Friday, January 8, 2016

Bare with me guys...

Ok, so Mattel keeps throwin' wrenches in my program sorta speak but in a good way.  The MTM bodies literally changed the game in my dolly world and because of that....I've scaled way back on featured dolls.  The following pics were posted from my IG and Flickr account but I know there are followers out there who may not subscribe to either so I am posting them here now.  I've put together parents and family members, couples and a list of who's next in line for a MTM body.  I think once everyone has the body...I will begin the stories.  My OCD doesn't like loose ends and I'd rather have all things purchased before I start posting stories.  Seriously, I'm really that anal. 🤒

So here we go...

Brooklyn and Chris, Tobias and Star, Kimora Lee and Jaylen [Main Characters]

Cousins:  Star and Kimora Lee (fathers are brothers)  Star and Brooklyn (mothers are sisters) 

Trey and Taylor (main character/couple)

Top left: Taylor with parents -  Right: Trey with parents (names will come later)

Top Left: Jaylen with parents - Right: Kimora Lee with parents (still working out her mother)

Top Left: Star with parents - Right: Tobias with parents 

Kimora Lee has MTM Body

Taylor has MTM Body

Next in line for MTM Body:

1) Cree (Barbie Basics Blonde Swimsuit Goddess mold)
2) Katrina Kaif (Dhoom 3 Barbie)
3) Ava (Honey Rider Barbie) 

Next in line for MTM Bodies Wave II:

1) Brooklyn (HRC Barbie)
2) Star (AA Barbie Stardoll)
3) Brandy (2015 AA Holiday Barbie MBILI mold)

2016 Wishlist:  Aside from the MTM bodies...I have an actual Wishlist for 2016

1) Superman Ken (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice)

2) Batman Ken (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice) if we get him...still haven't seen preorders for 
    him yet.

3) Brasil Barbie (depends on price and facial screening)

Thanks for reading...


  1. That's one good looking crew you got there! I love Taylor's dress. Which MtM doll did you use for her body swap? I almost forgot I need to put my LA girl on an articulated body. So far, I've only seen two new MtM dolls for release this year. Which one are you considering for HRC and Stardoll?

  2. Congratulations on finding some of the MTM dolls! Kimora looks great with her braids. I totally understand your wanting to gather everything before you start your stories back up. Having what you need makes things so much easier to create. I am looking so forward to reading about these characters.

  3. Very nice family groupings! I too love the MTM bodies. I recently was able to purchase the AA version from Target.

  4. You are putting those bodies to good use! I'm enjoying all the posing that everyone is managing.

  5. Love what you have accomplished so far. All the couples and their parents look fabulous! Kimora Lee is rocking that new hairstyle you gave her. I really miss all your creative hair dos.

  6. Darn! I was looking forward to the stories starting. Now I have to wait. Damn you, Mattel!