Monday, August 26, 2013

Texas A&M Guy...

Hello everyone, hope all is well!  I'm posting a picture of my starring couple as a photo test because I'm thinking of using my iPad for my stories.  Please excuse the quality of this photo, it was done in poor lighting.  I'm pretty confident with the proper lighting, I can get some decent pics until I get a new laptop.

So, originally these two were going to be brother and sister but when I got his articulate version, the chemistry was too much to ignore.  I've also changed her name to Lacey Parks (a borrowed last name from another character) and she will keep my Halle Berry as her mother.  This brings me to another updated character...Tony Parker.  I purchased this guy from Ms Leo months ago and think he's perfect to play Lena's husband instead of Miles (just nod and humor me).

Anyway, let me load photos and label folks as I go...

Lacey Parker and Shawn Daniels

Sisters: Taja Parker and Lacey Parker 

Lena and Tony Parker

Parker Family

Taja and boyfriend Blair Thomas (he reminds me of Blair Underwood)

Brother & Sister: Drea Estes and Shawn Daniels
You've met Drea's husband and two daughters in
Past photos.

Random photos of new couples, possibilities and newly head swapped characters

Destiny and Liam 

Jake Ryan and Jo Sims

Mallory Vega and Brett Sims

Chris Pena and Marissa Sanchez

Keeping her original name: Honey Ryder and Dylan Reid

Chemistry Test: Kat Evans and Miles Phillips

Calista all grown up? Maybe...but she's currently on Liv body.  I'm not sure yet if this is permanent or if she will get an existing DG body. 

Her neck hole fits the peg perfectly but the plastic around the neck is smaller. You have to be careful how far you place on neck or it will distort her face. It wobbles a little but is very secure. The moving around doesn't bother me and is still poseable. She's such a cutie.  I think she'll be 16yrs old and sister of Destiny aka SIS Chandra. 

Jake has a girlfriend but Calista has a mad crush on him. :)

That's it so far!  I don't know whe I'll be able to get back to stories, lots of working with my daughter but it'll be soon.  In the meantime, I'm stalking all of you even if I don't comment and you've been such an inspiration.  You keep the hobby alive for me so...thank you. :)