Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flame (A ladies fantasy club)

Have any of you seen the movie Magic Mike yet?  All I have to say is [wiping my brow] GOOD

Let me tell you, this movie brought back so many fun memories.  My girls and I use to be faithful "spectators" at a spot where these guys (sorry, can't mention the group name) use to dance.  Actually, they're still dancing there but I haven't been since I became a mom.

So, I'm bringing my own "ladies spot" to Dolls and The City called, Flame!  I'm excited already. ;)
After seeing the movie, I immediately got online and ordered my Holy Grail of action figures.  I'm going to keep him a surprise, until I get the other two in the line up.  There is a guy already living in my town, who I rarely feature but think he'd be perfect as a dancer.

As I mentioned before, my blog is getting a complete overhaul.  I'm a huge fan of drama, not in my life but I love writing about it.  So, Dolls and The City will be drama filled, like a nighttime soap opera.  I hope it will be entertaining to all but at the end of the day, it's just me exercising all of these ideas running a muck in my mind.

Speaking of Holy Grail, I have a new girl coming that I will blog about late next week.  Until then, I'm gonna leave us with a lil' eye candy. :)