Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Few New Characters and Updates (lots of pics)

Hey everyone!  I hope you all have had great holidays and a happy New Years. :)  I know it's been months since I last posted but like all of you, life keeps on changing.  First, just wanted to let you guys know that my daughter is really making great progress.  She's in a typical pre-school class currently without support and doing really well.  Also, I've upgraded her supplements to Kirkman's Lab brand. This brand is amazing but NOT cheap!  I still have more to add but I'm doing them one at a time, so I can see the benefits of each product based on the bio-medical protocol.  So far, MB12 nasal and Super Nu Thera have been absolutely amazing with her speech and cognition, I can't tell you how awesome her progress has been using the two.

Starting in April, she will be enrolled with an awesome private speech clinic but the downside is I have to pay upfront $1,000.00 out of pocket before her insurance kicks in.  So, we'll most likely only do two sessions per month as it is expensive.  She still receives speech from school and we've since upgraded the amount, thanks to the speech clinic who also conducted an Independent Speech Eval.

Anyway, on to doll talk.  All of the new characters, except Jake Ryan were purchased several months ago but I'm just getting around to posting. The list below provides the manufactured names of the new characters and whether they were fully articulate or had to be swapped.

1) Fashionistas Ryan
2) Fashionistas Ken
3) Stardoll (on 1st Wave Fashionistas body w/ swivel knees)
4) Barbie Afghan Dog
5) Barbie Fairy Blue (on Bratz Yasmin articulate body)
6) Wedding Barbie (1st Wave Fashionistas Artsy body)
7) Unknown Barbie found at thrift store $1.75 (on Disney Tiana articulate body)
8) Hattie Petition (Gone with the Wind doll)
9) Unknown Holiday Barbie found at thrift store $1.00 (temporarily on Liv body)
10) Happy Family Grandma (on Liv body)
11) James Bond 007 Ken (fully articulate)
12) Pilot Barbie head $2.00 (on 1st wave Fashionistas Glam)
     Note:  BFC Inc. was rebodied using a Bratz Sasha articulate body. 

Cal Larson
Student:  Meza College 
Siblings:  Under Development
Occupation:  Bike Messenger, Model and employee at Honor's Pizza Palace

Tyson Carr
Student:  Meza College
Siblings:  Taylor Carr (twin brother)
Occupation: Developing

Taren Garner
Student:  Meza College
Occupation:  Go Go Dance
Parents:  Drew Garner 
Siblings:  Only Child

The Howard Family dog
(named after a childhood dog)

Riley Howard
Student: Meza Middle School 
Parents:  Under development
Siblings:  Only Child

Drea Howard
Relationship Status:  Under Development
Occupation: Under Development
Siblings:  Lena Howard-Phillips (sister)
Joyce Howard-Banks (sister)

Drea & Riley Howard

Yolanda Brown 
Occupation:  Teller at The Village Credit Union
Relationship Status:  Dating
Siblings:  Under Development

Hattie Petition
Owner: Catfish & Cupcakes (soul food restaurant)
Children:  Nichelle Petition
Relationship Status:  Separated

Drew Carson
Relationship Status:  Under Development
Occupation:  Under Development
Family:  Unknown

Nancy & Heath Blake
Children:  Madeline Sims
Grandchildren:  Cloe & Cody Sims

Alex Estes
Occupation:  Real Estate tycoon 
Relationship Status:  Under Development

Kyle Roberts
Occupation:  Under Development
Relationship Status:  Single 
Siblings:  Not so far

Lena, Ava, Drea, Kyle
One of my Fab 4 friends- Lena and Drea are sisters 

 Leilani & Lyric
These two aren't new but they are as a couple. 

Leilani showing off her tattoos

Nichelle Petition 
This is a test shot, I'm not sure I will keep these three as a family.  The character's names from left-right
Calista, Nichelle Petition and Kevin Stewart.   

Leilani, Nichelle, Nick and Brooklyn

Brooklyn and Nichelle
Just another lighting test shot. You may notice Brooks painted tattoo is fading because I didn't seal it.  I was just experimenting. 

 Brandon Vega
I think Ms. Leo covered this in one of her posts but I can't be sure. Anyway, I wanted Brandon to have movement so I swapped him to a used Fashionistas Ken body found at a thrift store. Obviously, there's a difference in complexion but since I plan to dress most of my guys in collard shirts, I don't think it'll be a big deal.  I've seen him on a Jake Liv body and  I know it's a closer match but he looks even more "squashed" to me on a Liv body. 

A view from the notice it more here.  I may shade the body in the future but for now, doesn't bother me. 

The Boys of Meza College

The Girls of Meza College
This is definitely not all of my girls but a few of my favs. There were two character name changes and I've listed them below highlighted and underlined.  So, from left to right:
Brandy Jackson, Indigo Aoki, Delaney "Laney"Phillips and Cloe Sims

I have a few more guys coming soon and I hope to get my hands on S.I.S. Marisa and Chandra.  After seeing several photos of the new So In Style Baby Phat dolls, I'm pretty sure I'm not interested in Kara or Grace.  I am also in the process of purchasing clothing here and there and hope to start crafting my Dioramas in March and back to photo stories by April.  

Thanks for following!