Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few folks I forgot to mention...

These guys were purchased months ago but I never got around to posting their photos.  I'm also using this posting opportunity to talk about a few new things coming to Mattel, updates on quality of items already available by Mattel and my recent purchase which arrived yesterday.  Let's begin... 

Chris Pena
Hometown:  Miami, FL
Current City:  The Village
Occupation: Professional Football Player - RB (position)
Relationship Status:  Penelope Garcia - girlfriend
About Me:  Chris' best friend and teammate is Jody Owens.

Liam Carter 
Hometown:  Oakland, CA
Current City:  The Village
Occupation:  DJ and Rap member of group DL Swag
Relationship Status: Egypt Capri - girlfriend

Egypt Capri (name change)
Boyfriend - Liam Carter

Samuel Owens
Hometown:  Kingston, Jamaica
Current City:  The Village
Occupation:  Contractor 
Relationship Status:  Married to Beverly Owens
Children:  Jody Owens (son)
Colby Owens (son)
purchased from Ms. Leo

Beverly & Samuel Owens
I gave Beverly the body of Happy Family Grandma (who is now on a Liv body) because she has a large head and I feel this body looks best on her.  It's not a perfect complexion match but it works well enough.  I think, these two are perfect as Jody's parents. :)

Jody Owens
Girlfriend - Brooklyn Banks 

My old new guy:
I received my ATM University AA Ken Doll yesterday and I'm happy with him.  I need a new memory card so I can't load photos today, sorry.  However, I am including some flickr links which show a comparison of him as Basics Model #17 and ATM doll.  I wanted to get multiples of him but he sold out fast!  

Tomorrow, I will be ordering one of the Blonde and will eventually order another but I've gotta pace myself financially with school coming up in August.  I hope he's still available for me to get a second at the end of July to give Casey Waters (Basics #15) a taller body.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more of the AA version, so that I can have at least one more.  The doll I received was almost perfect quality wise but his right foot sticks out a little more than the left.  There's always something with Mattel. :/  

A lot of people have already mentioned, he looks pretty much the same except his hair is darker, lips & face a little fuller and the eyeliner around his eyes a little darker.  I like that he looks slightly older though.  Now that this hottie has movement,  I made some relationship changes (of course).  First, his new name is Shawn Banks.  He is now the brother of Brooklyn Banks, Tristan Banks and Riley Banks.  I love him with my AA Stardoll, especially since I put her back on a Fashionistas body.  Her name is now Sasha Ali.  She's the oldest daughter of Lena & Tony Ali (Lena is my Halle Berry doll and I gave her a new hubby, photos coming soon).   

In case you're wondering who I'm referring to in the "My New Guy" topic above, here are the people in his life.  Please note:  There's a parent change which includes Brooklyn too....

Sasha Ali - girlfriend

Brooklyn Banks - sister

Tristan Banks - brother

Riley Banks - baby sister

Ruthie Banks - Mother

Robert Banks - Father

In other dollie news...
There are pre-orders available at Doll Genie for the upcoming Hunger Games Catching Fire dolls which will include two guys; Finnick and Peeta (Finnick is a Hottie!).  The price point looks to be at $34.95 but I'm not sure if that's the price Barbie Collector will have.  The word in the plastic-hood is the boys will be fully articulate! If so, it will be interesting to see if they'll have the 2011 Harley Ken body or Tim McGraw body.  I won't pre-order until I'm sure what type of articulation these boys will have.  Anyway, here are the images from Doll Genie...

FINNICK: Image by Dollgenie

PEETA: Image by Dollgenie

The Hunger Games/Catch Fire series will also include a new female, Effie and a re-styled Katniss (which I don't see the point unless she will be pivotal).  If Katniss doesn't get a new body, I'm thinking that's a waste of production money when they could be giving us Lenny Kravitz's character [insert side eye glance here].  The Effie character looks cool, I'm diggin' the Lady Ga Ga look and if she's poseable I'll be adding her to my collection...

EFFIE: Image by Dollgenie

KATNISS: Image by Dollgenie

More News...
I'm sure you are all aware of the Life in The Dream House Barbie collection but I wanted to post new info about them.  I know a lot of you may not be interested because they're designed to look just like the web-series characters and might be a little too playline.  
Well, several people posted photos on flickr and have said the quality of the dolls has been improved.  It's been posted that the joints are stronger and a higher quality of plastic was used which also allows the arms to keep a pose.  It sounds to me like they used similar material to the Disney Princess line.  

It was also posted the girls have their pivotal torso again (and I think the banded legs) which to me is better than the current restricted hip.  Anyway, I had already planned on getting Nikki and Raquelle but Midge is a cutie and I'll add her to my list as well.  I didn't have time to wait on permission for image use but I've included a flickr link below... :) 

Last but not least...
I would like to thank Dani of Vita Plastica for all the gifts she sent me which came with her giveaway prize.  I can't wait to get start up again with photo stories because I have some cool things to share.  Again, once I get a new memory card I will share the lovely things Dani sent me.  In the meantime, I'm going to use her image of my new girl...

Ivanka Ivanov

I'm so excited that Ivanka had instant chemistry with my Ricky Foster!  I was worried about finding him a mate because all of my Barbie girls were too wimpy for him.  Now, I'm worried about him she's a tigress! LOL.  

Rick Foster

At some point I will be announcing my own giveaway but it will be at least a couple of months from now.  

Anyway, sorry for the long post guys but thanks for following. :)


  1. So great to see a new post! Thanks for all the updates. Glad you were able to get one of the AA University Kens. They did go fast. I was going to get one of the Caucasian ones, but I ended up with Moroccan Barbie instead. The new Hunger Game dolls sound very interesting. I hope the actual dolls look as good as the pictures. I like the Life in Dreamhouse Midge. I also like some of the outfits, so a couple may end up in my collection. I love Rick and Ivanka together! I can't wait to see your new stories with all your new characters.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! That's another good reason to get the Life in the Dreamhouse collection, the clothes are really cute and you get two dress options with them. :) I hope the guys are as cute as the photos too. We'll see, October is just around the corner. You and me both, LOL...I'm just trying to find the time to create and shoot a story. My schedule will be changing in August and that should allow me at least a couple of kid free hours to do so. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: your new guys are fabulous. With respect to the collection Barbie Dream House, I purchased several dolls and effectively have articulated body, the eyes have eyelashes and clothing is fine. It is a collection of quality although PlayLine line. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta! That's good to know, makes me excited about adding them to mine and my daughter's collection. :)

  3. Love your new characters. Lucky you for getting an AA articulated Ken. They sold out too fast. I hear that they should be getting some more. I hope to get at least two of them.

    I am looking forward to your stories.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I love your new blog pic!

    2. Hey Georgia Girl!! :) Thanks so much, I love the doll Dani sent me, she's a real diva. I am happy that I was able to purchase one of him but I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing at least one more. So, thank you for the information...I will continue to stalk BC website. :)

      Right now, my focus is on purchasing men only because I'm pretty satisfied with my ladies. I'm hoping to be ready for stories in August, stay tuned. :)

  4. Great photos and love all the info. Can't wait to see a new story.

  5. First - LOVE the new blog photo. That hair is sexy! I have seen all but Nikki in person from the Dream House crew. Midge is the only one I would actually want. I don't know if it's the red hair or what, but she comes across less cartoonish than the other girls.

  6. Ooh, I can't wait to see what those Hunger Games dolls look like! Thanks for the mention! I like this Rick person. He looks dangerous. So in love with Brooklyn. That one is my holy grail doll. Can't wait to see more in August!

  7. Ivanka truly looks like she can give Rick a run for his money! Perfect match. :) Thanks for all the info, I agree with you on the Effie doll, if she's poseable I may have to add her to my collection as well and I'm in love with Katnisss's dress, can't wait to see how it comes out.

  8. Thanks for sharing the news about the new Hunger Games dolls. Looking forward to seeing them in the vinyl.

    Lovely photos of your new and older dolls. Congrats on getting the Texas A&M doll.