Sunday, April 21, 2013

Curiosity got the best of me and she was marked down...

So, I purchased the new 2013 S.I.S. Trichelle doll but only because the store let me have her for $4.99!  She wasn't priced and the cashier asked me what I wanted to pay and I was like...$5.00?  She was cool with it and I brought her home.  I dipped into my laundry money but still have enough for three loads until Friday. :)  

I already knew that I didn't care for the "teeth" Mattel called themselves creating on these girls so I already had plans to remove & repaint the lips.  As far as a lip color, I much prefer neutrals and so what she'll get.  However, in the meantime I put a little of my gloss on her just to get an idea.


She's been rebodied to another spare Artsy body I had boxed away. 

Tracy  Cindy & Deja Banks (Twins? Cousins)
Ok, so here's my issue ..I complained about the side glance of previous Trichelle (Deja Banks) but personally, I think she's the one who has more of a sweet look.  Yes, side eyes are usually connected with shifty behavior but for this girl it's more of a sultry appeal than a devious one.  You still couldn't pay me to believe she's supposed to be the same doll.  I mean, who knew straightening your eyes could make you look like a new "person" literally!  Also, the New Trichelle's complexion  is a tad darker than my current Deja.  Not that it matters just a note to those who want rebody info.  Cindy, is a perfect match for Artsy and Deja matched perfectly with an old Fashionistas Sassy body.

So, what to do?  Well, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go the twins route.  I decided I'm not that in love with new Trichelle but I purchased her so she will be used.  Her name is, Cindy Banks...cousin to Brooklyn & Deja Banks.  Because Deja better fits the DJ profile and I have a guy for her who's a cutie pie. Well, it's settled then...twins it is! Something about her reminds me of the lead singer to Envogue, Cindy.  So, that's her name. 

Cindy Banks
Current City:  Jersey City, NJ
Occupation:  Receptionist 
Relationship Status:  Single
Family Members:  James Banks (Uncle) 
Brooklyn, Deja & Tristan Banks (Cousins) 

Just noticed a speck of lint on her lip, sorry.  I think it's from the cotton swab. :)

Alrighty guys...that's it for now!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and will post again soon. 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

This and That....

Hello everyone, hope all is well in your world.  I'd like to thank VitaPlastica again for including me in the giveaway.  I am really happy and thankful to have won and plan to share the new girl with you guys once I get it together.  Which brings me to why I'm posting today...I'm getting it together! I thought I'd share a few more items collected months ago along with character name and relationship changes.  Everyone now has their own articulate body because I noticed swapping heads wears on the neck hole a bit.  I also scored a few clothing items for my men.

Let's start with two staircases I got for $3.95 total!  This idea came from Hey It's Muff's Urban Dwelling post.  Let me tell you, that post put a smile on my face like you wouldn't believe.  She did an amazing job and with cardboard boxes!  Get outta town!  I told Muff..."If you don't mind, I'm going to steal from your idea."  Now, I will definitely put my own spin on it as I have my own story going but it's a great jumping off point.

I plan on painting them, probably cement color but we"ll see.  These stairs did not come with a ramp

For scale purposes:  In this picture DJ (Darren Jackson) shows you his best cover pose for Jet magazine or at least he thinks so...

The porch sit pose...

Action shot:  coming down the stairs...

In a previous post, Muff covered the "feet fit" on the stairs but I thought I'd show it again.  As you can see, scale is somewhat off but it doesn't bother me because I'm going for the look rather then functionality.  I'm hoping once the structures are built and the area has some plant life, you won't really notice

As Muff also stated in her post, the stairs are a perfect fit for Fashionistas feet

Not so much for Liv feet as Brandy demonstrates. 

Speaking of "fit" after Deja Bank's return from Amsterdam (SEE STORY HERE) Darren realized he loves her and vowed he is a changed man (SEE STORY HERE).  So, they're back together again...

Now, on to more character updates...

RuPaul Howard
Current City:  The Village, NY 
Owner:  A Diva's Day Spa & Salon
Family Members:  Ruthie & Samuel Howard (parents)
Joyce Banks (sister)
Lena Phillips (twin sister)
Drea Estes (sister)
Note:  Ru traded bodies with Leilah Ruiz because this is the only FR tall body I have. Not a perfect color match but not horrible.  

A little more about Ru.  She was born Paul Howard twin brother of Lena.  She is now a Howard sister.  I  found a father to the sisters and will re-introduce the parents on a later post.  I love the brasiness of Ru's hair because it looks like a lace-front wig which is what I'm going for. ;)

In case you forgot all the Howard Sister characters, he's a group shot...

From Left to Right is the youngest of the sisters:  Drea Estes, Lena Phillips, Joyce Banks is the eldest and RuPaul Howard. 

Name Changes:  Lena & Miles Phillips' children...

Moriah Phillips & Carmen Garcia
Originally, Moriah's name was Damon but I thought it was kind of boring.  Anyway, Carmen is his girlfriend.  She's extremely jealous and kinda crazy but for some reason, Moriah puts up with her.  
Just realized that I never introduced Carmen who was purchased like 5 mos ago.  She didn't come with her original body, she was sent nude on a fare skinned Fashionistas body.  I thought she was a better shade for an Artsy so she's been swapped.  

Ryan Phillips and Jake Ryan
Ryan is the daughter of Lena and Miles Phillips.  She was previously known as Tia Phillips. This is her boyfriend Jake.  The two are madly in love and have decided to move in together. Yes, she realizes that if they get married her name will be Ryan Ryan. :)

Ryan is a bike messenger for a company called Message Pedal-er.  She's a bit of a tomboy, adventurous and unlike any girl Jake has ever met.  This was one of the things he found attractive about her.  Jake comes from a very sheltered, privileged background and feels Ryan has opened him up and showed him how to enjoy the simple things in life.  Ironically, his mother finds Ryan's traits (among other things) inappropriate as a mate for her only son. 

Meet Jake's mom...
Meredith Ryan
This is Jake's mother.  She's co-founder of High Society Ladies. A group of well known socialites in The Village.  She's pretentious, overbearing and is still trying to run Jake's life.  She desperately wants him to wed a daughter of one of her High Society Ladies and continues to remind Jake just how unfit and of the wrong hue Ryan is for him.

Ryan and Jake's friends...
Indigo Aoki and Casey Waters
Indigo is Ryan's best friend and fellow bike messenger.  Nothing really new here to report except I decided to make them a couple.  I think they're adorable together.  Casey, is one of the "hot guys" of The Village and he knows it.  However, that never impressed Indigo which impressed him and she keeps him grounded.  

Jake's cousins...  

Parker & Brandon Lee
Current City:  The Village, NY 
Twin brothers
Family Members:  Jake Lee (cousin) 
Brandon is a new character.  I will develop his character and create a profile at some point and add him to the character page. 

Taylor Colfax
Current City:  The Village, NY 
Occupation:  Receptionist @ A Diva's Day Spa & Salon
Family Members:  Donna Colfax (older sister)
Relationship Status:  Cody Sims Dating
note:  Taylor is a thrift find rebodied to darker skinned Liv. I think she's gorgeous.

Cody Sims & Taylor Colfax
Cody is a professional surfer currently in Australia competing.  The couple are taking a small break while he's away.  Let's see what happens when he returns.

Raven Evans
Current City:  The Village, NY 
Occupation:  Customer Srvc Rep @ Message Pedal-er   
Student: Meza College
Family Members:  Kat evans (older sister)
Relationship Status:  Tristan Banks (boyfriend)
note:  Raven (on Liv body) is an awesome purchase I got from Ms Miranda of One Sixth Avenue. She came with an Artsy Fashionistas body which I swapped with another character

Raven Evans & Tristan Banks
Note: In my world Tristan and Raven are young adults (early to mid 20's) they're just really short. :)

Chandra & Jamaal Thibadeaux
Current City:   The Village, NY
Home town:  Baton Rouge, LA
brother and sister
S.I.S. Baby Phat Chandra was a gift along with Marisa (who I will post about another day)

Jamaal Thibadeaux & Brandy Jackson
This is an existing couple but I don't know if they were officially introduced as such.  Brandy is Darren Jackson's sister

Kevin Stewart is one lucky dude because he's been with almost every girl I own.  I decided he works out best with Chandra.   

Families I put together...

Alex & Drea Estes
Current City:  The Village, NY
Alex's Occupation:  Professor @ Meza Junior College
Drea's Occupation:  Homemaker
Children:  Aaliyah (5yrs old )
Riley (11yrs old)
This pair was introduced in a previous post but not as a couple or family

Steven & Donna Hill
Current City:  The Village, NY 
Steven's Occupation:  Plastic Surgeon 
Donna's Occupation:  Receptionist @ The Village Credit Union
Children:  Cadance Hill (2yrs old) 
P.J. Hill - 3yrs old (not pictured)
Family Members:  Taylor Colfax is Donna's younger sister
note: Donna is a thrift find and a mold I did not previously own. 

Honor Gibson & Kyle North
These two are a new couple.  I decided Honor is from Texas, is an oil tycoon who Kyle calls "Big Daddy."  As for Kyle, she's a stylist at A Diva's Day Spa & Salon and still friends with Drea and Donna

I apologize for the long post filled with typos but it's 2:41 am PST and I was determined to finish this before passing out. LOL.  Anyway, thanks to all of my fellow blogger peeps for continuing to keep me inspired.  I hope once I get started with my stories, I return the favor.  

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