Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ashton's flight arrived a day early...

Hey peeps!  Another quickie, just putting up a few pics of Ashton and Cree since they've been reunited.  I'm so happy the chemistry works because I gotta tell you, it was tempting to chouple her up with my Jack Sparrow.  If you haven't checked out OneSixthAvenue's blog, please do.  Like many of us, we share a few of the same dolls and I didn't want to confuse people reading our stories if I paired them together.  So, I'm stoked.  ;-)

Ashton Peete and Cree Larson - I'm thinking Ashton is a professional surfer/snowboarder.  He's been traveling all over the world competing right after college and now he's decided to move to The Village and be with Cree.

Ivanka Rominov and Ricky Foster- this is the gorgeous Fashion Royalty doll I was gifted from Dani of Vita Plastica.  Isn't she hot?  I love all the attitude she's giving.  She's the perfect girl for bad boy Rick, he needs a woman that'll put him in check now and then. ;-)

The rest of these photos are me just messing around with the iPad camera.  I this shot, I've included main character men and a few favs.  This is definitely not all my guys but they'll be the most used.  I have about two more guys on my immediate list and two more just for their bodies.

I wanted Miguel to look like he's photo bombing, Lol.

More fun with affects...

Destiny Carter...

Kat Evans...

Dylan Reed...

Brook and D...


Where my girls at...?

The Girls...

The Youngin's....

Ahh, young love...

Well, that's all for now folks!  Next post I hope to share (2) new diorama set ups.  :-).  Til' then...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A few new things

Happy Holidays everyone!

This is a quick post showing a few new characters I've gathered along the way.  I have set a goal for myself to post again starting in March 2014.  This way, I have a little time to gather up a few more dioramas items and doll clothing.  By the way, sorry for the grainy pictures and any autocorrect errors.  I'm on the oil' iPad tonight.  

Let's start with our newest couples:

Jayla Grace and her boyfriend Tre' Brown - Tre' is a rap artist still looking for his big break. Jayla, is a waitress/student. This particular Flavas Tre' I've been wanting for a long time.  Finally, I got him NIB along with a Tika for a good deal with free shipping. I gave Tika to my daughter (and kept the clothing).  This particular Grace I thought would fit in better with my group. I love Grace in bangs and thought the two toned color in the hair was really cute. This Grace in my opinion has the best makeup of all.  Mattel has a habit of caking on her eye makeup, making her look like a raccoon but this time, it's pretty subtle.  As you can see, I removed the "teeth" she comes with and I will repaint her lips soon thanks to a Myfroggy Stuff tutorial.  I will be posting a profile on everyone here and there thru the end of February.

Casey Waters and Lucy Aoki
You've met Casey and know that he's cousin to Dylan Reid. What's new about him is the HD pivotal body courtesy of Catching Fire Finnick.  I'm not impressed with Finnick's face so he was body snatched and placed on a Fashionistas Ryan body for now.  Lucy Aoki and Casey live together. She's best friends with Ashanti Howard (see her pictured below ).  Note: As you can see, Casey got a haircut.  There are a few of these Basic Kens with great hair but Casey wasn't one of them. I will be flocking the back and sides of his hair for an edgier look.  He will get piercings and I'm thinking a goatee or soul patch.  

Ashanti Howard and Shawn Davidson - my super in love couple. This particular Stardoll has had
Several name changes but Ashanti has always stuck in the back of my mind. I've also recast her as the sister of  Trichelle Howard (formerly Deja).  Ashanti and Trichelle are cousins of Brooklyn Banks.  Shawn writes music and is assistant producer with Dylan Reid.  I'm recasting old characters to be Shawn's parents while Lena & Tony Howard remain Ashanti's parents.

Brooklyn Banks and Dylan Reid - yes, you've all met Brooklyn a hundred times, lol.  When I purchased Dylan a.k.a. Jack Sparrow, my intentions were to cast these two as a couple but for some reason, I didn't like the chemistry. Now, I'm feeling it. :). Also, I've gotten spoiled with the HD bodies and prefer them over action figures (sorry Jody Owens).  Dylan owns a small recording studio in the back of the bar/club he owns called Bar-fly (formerly Icon Bar).  In Dylan's old profile, I mentioned he and his band were a one hit wonder in the 90's and Dylan decided he wanted to continue with music from behind the scenes.  The club allows local talent to play and one Friday night per month the bar is flooded with label executives looking for the next big talent.  The bar also hosts The Word Shop, a pop up poetry bar.  Brooklyn, is a model and hosts The Word Shop.  Note: working on touching up Dylan's tattoos so that I can properly seal them.

Meet Honor Reid and Drew Reid - Dylan's parents.  They belong to a Harley club and have been a member since they were teenagers (don't know if that's allowed but we'll say it is).  Drew became pregnant with Dylan when she was 16yrs old.  Honor was already 21yrs old and working construction.  The two had to wait and marry when Drew turned 18yrs old because her father wouldn't allow her to marry Honor. So, they eloped.  Brooklyn's parents are still Joyce & James Banks.

Trichelle Howard and boyfriend Darren "DJ" Jackson. Darren is a rap artist and part of a duo called Skrilla.  I will get more into their story at a later date.  As you can see, this is the latest articulate Trichelle doll out...Pet Fun Trichelle.  I love her subtle makeup much better than last attempt but Mattel's consistency is crappy.  They gave us the forward facing eyes and softer make up and took away her quality hair, replacing it with stiff Kankelon fiber. :/  Moving right along...

Destiny and Liam Carter (married with 2year old daughter Nya Carter) Liam is a DJ and member of rap group Skrilla.  He DJ's part-time for Bar-fly and club Pure.

Lyric Scott and Cole Finnick - Lyric is a fashion model and Cole an investment broker.  Cole is filthy rich with a huge ego and short man's complex.  Super models and Benzes...that's how he rolls. ;)  He's good friends with Dylan Reid and owns a share of Bar-fly. Cole will definitely be getting some facial hair because he has a Jay Leno thing happening with his chin and quite a distance in hairline to forehead. :)  

Cree Larson - you've met Cree before but I'm reintroducing her while she waits for her boyfriend Ashton Peet, who is moving back to the city.  Ashton (Catching Fire Peeta) will be traveling by BC airlines and is set to arrive Tuesday afternoon.  Cree and Ashton decided to break up after college while each of them did their own thing.  They've always kept in touch and recently decided to give their relationship another shot.

I decided to take a chance and ordered another AA Texas guy because Mattel has really been trippin' lately with changes in Barbie items.  They give and take articulation away like crazy so I figured better to have a back up of him handy.  I was lucky enough this time around there are no flaws. I fully examined the body and placed him back in box.

This is just a quick look at Shawn's flawed right ankle which was the reason I decided to have a backup.  It's really not a big deal but as you can see, the ankle peg is slightly exposed.  It does feel secure, I don't think it will be an issue but to be on the safe side (dealing with his ankle) and only put shoes on him that are easy to remove.  Other than that...he's in great condition.

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'm gonna get some shut eye now, my daughter and I have ABA therapy in the morning.  :)

Have a good one and I hope to be posting again real soon.  I'm almost complete with the things on my list and hope to show those goodies before I start back with the stories.  Bye bye. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Texas A&M Guy...

Hello everyone, hope all is well!  I'm posting a picture of my starring couple as a photo test because I'm thinking of using my iPad for my stories.  Please excuse the quality of this photo, it was done in poor lighting.  I'm pretty confident with the proper lighting, I can get some decent pics until I get a new laptop.

So, originally these two were going to be brother and sister but when I got his articulate version, the chemistry was too much to ignore.  I've also changed her name to Lacey Parks (a borrowed last name from another character) and she will keep my Halle Berry as her mother.  This brings me to another updated character...Tony Parker.  I purchased this guy from Ms Leo months ago and think he's perfect to play Lena's husband instead of Miles (just nod and humor me).

Anyway, let me load photos and label folks as I go...

Lacey Parker and Shawn Daniels

Sisters: Taja Parker and Lacey Parker 

Lena and Tony Parker

Parker Family

Taja and boyfriend Blair Thomas (he reminds me of Blair Underwood)

Brother & Sister: Drea Estes and Shawn Daniels
You've met Drea's husband and two daughters in
Past photos.

Random photos of new couples, possibilities and newly head swapped characters

Destiny and Liam 

Jake Ryan and Jo Sims

Mallory Vega and Brett Sims

Chris Pena and Marissa Sanchez

Keeping her original name: Honey Ryder and Dylan Reid

Chemistry Test: Kat Evans and Miles Phillips

Calista all grown up? Maybe...but she's currently on Liv body.  I'm not sure yet if this is permanent or if she will get an existing DG body. 

Her neck hole fits the peg perfectly but the plastic around the neck is smaller. You have to be careful how far you place on neck or it will distort her face. It wobbles a little but is very secure. The moving around doesn't bother me and is still poseable. She's such a cutie.  I think she'll be 16yrs old and sister of Destiny aka SIS Chandra. 

Jake has a girlfriend but Calista has a mad crush on him. :)

That's it so far!  I don't know whe I'll be able to get back to stories, lots of working with my daughter but it'll be soon.  In the meantime, I'm stalking all of you even if I don't comment and you've been such an inspiration.  You keep the hobby alive for me so...thank you. :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few folks I forgot to mention...

These guys were purchased months ago but I never got around to posting their photos.  I'm also using this posting opportunity to talk about a few new things coming to Mattel, updates on quality of items already available by Mattel and my recent purchase which arrived yesterday.  Let's begin... 

Chris Pena
Hometown:  Miami, FL
Current City:  The Village
Occupation: Professional Football Player - RB (position)
Relationship Status:  Penelope Garcia - girlfriend
About Me:  Chris' best friend and teammate is Jody Owens.

Liam Carter 
Hometown:  Oakland, CA
Current City:  The Village
Occupation:  DJ and Rap member of group DL Swag
Relationship Status: Egypt Capri - girlfriend

Egypt Capri (name change)
Boyfriend - Liam Carter

Samuel Owens
Hometown:  Kingston, Jamaica
Current City:  The Village
Occupation:  Contractor 
Relationship Status:  Married to Beverly Owens
Children:  Jody Owens (son)
Colby Owens (son)
purchased from Ms. Leo

Beverly & Samuel Owens
I gave Beverly the body of Happy Family Grandma (who is now on a Liv body) because she has a large head and I feel this body looks best on her.  It's not a perfect complexion match but it works well enough.  I think, these two are perfect as Jody's parents. :)

Jody Owens
Girlfriend - Brooklyn Banks 

My old new guy:
I received my ATM University AA Ken Doll yesterday and I'm happy with him.  I need a new memory card so I can't load photos today, sorry.  However, I am including some flickr links which show a comparison of him as Basics Model #17 and ATM doll.  I wanted to get multiples of him but he sold out fast!  

Tomorrow, I will be ordering one of the Blonde and will eventually order another but I've gotta pace myself financially with school coming up in August.  I hope he's still available for me to get a second at the end of July to give Casey Waters (Basics #15) a taller body.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more of the AA version, so that I can have at least one more.  The doll I received was almost perfect quality wise but his right foot sticks out a little more than the left.  There's always something with Mattel. :/  

A lot of people have already mentioned, he looks pretty much the same except his hair is darker, lips & face a little fuller and the eyeliner around his eyes a little darker.  I like that he looks slightly older though.  Now that this hottie has movement,  I made some relationship changes (of course).  First, his new name is Shawn Banks.  He is now the brother of Brooklyn Banks, Tristan Banks and Riley Banks.  I love him with my AA Stardoll, especially since I put her back on a Fashionistas body.  Her name is now Sasha Ali.  She's the oldest daughter of Lena & Tony Ali (Lena is my Halle Berry doll and I gave her a new hubby, photos coming soon).   

In case you're wondering who I'm referring to in the "My New Guy" topic above, here are the people in his life.  Please note:  There's a parent change which includes Brooklyn too....

Sasha Ali - girlfriend

Brooklyn Banks - sister

Tristan Banks - brother

Riley Banks - baby sister

Ruthie Banks - Mother

Robert Banks - Father

In other dollie news...
There are pre-orders available at Doll Genie for the upcoming Hunger Games Catching Fire dolls which will include two guys; Finnick and Peeta (Finnick is a Hottie!).  The price point looks to be at $34.95 but I'm not sure if that's the price Barbie Collector will have.  The word in the plastic-hood is the boys will be fully articulate! If so, it will be interesting to see if they'll have the 2011 Harley Ken body or Tim McGraw body.  I won't pre-order until I'm sure what type of articulation these boys will have.  Anyway, here are the images from Doll Genie...

FINNICK: Image by Dollgenie

PEETA: Image by Dollgenie

The Hunger Games/Catch Fire series will also include a new female, Effie and a re-styled Katniss (which I don't see the point unless she will be pivotal).  If Katniss doesn't get a new body, I'm thinking that's a waste of production money when they could be giving us Lenny Kravitz's character [insert side eye glance here].  The Effie character looks cool, I'm diggin' the Lady Ga Ga look and if she's poseable I'll be adding her to my collection...

EFFIE: Image by Dollgenie

KATNISS: Image by Dollgenie

More News...
I'm sure you are all aware of the Life in The Dream House Barbie collection but I wanted to post new info about them.  I know a lot of you may not be interested because they're designed to look just like the web-series characters and might be a little too playline.  
Well, several people posted photos on flickr and have said the quality of the dolls has been improved.  It's been posted that the joints are stronger and a higher quality of plastic was used which also allows the arms to keep a pose.  It sounds to me like they used similar material to the Disney Princess line.  

It was also posted the girls have their pivotal torso again (and I think the banded legs) which to me is better than the current restricted hip.  Anyway, I had already planned on getting Nikki and Raquelle but Midge is a cutie and I'll add her to my list as well.  I didn't have time to wait on permission for image use but I've included a flickr link below... :) 

Last but not least...
I would like to thank Dani of Vita Plastica for all the gifts she sent me which came with her giveaway prize.  I can't wait to get start up again with photo stories because I have some cool things to share.  Again, once I get a new memory card I will share the lovely things Dani sent me.  In the meantime, I'm going to use her image of my new girl...

Ivanka Ivanov

I'm so excited that Ivanka had instant chemistry with my Ricky Foster!  I was worried about finding him a mate because all of my Barbie girls were too wimpy for him.  Now, I'm worried about him she's a tigress! LOL.  

Rick Foster

At some point I will be announcing my own giveaway but it will be at least a couple of months from now.  

Anyway, sorry for the long post guys but thanks for following. :)