Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! (Lots of pics & new characters)

I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day!  I thought I'd take this moment to introduce a new couple and a change in family.  I've decided that over the next few months, it's all about collecting more men, clothing, and play-sets.  Thanks to MyFroggyStuff I don't need as many play-set items because I was able to make things.  :)  But, I'm sure it's become quite obvious how my men desperately need clothing.

Anyway, I will also include the names of businesses that will be the focal point of Dolls & The City.   From now on, my stories will be pure fantasy loosely based on life with a serious Soap Opera spin! :) This was decided because...I'm too lazy to check facts on names, places and what not for realistic story telling. ;)

I'll be posting new items and characters as I get them and today will start with some of my doll trades/purchases.  First up is Robert Phillips, a trade from I-Luv-Dolls.  Ms. Leo was such a sweetie for the trade that I'm naming Robert's wife, Cleo after Ms. Leo.  :)


Cleo & Robert Phillips
Cleo (maiden name Satta) is from Addis Abeba - Ethiopia. Robert is the older brother of Miles Phillips. They a daughter named Calista.  Cleo has two sisters; Marley and Reese Satta. 

Yes, unfortunately I couldn't resist moving Calista to a new family.  I mean, look at them...she fits in so perfectly. :) 

Marley, Cleo, Robert, Calista and Reese
(Marley & Reese are Cleo's sisters)

Robert & Miles Phillips

Robert is the Chief of Police in Habor City New York (don't know if this city exists but this is where Dolls & The City takes place)

Stacia Kealoha

Yoga instructor originally from Honolulu, HI has been living in Harbor City, NY for 2yrs ago.

Kayla & Stacia Kealoha

Kayla Kealoha is Stacia's mother from Honolulu.  She visits Stacia often because she's also friends with Lena Phillips.  Kayla and Lena went to school together when the Howards lived in Hawaii.

Stacia & Damon
Stacia is dating Damon Phillips.  Damon & Stacia grew up together and have always been friends.

The Phillips Family (revised)
Since Calista was moved to a new family, Damon has been added to the Phillips as Tia's brother.  Lena and Miles have done a great job raising their two kids, and putting them through college but now look forward to spending time with friends and each other.

Red & Arlene Howard
It looks like Lena & Joyce have  a father after all.  I bought this guy to work with another family but I didn't like the chemistry, not that this one is much better but it works for me.  So, please meet grandma & grandpa Howard.

Noelle Vega
Meet the little sister of Leilah & Brandon Vega.  She's a model and moved from San Juan to Harbor City for her big break.  She's currently staying with Leilah until she finds a side job and apartment of her own.

The Vega family: Leilah, Noelle and Brandon
Noelle is a BFC Ink on a Fashionistas body.  Her head was a doll trade with Ms. Leo. :)  I'm thinking of putting Katelyn Connors head on a Fashionistas body but we'll see.  Calista needs a friends so I'll probably keep her on current body as a 10yr old.

Estefan Mendez & Noelle Vega
Estefan and Noelle have been together since high school.  He's a percussionist who will also be moving to Harbor City to pursue his love of music.

Devon Dupart
 Devon is Byron Duparts older brother.  He just moved to Harbor City from New Orleans and became business partners with Byron's Lexus Auto Detail & Repair business.

Trent Green
Trent is from Denver Colorado and is the owner of The Icon Bar.
Devon and Trent I got from Cat of A Doll Affinity. :)

Yvonne & Luna Lucci
Yvonne's head was sent to me from Cat of A Doll Affinity.  Her sister Luna, is a Star Doll head I received from The Doll Pages.  Luna is a bassist currently looking for a new band.  Yvonne and her sister Luna,  are floating waitress and go-go dancers @ Icon bar.  Bottom line, these two are the boyfriend stealing, trouble making, gossiping b-i's of The Village.  They've been placed temporarily on muse bodies just for this photo, so they look a lil' crazy.  They will  receive Fashionistas bodies.

And last but not least....

April Fields
Still working on this girls family & story...

The Fields Family:  Mom, Joseph, April and Avante'
So, here's the deal.  Joseph was cast as temporarily as Jody Owen's father but he's already been replaced.  He will for sure be April's date and Avante' will now be April's brother (no longer with Banks family) but I'm on the fence about who the mom Fields will actually be.  This is considered a test shot.

Businesses coming soon to Dolls and The City

1)  The Word Shop & Lyrical Cafe'- being reconstructed (Brooklyn Banks, Lyric Scott & Marley Satta - Owners)

2) Harbor City Market (under construction - Samuel Owens) 

3) Diva's Day Spa & Salon - under construction (Sabrina Evans - Owner)

4) Fame (night club & bar) - Moving to The Word Shop (Trent Green - Owner)

5)  Blue Galleria Art Museum behind The Blue Bar (both sketched waiting for construction) 

6) Baller Cutz Barbershop- under construction and awaiting chairs (Jody Owens & Kevin Stewart - Owners)

7) Madame Aubrey Dance Academy - plans sketched (Aubrey Bouchet - Owner)

8)  Sassy Pants Boutique - under construction (Owner not yet decided)

9) Ladies Night (features male dancers) plans being drawn out no owner chosen yet. 

Well, that's all for now.   Have a good one guys!   :)