Thursday, August 7, 2014

From Flickr to Blogger...

oops...I keep forgetting to upload new characters on my blogger that I've been sharing on flickr.  Anywho, here are my recent purchases and possible couples alert...

Kimora Lee-Johnson

Jordan Spencer (not completely sure of her name:-/)

Misty Grant

Sisters: Brittany and Misty Grant 

April Fields and Korey Williams...maybe

The boys..(so far)

Sheena Aoki and Casey Reed

Sailor Johnson and Shawn Haynes

And that's it for now, folks.  TTFN.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two new girls coming and business names...

Hey everyone! Quick update:  I've got two new girls coming but I'm going to keep them on the hush until they arrive.  However, if you look at the picture might be able to guess who they are.  ;-)

Two of my existing girls along with the two new girls will be used to re-create this photo. ^^^^^
(Not my photo found here

In other news...

As I mentioned before, I will be adding a tattoo parlor to my five businesses that all Dolls in the City residents will frequent.  The owner will be purchased in September.  I ceased the opportunity to purchase my last grail, so he was put on the back burner.  My list is near complete which is exciting because this doll buying thing is starting to give me anxiety.  Mattel's constant changes from articulate to partial or non articulate is annoying! In my opinion, it puts you in a buying frenzy...but that's probably what they want.  

Anywho, the businesses and owners are as follows:

Fair well Diva (Salon) owner: Brooklyn Banks
the name of her salon came to me one night while watching Cheers. Remember, everyone would shout "Norm" whenever he walked in the bar?  Well, I was thinking...wouldn't it be cool if after your transformation at the salon, everyone shouted "Fair well Diva" on your way out the door?  Probably a lil' cheesy but I'm going with it. :-)

Bar-Fly (bar/nightclub) owner: Dylan Reed
I was going to name the bar Icon but I couldn't shake this name.

Hey Sailor (boutique) - Owner:  Sailor Johnson
Please note: Name change for this girl from Marley Howard to Sailor Johnson
Sailor has just graduated from NYFDIM (New York Fashion/Design Institute) and wants to start her own boutique business.  She's starting out slow to build up her clientele.  So, it'll be opened Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. Her parents own a small building next door to Fair well Diva and decide to let Sailor use it for the boutique.

As for the tattoo parlor, I think I'm going to go with Tatt That!  It's sort of a play on words from a rap song. :-). I will have more details about the owner in September.  In the meantime, I'm very excited that a Dollar Tree is opening up behind our condos next month!  With all of my daughter's therapies and school meetings, I haven't had the time to run around town to get building materials.  So, now that it's literally behind me...I'll be able to get back to building my businesses.  :-). 

Oh, and I plan on having a coffee shop too.  I have an owner in mind but I'm working on the name.  Well, that's it for now but I will post my reenactment photo (above) on flickr.  :-).  TTFN!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Coming Soon....

So, my extra time has been filled with purchasing/casting more male characters; collecting items for my dioramas and working on those dios.  One of the things I think we're all wanting are more places for our dollies to hangout.  At least that's my plan because not every character will get an apartment/house and there's gotta be a place where drama can happen. ;-). 

In past posts, I've talked about recreating The Word Shop my poetry bar but I also wanted more of a club scene.  My Dylan character is the owner of Club Pure which is Vegas inspired. He's got Go. Go dancers in cages that I made, I just ordered the Gloria Bar set and I'm collecting LED lighting here and there.  Next to Pure is a Tattoo and Piercing. Parlor that is owned by a new character I will introduce next month. ;-). 

And last...the poetry spot will be called The Word Shop and Lyrical Cafe so that it's the town's coffee house as well. 

Whelp, that's it for now....

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Furniture and OOAK my dudes...

Hello everyone!  Just a quick post using terrible quality pics, of my girls new living room set.  My three main female characters will be: Marley Howard (Stardoll Barbie) Echo Parks (DG Jasper) Cree Larson (Barbie Basic Jeans 04). These girls are roommates and besties.  

Then we have the guys:  Shawn Hawkins ( Texas A&M Cheerleader) Casey Waters ( Barbie Basic Jeans 15) Ashton Peet (Catching Fire Peeta -not pictured).  These guys are friends and possibly roommates. 

Here's the girl's living room set...

This is the beginning stages of me customizing Casey Waters.  His brow's been pierced and I cut more of his hair.  Like I mentioned before, I plan on flocking the sides and back and giving him a better hairline at the nape of his neck with the flocking.  The other plan is to fill in his brows a bit more and give him facial hair and sideburns. And last...loads of tattoos of course.  Casey is a professional motor cross athlete, so a dirt bike will be purchased at some point.  

This is what I'd like him to look like after the customizing...

Pretty Hot...I think.  ;-)

Anyways, that's all for now.  I have a lot going on still at home so my stories are being pushed back to around summer but they will happen.  I'm determined.  :-)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Divergent dolls ship March 1st

The price point for the dolls are $24.95 each which I kinda figured.  Anyway, they are available on Barbie Collector website now.  The female character does not have a facial close up but even so
she still looks, blah.

Below is a closer pic of the guys face.  He's cute and love the brown eyes for a change.  Anyway, happy collecting!  


Yeah...definitely boyfriend material.  ;-)

Monday, February 10, 2014 this is really happening?

While stalking flickr, I came across a contacts photos of Barbie and Ken for the upcoming movie, Divergent.  Apparently, the movie biz is hoping this will be the next big franchise like Twilight (which for me, the jury is still out on that).  For me, Twilight was...ok but New Moon, Breaking Dawn part one and two, I kept wishing for Blade to show up and end my misery. :-/

Anyway, here are some images by way of who got them from


I dunno this chick's name because I've only seen the trailer once.  I'm not impressed with her so far and will probably pass on collecting her.  

Ok, next...


Don't know his name either but I'm diggin' him and will definitely be purchasing one.  I know it's the same Barbie Basic mold but I like his face better than my blonde Texas A&M dude and his eyes a brown.  I'm pretty settled and happy with my lady collection so it's all about collecting Kens now.  I'm hoping to customize them for diverse looks and tell my stories with my guys being the focus.  

Oh, one more....


This should answer your next question about articulation.  I'm not at all crazy about the tattoo, I think it's hideous but apparently it goes with the story line.  Hopefully, it looks better in person or it'll be a quick fix with some acetone, tribal temp tattoos and mod podge I'm sure. 

I don't know the price points or when/if BC or TRUE will stick these kids but I'm guessing they'll be around $24.95 each?  Don't quote me.   

Anyways, that's all for now guys.  Happy collecting and have a good one!