Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Character - Ricky Foster

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are all having a great weekend!  I wanted to make a quick post to introduce you to the latest character to Dolls and The City - The Village Edition.  I will keep this page up but rename it "archive edition."  The reason I created another page is because I had way to much trouble while changing fonts, etc. and it became a big pain in the neck.

So, when you all get the chance, please follow "The Village Edition."  Characters are updated on the regular there and I'm hoping it will be easier to follow along (kept you in mind Ms. Leo).   A heads up though, "The Village Edition" will feature the same characters but there are some MAJOR changes (and name changes) in their lives, so check out their bios!

I'm just about coming to the end of gathering the folks that were on my list, and will be receiving several shipments over the next couple of weeks, one of which will include Alex Estes.  I will wait until all shipments have arrived, and do a big haul post. :)

Until Ricky Foster

Ricky Foster, a Montreal Canadian born sculptor desperately seeking a gallery to feature his work.  He's a little eccentric, a big smart alec but a cool guy who's a lot of fun.  The ladies love him because he's also baddass.  His best friend is Dylan Reid who is also his boss.  Dylan owns Icon-Bar and hired Ricky on as a bartender so he could pay his bills until that gallery dream happens.   

Ricky, has definitely had his share of run-ins with the law but this is not a mug shot.  He just wanted to show off his freshly cut mo-hawk.  

Ricky is a DiD Dragon Dreams character, so he has the bendable fingers.  I wouldn't cut him off him in traffic or you just might get the finger. 

I don't do a lot of size comparison shots but I was able to get the guys to stop working for a second for this photo.  Ricky, agreed to help Dylan move some things around to get the bar ready.  Icon-Bar is set in an old abandoned warehouse, which includes living space for Dylan.   

Dylan:  "Thanks for following!  Oh, don't forget to click on Dolls and The City - The Village Edition and subscribe for upcoming photo stories.  Peace!"