to keep the family strong.

  5. I loved it! Nice diorama and photostory. Aaliyah is so precious. Funny that you changed Piper's name to Tia and it fits as well. I love her and Seven's relationship.

  6. Thanks so much for all of your comments. I was glad to finally get a photo story loaded, LOL. I'm happy with the name change too. She seemed like she needed something short and sweet. :)

    Although, there will be drama on my blog, I will also feature strong family units because I think it's so beautiful to see. :)

    Thanks again!

  7. What a beautiful family! Tia is so pretty. You guys are going to make me get that doll!

    1. Thanks Dani! You've gotta get her, she is really pretty. Very sweet and demure looking but I think she'd fit in with your eclectic group.

  8. Love the story and all the ladies too. I love when families interact with each other, the stories seem to take a life of their own.

    1. Thank you Brini! I'm so happy with my families, finally feel like I got some good chemistry going. ;)

  9. Hello from Spain: I really like your diorama. The kitchen and living room you were very nice and real. Aaliyah is very cute. I like the pictures of her in the air with his father. Grandma is great with the glasses. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta! Aaliyah is definitely a scene stealer, LOL. I just love the grandma to pieces. :) Thanks so much for following!

  10. What a new story! Don't know how I missed. What a sweet family Tia has. Love the three of them together. Leave it to you to send the guy away for 6 months when things are going so well. LOL! Tia favors her mom. Really love the generation of ladies you have going there. Very happy to see a new story!

    1. Thank you Vanessa! I've been so busy trying to catch up with everyone's blog, I forgot to reply to my own comments, LOL. I LOVE, love, love Tia's family! I am so happy with the coupling of the two and that rarely happens for me. :) You know it takes me like 6mos to load another story, LOL. So, technically, Seven will be back by the next upload. ;)

  11. Love your story! Aaliyah is just too adorable! Your pictures are awesome, especially the one with Aaliyah up in the air. Great story telling:)

    1. Thank you so much. This family really makes me smile. :)

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! This family will be featured a LOT. They're one of my favorites, so please stay tuned for more. :)

  13. so nice story!I like Lena looks like very much. sorry for my English

    1. Thank you so much! I really like Lena too, she's gorgeous. :)